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Alignment. Lawful Evil
Domains. Death, Trickery
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Muama is a god of trickery and deceit who loves to swindle and con, and encourages his followers, mainly corrupt merchants, to do the same. Muama seeks to control those he can fool into heavily one-sided bargains, and those who would make a bargain with Muama must be very careful, lest Muama take everything from them, up to and including their souls. If Muama ever wishes to interact with the mortal world, he will take some unassuming form, like that of a beggar or ordinary merchant, before seeking out a victim and luring them into making one of his twisted pacts. Works depicting him tend to show him as such, though he is well known cutting more than just deals, wielding a massive axe called the Deathcleaver that he uses if a deal goes sour.

Muama has very few temples or shrines, but those that he does have are typically built in or around places of trade and transaction, with walls inscribed with past bargains made by Muama, usually with messy ends for the fools that made them. Clerics of Muama are also rare, but those that do worship him tend to be equally apt with weapons and words, using a honeyed tongue to lure unsuspecting saps into making a deal that they don't need or, in many cases, even want.

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