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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Water, Reliability
Divine Rank.

Symbol: Aquora has two symbols, three water drops in a reverse pyramid alignment, or a cross with a disconnected X that would form in the middle.

Aquora is a goddess created by barensu when he was taming the world, However even Barensu could not tame the seas and raging rivers that were splitting through his new world. One day a huntress used her bow to split a path through the river so she could cross and Barensu saw this and proceeded to test this girl with new challenges all of which she easily passed until Barensu offered her a place as the last of the gods that would bring peace to the world. Seeing this opportunity for a new life and new power she accepted and immediately the waters of the world calmed.

Aquora keeps a palace temple on a mortal island with only her immortal clerics allowed on the island overnight. Her clerics are seen as beautiful enchantresss that like Aquora have achieved some level of control over the water.

Aquora is seen as the reliable goddess who controls tides floods and currents making sure to always change the waters when needed on time. She chooses one champion to help her purify water with her own water arrows that her champion can summon whenever in contact with water.

When Aquora enters the mortal realm she is what a goddess is pictured as in most peoples mind beautiful strong willed, however she is also unique with blue hair and a dress made from woven seaweed. She is a Sea cup and is often regarded as the goddess of beauty by her most devote followers.

Aquora has often found reasons to clash with Ke Kī The god of lightning typically the reasons are just for show but when the storms get really bad the joking has stopped and a true fight between the two has started.

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