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Brief Overview[edit]

The Ataresian pantheon is very present in everyday life. Each of the deities has a physical form and an immense power over their domains. Most deities (with the exception of Thainos and the Divine Reaper, who travel the multiverse collecting the souls of the dead) reside in their own realm on one of the planes of existence. Each of the deities can be physically visited in their realms, but it is always a very dangerous and harrowing journey to do so. Because of the associated danger and the difficulty of traveling to other planes, the deities very rarely see visitors. Instead, the majority of 'visitors' that the deities have come in the form of prayers given by their followers across the multiverse.

Furthermore, each deity is associated with a sacred gemstone. While these gemstones are associated with various deities, they take on meaning beyond just an association with its deity. For example, ruby may be associated with Owa, but it is also associated with her ideals of truth and the pursuit of knowledge.

The Pantheon[edit]


Goddess of the Sun and Life

Alignment: NG

Domains: Light, Life, War

Gemstone: Sunstone

Symbol: A flaming orb made out of gold


God of Water

Alignment: N

Domains: Life, Tempest

Gemstone: Opal

Symbol: Three fish circling an orb


Goddess of Air

Alignment: N

Domains: Life, Tempest

Gemstone: Sapphire

Symbol: Clouds surrounding an orb


Dragon God of Goodness

Alignment: LG

Domains: Life, War

Gemstone: Howlite

Symbol: A dragon's head made out of platinum


God of Music and Happiness

Alignment: CG

Domains: Life, Light, Trickery

Gemstone: Citrine

Symbol: A dwarf holding an instrument


God of Medicine & Healing

Alignment: NG

Domains: Knowledge, Life

Gemstone: Amethyst

Symbol: Caduceus (winged staff & serpents)


Goddess of the Weather

Alignment: CN

Domains: Life, Nature, Tempest

Gemstone: Alexandrite

Symbol: A ring of clouds with a lightning bolt in the center


God of Fire

Alignment: N

Domains: Forge, Light, War

Gemstone: Garnet

Symbol: A flaming orb


God of the Moon, the Night Sky and Tranquility

Alignment: NG

Domains: Life, Light

Gemstone: Moonstone

Symbol: A silver orb


God of Mischief

Alignment: CN

Domain: Trickery

Gemstone: Obsidian

Symbol: Horned Helmet


Deity of Magic

Alignment: N

Domains: Arcana, Death, Knowledge, Life

Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli

Symbol: Magic Circle


God of the Wilds

Alignment: CG

Domains: Life, Nature

Gemstone: Peridot

Symbol: Six circles connected by vines


Goddess of War & Revenge

Alignment: CE

Domains: Death, Trickery, War

Gemstone: Bloodstone

Symbol: Bloody Knife


Goddess of Knowledge

Alignment: N

Domains: Arcana, Knowledge

Gemstone: Ruby

Symbol: Open book


God of Craft

Alignment: LN

Domains: Forge, Knowledge

Gemstone: Amber

Symbol: Forging hammer & anvil


Deity of Love

Alignment: NG

Domains: Life, Unity

Gemstone: Rose Quartz

Symbol: Two hands holding one another


Goddess of Earth

Alignment: N

Domains: Death, Grave, Life, Nature

Gemstone: Jasper

Symbol: Plants growing from an orb


God of Souls

Alignment: LN

Domains: Arcana, Death, Grave, Knowledge

Gemstone: Black Agate

Symbol: Two black wings

The Divine Reaper

Deity of Death

Alignment: N

Domains: Death, Grave

Gemstone: Onyx

Symbol: A black scythe

The Silver Flame

Deity of Protection, Good, & Truth

Alignment: LG

Domains: Forge, Life, Light, War

Gemstone: Quartz

Symbol: A silver flame

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