The Vestiges of The Void (5e Pantheon)

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A Brief History[edit]

Kurma was the first being to inhabit The Void, and is the oldest of the vestiges that live there. He would occasionally collect people that interested him to make them is followers, but it wasn't until he encountered Ea the Mad that that he finally found a disciple. To test the abilities of the outcast Foreclaimer scientist, he asked him to create an artificial god. In response, Ea harnessed the power of The Void and created the three vestiges that lead The Host (referred to as The Greater Host): Mikhail, Brielle, and Azrael. Over time, he found five more disciples: Savana the Reaper, who created the Lesser Host that follow Mikhail, Chairon the Wise, who created the Lesser Host that follow Azrael, Tor the Divine, who created the Lesser Host that follow Brielle, Nebiru the Forsaken, who captured all of the souls scattered throughout The Void, and Ego the Rabid, who created his own dimension.

The Pantheon[edit]


  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domain(s): Knowledge, Creation, Destruction, and The Void
  • Divine Rank: Vestige
  • Symbol(s): Basalt, Turtles, Ink
  • Sigil: A sea turtle with 6 concentric hexagons on its back (with the innermost two being rotated 90°) and an encircled V on its head.

The Greater Host[edit]


  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domain(s): Destruction
  • Divine Rank: Vestige
  • Symbol(s): Glass, Locusts, Swords
  • Sigil: An incomplete circle with two pointed lines on each its open end facing upwards and a complete circle inside of it.


  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domain(s): Creation
  • Divine Rank: Vestige
  • Symbol(s): Coal, Parrots, Children
  • Sigil: A circle with six pointed lines pointing outwards and a normal circle inside of it.


  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Domain(s): Knowledge, Souls
  • Divine Rank: Vestige
  • Symbol(s): Salt, Corvids, Books
  • Sigil: Three concentric circles, cut into six pieces.

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