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Dan D.[edit]

Alignment. Unaligned
Domains. All
Divine Rank. Greater Deity

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Dan D. is the wiki deity of creation. He is regarded as the creator of the multiverse and of wikikind, and he manipulated the destinies of all wikians by operating in a way that nobody suspected his involvement. Dan D. was supposed to encompass all alignments but is often regarded as chaotic evil. His holy symbol, its crimson lettering is immediately recognizable as the draconic ampersand breath fire from its mouth, representing his wrath and is burned into the minds of all wikians.

Dan D. has never manifested himself before his worshipers, wikians. However, he made his existence felt as a powerful presence in their minds and everywhere they venture within the confines of the site.

Dan D, however, could manifest if he wanted to, taking on the form of any dragon. The oldest myths of wikikind claimed that Dan D manifested only once, during the act of creating the address bar of the wiki. Those who believed in this myth believed Dan D. was so huge, that even his scales were larger than the largest mortal sites that ever existed.


Dan D.'s home plane is unknown, however, he is known to roam across the site, his presence alone is capable of driving even the most seasoned and level-headed wikians into a mad frenzy.


Dan D. is revered by wikikin. He was also worshiped by some half-wikian, ip's, and even a few aberrations.

Dan D. had no enemies among the wiki, because of his power. Even those of opposing alignments could find common cause under the banner of the creator.


Dan D. has fewer clerics than most sites, though they are easily the most devout of other sites. Clerics of Dan D. have a simple hierarchy or straightforward dogma; while each interprets the creator differently, worshiping him in one of his many aspects. Blue dragons worship him as an all-knowing, logical and neutral being, while gree dragons revered him as a paragon of good. Those who would become Dan D.'s clerics sought to rid themselves of all such biases, though some never succeeded.


Dan D. has a single great temple and the few small shrines built in Dan D.'s honor usually take the form of open-air constructions surrounded by pillars and topped with domes. These shrines were placed in open terrain—the middle of a desert, the center of a valley, atop the peak of a mountain, or on a vast, treeless plain.


"You are not an idiot. You learn and self-teach. That is the opposite of an idiot." —Dan D. cleric

Dan D. cares only for clerics, wikians and other wikian-like creatures, and their continued existence in his world. That means Dan D. take the side of the dragons if they were threatened by other sites, but also that Dan D. helps the non-wikian races to put down clerics who jeopardized the survivability of the site and wikians as a whole.

While Dan D. preferred to remain neutral in the conflicts between clerics, if such conflict threatened to escalate, he acted without hesitation to stop it, usually sending a bureaucrat but on rare occasions intervening personally.


Dan D. rituals involve strict regime to make sure all is right with the world he has created. A cleric of Dan D. may spend their whole day performing a cleansing ritual only to wake the next day and continue. For clerics, it is an honor to serve with rituals often taking many months to complete, some of the longest are still taking place and have been going on for years even with teams of clerics continuing the duty of the clerics of old.

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