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The Symbol of Devin Duval, His signature.

Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. Knowledge, Trickery
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

I am very strpnk - Devin duvals last words to Captain Buttes

Devin Duval is a Greater Deity that accepts people for who they are. He was once a human that walked onto the earth and created a thing called "Coffee". A substance that makes you feel energetic. He was a great inventor for his time. His life went to an end when a man named John Eric Shimwell poisoned his drink while he was making more coffee for his friends and family. He now resides as a Greater Deity for showing others what coffee can do and to discover their full potential in drinking it.

The Deity currently resides in the town called St. Helens. You can find his statue and leave blessings of coffee beans onto it. People who follow Devin Duval are usually very jittery, And love coffee. The clerics and paladins usually have brown linings on their clothing and armour to represent Devin's devotion for coffee.

On rare occasions, They celebrate a day on August 31st. Called "Coffee Day". Where they drink coffee in constant bliss, And share it with their friends.

There have been rumors about artifacts, Like "The Coffee Bean's of Protection". Legend has it that whoever injeeests these beans will always have the soul of Devin Duval by their side. And will always protect them.

Devin rarely comes to earth, And can respond to his disciples. When he comes to earth he takes form of a cup filled with coffee. And if someone finds him they are granted 3 wishes.

Devin is rarely seen with the rest of the Pantheon3 because everybody thinks he's a fake god that's not real, However. He is real, And has been spotted on multiple occasions

A small group of humans called "The Beans of Knowledge" Worehip devin, Their temple to httim can be found ont4p of a lake, Only the true followers can get to it, Though.

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