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Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Life, Light
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Sol is the god of the sun and its life-giving rays of warmth. He is the counterpart of the cold Luna, and the two together generate the cycles necessary for life. Sol takes most of the credit though. He is said to be kind and extroverted, calling for others to display their "inner light" and do good to the world. However, there have been times where his temperament flared or his excitement proved too much. Plants would wilt in droughts and his extreme heat would kill many creatures in waves. It is said that light and heat was born when Sol first came to be.


Many statues depict Sol in his entirety, unlike how Luna is usually idolized in the simple form of a moon. He is shown to be a strapping, tall, handsome man with long hair. His flaming hair could fan out from his head, resembling the corona of a sun, when he was angry or elated. It is said Sol is completely blind, with blank eyes, as he does not rely on appearance, but looks directly into ones being for goodness. He is usually wearing his raiment of holy radiance, which can burn the eyes of those who look, and the bodies of those who touch. As the star of stars, he exudes a fiery aura which makes him unable to be approached without caution


The Brotherhood Of Light is his main following group. A fraternal order from all races ways of life, they spread the story of how Sol made light and life happen. His clerics are devout followers who have blinded themselves from many years of staring at the sun. After this happens, they become to Sol, who then blesses their blindness with his own insight. Their blindness to appearance can thus pierce through any lie and can see the corruption within the bodies of evil-doers. They usually wear blindfolds of pure white and perform better than even those who can see in ambulating.

Artifacts and Lore[edit]

Once upon a time, a star was born among countless others. It was named Pelor to note its gaiety and naivete, as well as its young age. He was often on the verge of being snuffed out by the night. But the moon, his main companion, amplified his light and kept him safe. Pelor grew big and strong, his light blinding even other stars. He took on a new name, Sol, to mean "the star among stars." To this day, he favors Luna above all other deities who he keeps cordiality with.

Sol is said to have once visited the mortal realm. This is rare, as his presence could well scorch a plain. He was not there long, and left his staff as a sign to his followers. However, Helion, his staff, was used for ill when a particularly bad era overtook the Brotherhood. It is believed to have passed through many hands of evil, eventually becoming lost. Recovering it is of the utmost importance to the Brotherhood.

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