Garanox (5e Deity)

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Alignment. Lawful Good
Domains. War
Divine Rank. Demigod

  • Garanox was a mortal Cambion born and raised in the abyss, he lived his earlier years under his fathers strict guidance but soon noticed the divide between his father's morals and that of himself. Garanox grew tired of his father Lord Graz'zt's evil acts of pure selfishness and felt as only the truly corrupt should be punished. Garanox believed that everybody had a goodness to them no matter how evil they may have been. Regardless, Garanox remained loyal and deceived cleaved way through the ranks and eventually was promoted to guarding the gates to the abyss. Yet, Garanox felt as he was achieving nothing but his fathers ambitions, thus bringing the battle for Garanox's survival. First, Garanox betrayed his father and the oath he made to protect the gates to the abyss. A set of two tiefling twins one named Alfen the other Aleena, together with lord Garanox fought their way out of abyss eventually leading to the showdown between him and his brother Vizku. After a long fought battle Garanox killed his Brother and managed to escape through a portal leading them to the material plane.
  • Garanox who stands at about 6'2 is regarded as the peak of physical perfection with a spear in hand and enchanted armor made of white dragon scales to aid his defense. In addition, an aura of justice overwhelms most that he comes in contact with.
  • Garanox is unlike many Demigods appreciates his followers and interacts with them more personally. Garanox shrines can be found near places of historic/Legendary battle occurred and is given weapons in his temples or shrines in honor of his skill with multiple disciplines of battle.
  • Garanox does prefer Paladins above clerics but still appreciates their loyalty.
  • His spear, the Storm guard is known to be an immensely powerful artifact that is only given to his most powerful follower one of his knights of Nox. They under the leadership thier Lord Garanox maintain the balance of the very notion of justice wherever they go.
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