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Aalar's symbol is a pair of jaws with teeth that resemble the phases of the moon.

Alignment. Neutral Evil
Domains. Light, Twilight, Nature
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Aalar is the evil god of the Moon. He wants to ensure that humans fear the night, so he may rule it unchallenged. His domains are Light (because of the light from the moon), and Twilight (because he wishes to claim precedence over it), and uncommonly, Nature.

Aalar is the god who won the claim to being the Lord of the Dark, from the titan Zanalaq. He has clashed with Torm many times, in which it is usually a spectacular defeat. He loses because of his form, which defeated Zanalaq's forces easily but are weak against Torm's allies. Aalar resembles a gargantuan cloud of purple, with eyes representing the phases of the moon. Aalar hates most of the pantheon, save for Auril. He understands that with dark, there must be cold, and Auril sees that ice forms best at night. Because of this, most of his worshipers are mainly sentient undead and Aberrations, beings who live in the cold darkness. Because of his frequent clashes with the deities of light, and his frequent losses, his followers often attempt to steal divine weapons, often with cosmic consequences.


A typical temple of Aalar is a dark, foreboding place, often located on the tops of mountains or other locations near the stars. It is usually adorned with images of the moon, and of Aalar himself. There is often a sacrificial altar, where victims are sacrificed to the god in hopes of gaining his favor.


Aalar's symbol is a pair of jaws with teeth that resemble the phases of the moon.

Link to what Aalar looks like https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/chat_attachment/AHsQIIANOMOZ1bPIEM0eOwlgm_F34Jt6KT39rYTM-rW6mg-I2M8xihWf0U6_sVIzyONfI2uS0A1zMEwnp9X2PhgPu-mNLEBEw5vOrr-Yqwb-3yQiZneLQqdlwmSP3wLNSWEPBgVKpuVeD2I2ME2A-e2EC91AdZwQEiWDWYC8zGx4uo_fc4yLrL4woHGLkm2pfI35hkf--Qy3Ieh27BM4RP-jyd-ET4xiP_bJ2SsAmFeY0PvP_NxKT7xdnME2eC0uphl2DsraCSZmpxg_OtRNmsgsCnOthRZUp8H84f08zJnp4W0cyCpmnSVUvYplu1DH3A=w512

Spells and Artifacts

The priests of Aalar know spells and rituals that allow them to turn sacrificed things into shadow creatures, summon undead creatures, and create darkness. They also know how to create magical items that allow them to see in the dark and communicate with animals.

Aalar's magic wand is a black, gnarled staff with a white, circular shape at its tip. It is said to be made from the heartwood of a black tree that only grows on the highest mountain of the Plane of Shadow. The staff is used to channel Aalar's magical power, and is often used in conjuration and necromancy spells.

The priests of Aalar created a powerful magic weapon known as the Moon Blade. The Moon Blade is a sickle that is said to be as black as night and is said to be able to cut through anything. It is also said to be able to drain the life force from anything it touches. The Moon Blade bestows the curse of madness upon its wielder. The longer the blade is used, the more mentally unstable its wielder becomes. Eventually, the madness will consume them entirely and they will become a mindless slave to Aalar.

Story Hooks
  1. The party enters a town that is being terrorized by a werewolf. The werewolf is actually a worshipper of Aalar, and is using the town to try and gain the god's favor.
  2. The party comes across a group of bandits who have been using the cover of darkness to ambush travelers. It turns out that they are worshippers of Aalar, and are trying to gather offerings for their god.
  3. While exploring an abandoned mine, the party comes across a group of cultists who are sacrificing miners to Aalar in hopes of gaining his favor.
  4. The party stumbles upon a coven of witches who are planning on summoning a demon from the Plane of Shadow in order to gain its power. However, the demon they summon is actually a servant of Aalar, and it ends up enslaving the witches instead.
  5. While traveling through the wilderness, the party comes across an evil druid who is trying to create an abomination by fusing together animals and humanoids. The druid is actually doing this as an offering to Aalar in hopes of gaining his favor.
  6. The party enters a village that has been beset by strange nightmares. It turns out that these nightmares are being caused by cultists of Aalar who are using them to try and indoctrinate the villagers into joining their cause.

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