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Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Life
Divine Rank. Greater Deity


By Conceptopolis

Portfolio: Creation, Life, The Universe, Maternal Love, Healing

Pantheon: Wafuu

The Hitorigami (Lone Goddess) Musubi is the creator of the Material Plane and Spirit World, each made from her right eye and left eye respectively. She also created the Greater Kami (Greater Deities) including Yomi, Tsukiya, Hirume, and Arakushi, and inadvertently created the Polluted Realm (Shadowfell) from the parts of her torn companion Yomi. She is very protective of her creations and tries to protect them to the best of her ability, though, in her blindness, threats do occasionally slip by her, and other kami and mortals must defend the balance in her stead.

Idols of Musubi often depict her as a woman with a shroud covering her eyes. However, as Musubi was in existence before much of the formed universe was created, her true form is not static but changes constantly.


Followers of Musubi view the world as sacred due to it being created by a part of their patron deity, and have great respect for life. They often take a pledge of non-violence and strive to be healers, cleansing imbalances and mending the broken. Followers also have a clear hated of the Polluted Realm as they see it as a twisted corruption of Musubi's creation, and some sects strive to hunt down and destroy creatures of the Polluted Realm that enter into the Material Plane.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Musubi is worshiped by many even those who are clergy of other kami as they acknowledge her importance in the universe. She only has one temple on the material plane, however she has many shrines dedicated to her in households and in special locations at the side of roads and in the wilderness. Her shrines are marked with white paper knots with two closed eyes drawn in ink on either side.


Musubi visits the mortal realms very rarely, only when there is a dire shift in the cosmic balance. When she does appear in front of mortals, she is usually in the form of an old woman with a veil or bandages covering her eyes. She rarely interferes directly with the mortals, instead giving them advice or healing them.

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