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Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Death
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

Mortem is the God of Death and Ducks that can see and go through time. He knows when and where anyone and everyone will die. He does not see death as a good or bad experience, but it is his job to collect the dead. He rather enjoys the soul collecting process, but he'd still rather be at home then go out and kill people. He has two children: his biological daughter Scarlett the ex-vampire (Dead) and his adopted son Siccurus the half-elf (Alive and Killin').

Mortem lives in a demi-plane in the astral plane where he has a small house on a hill. The house looks pretty peaceful (flowers, small garden, modern-looking, etc.), except for the giant swirling pit of souls ten feet away from the door mat. He has special events he calls "Taco Tuesdays" where he fixes a food (tacos) from a foreign dimension. He uses a magic called "electronics" to cook most of his food.

Mortem and his avatars look exactly the same: a large skeleton figure with a black cloak and a really large hammer. A dark aura radiates of his cloak. Pretty much what you think death looks like.

Not being praised much, Mortem has very few followers. The followers he does have consist of necromancers, liches, magic ducks, warlords, etc. Any clerics that praised Mortem would probably dress in black and dark armour. There are not to many temples for Mortem, but the ones there have large basalt pillars in every hallway and a large marble cube building in the center of the compound.

Most people that praise Mortem ask for power, such as: lichdom, death powers, genocide, loaves of bread, and unmeasurable power. He is not afraid of giving such power to mortals, but he believes if working your way through life. If a player wants a form change (such as vampirism, lichdom, etc.), Mortem is willing to give a quest that will end in that effect. He is also willing to force a player into staying with the party, like the dude that always wants to lone wolf in a GROUP ADVENTURE GAME.

There aren't to many items directly blessed or touched by Mortem. The items left are usually really powerful weapons, but they always have a draw back of some form (Sentient Vorpral Sword but is refuses to block incoming weapon, a Infinite Bag of Holding but it is full of water, etc.). These items are great for that one player that keeps asking for items.

P.S. This deity is obviously a more lighthearted deity, but can be played more serious if wanted. I used it in my games as the best way to force our rouge to actually stay with the group and stop asking for items. Use this dude as much as you want.

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