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The Twins[edit]

Alignment. Good
Domains. Death, Nature
Divine Rank. Demigod

The Twins are a pair of deities born to Dalsethel by a mortal wife, who happened to be a lesser known species of anthromal. While being called twins, they are exactly opposite in color schemes, with one, the elder brother by a few seconds, having a color scheme mostly done in black with a white underbelly, horns, and tear streak patterns, and the younger brother being all white except for black horns and tear streaks. They either take this main form, gazelles, or human forms, both pale with black and white hair, with their gazelle forms secondary color forming a streak through hair of their primary color. They have different symbols across different planes, but a common one is a stylized representation of their animal faces, fused together at the middle. They inherited the death domain from their father, and are typically portrayed as nature gods due to their animalistic traits. They try their best to get people to not worship them, as they are young by godly standards, barely 100 years old, and still make plenty of mistakes, but people do anyway due to their fathers reputation. Typically they are prayed to by new parents to give their child a long life, and, strangely enough, it has seemed to help. They, like their father, tend to take the form of adventurers, although they prefer druids over sorcerers, and are more open with their identity.

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