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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Death, Tempest
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Luna is the goddess of death and chaos. While most regard her as evil, she is actually ambivalent towards the labels of "good" and "evil." The aspect of the darkness which wreaths her being is reminiscent of holy, radiant raiments which Sol, her counterpart, wears. She is a balance to his light, a reprieve from his blazing glory. The two together are what make life possible in the world of Lospiri, as one cannot function without the warmth of Sol, nor the coolness of Luna. However, with her appearance on nights come great events of chaos, bringing forth high waves which devour seasides, and unbearable chill which robs life. Nightmares and creatures of the dark accompany her walks along the mortal realm as she daintily touches the earth with her light feet, almost like a dancing fairy. She bears a silvery half-scythe, which can steal the souls of others simply with her passing by. Travelers who go by night will usually wear her amulet and hope her moon will provide them a clear way, lest they be forsaken to go astray in the dark by her neglect.


Luna is often just revered as the moon, and her idols usually depict a crescent moon. Most believe the moon to be her home, from where she watches over the night in the mortal realm. She is said to be very beautiful, with long silver hair, graceful body and pale, flawless skin. Her clothes are flowy and light, looking like silvery smoke billowing against her form. However, her eyes are said to be all ebon, giving her a cold, soulless look. It is said those who she laid eyes on would be sundered by an overwhelming sense of cold. Those who returned the gaze into her eyes would be thrown into madness within their worst nightmares. She walks the world accompanied with her silver scythe, which collects souls of the living.


Luna is indifferent towards all other gods, except for Sol. She is sometimes depicted as his sister, other times his lover. The lore is a bit inconsistent here, but it is clear she has some closeness to the sun god, who is her opposite. They are often said to be interlocked in cycles of battle, only to eventually reunite in amity. In this way, the night and day seem to chase each other, but none can say who is chasing who for real.


As many creatures of darkness draw their powers from the night and moon, Luna's followers tend to be a bit on the shadier side, consisting of werewolves, vampires, and dark occultists. A well known group known as the The Order of the Moon is her largest gathering of acolytes. All business in the day is conducted indoors, and rituals at night are concealed from roving eyes. Many accounts have occured where her followers are accused of dark magic and hung. They have been caught doing things as gruesome as offering soul sacrifices to the goddess. Some worship Luna not for her element, but for her beauty.

Artifacts and Lore[edit]

Luna's half scythe was believed to have a duplicate which she handed down to a priestess of old. The priestess was the first follower of Luna, and she used the powers of nightmares and the cold sickle to force others into her coven, going as far as brainwashing. The Order is believed to have had this origin. The scythe, named Nox, was believed to have been lost in a skirmish against The Brotherhood of Light, Sol's followers. To this day, The Order seeks its possession once more. In vengeance, they continue to thwart the Brotherhood's attempts to find Sol's staff, Helion.

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