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Gob and Lob[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Trickery, Nature
Divine Rank. Demigod


Gob and Lob are conjoined twins that have separate philosophies. They are counted as one person for some reason. Only one had immortality but it fused with the other and they were both partially mortal.


  • Gob is pure evil. His philosophy is death. His brother, Lob, was immortal and it seeped to him and he became half-immortal.
  • He lives on Skla with the other Dires.
  • Gob has fire for hair and very red eyes.
  • Gob is Cordan's favorite servant and inasmuch he gets more favor. Well he gets half more favor. If Lob weren't there to mess it up.
  • Mostly fey worship him. The Dire’s clerics are mainly towards death and nothing else. He is worshiped in feywild volcanoes which are hard to come by.
  • Gob wants to get rid of Lob. This will let the players choose a side to get rid of.


  • Lob was immortal because of a gift with Cordan. Because he and Gob were conjoined twins the power seeped through Gob and they both became half-mortal.
  • He lives on Skla with the other Dires.
  • What the deity or avatars look like (physically, or how they are represented in idols)
  • Lob is the most hated of the Dires. Because of this he gets yelled at a lot while Gob laughs at him.
  • Overworld creatures worship Lob and
  • Lob wants to get rid of Gob. This will let the players choose a side to get rid of.

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