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The Forest Lord[edit]

Alignment. Neutral Good
Domains. Life, Nature
Divine Rank.

The Forest Lord Symbol by Alexandra GaudiBuendia Khitrova

  • History Long ago there stood a tall spruce tree in the middle of a field. This spruce tree was content with his life until one day a terrible storm had arrived he like many of his brothers and sisters could outlast the storm with ease, however, a young shivering girl who had gotten lost took to using him as a makeshift shelter he felt something at that moment a feeling that he wanted not only to protect this girl but also his fellow trees but alas he was still a tree. When this girl had awoken from her slumber she started praying to the god Freya to thank her it's at that moment I saw the fanged one's "wolves" at that moment whether due to some magic or due to the gods I had been awoken and I had one goal to protect the weak in one swift move I tore my self from the ground and scared of the wolves off. I stood before the girl and realized I am different now the girl then walked to me and said "thank you" it's at that moment that a fire had been sparked inside me a fire to protect the forest and her allies. After many years my body started to change from that of a tree to that of a muscular elf I at first thought this a curse set upon me but I later found out it was a gift form the Fey courts they had done so that I might better fit in with them I at first did not know why they would want me to join them I later realized that I had a powerful connection to Druidic magic that in my mind was probably why they wanted me to join them. After joining the courts I became curious as to my powers and their origin so I traveled to lands far beyond that of the fey and found a man who wore an eye patch this man told me of this place that would have my answers I went to this place and soon was in combat with that of creatures of myth and legend. I won the fight and claimed a prize a strange sap form a white tree I later used the sap to help mend my wounds and found that it had strange magical properties the sap booted my already great power and put me on the track to becoming that of a lesser deity. It was sometime later I found the love of my life her name was the Raven Queen we met at the edge of a forest and started talking and eventually I decided to leave the Fey courts and devote my life to keeping the balance between life and death in balance.
  • Residence The Forest Lord resides in many of the forests in the material plane however he does have his own demi-plane called the never-ending forest this forest is full of all sorts of exotic and rare creatures it is also home to some of the biggest trees in all of existence. many druids make annual tributes to the forest lord to visit this demi-plane and worship the ancient trees and beasts.
  • Appearance The forest lord stands at nine foot nine and weighs 2000 pounds. The forest lord looks like a middle-aged druid male elf made out of leaves and tree bark while his eyes are bright green. When the forest lord enters combat he quickly changes from his druidic appearance to a more combat oriented appearance. In this new appearance, he stands at ten foot three and weighs 2500 pounds. When he enters this form he appears to look like a knight made out of oak he even gains an Ember sword and an Oak shield. His chest and shield both sport his holy symbol, he also sports a helmet that covers his fave you can still slightly see his eyes.
  • Relationships The Forest Lord has very few relations with other gods but the relations he doe have he holds very dear. His relations with the Fey courts is mostly positive during his time as an enforcer of the forest he met a lot of fey he tries to taw away from them however as he sees most fey as tricksters and the forest lord values truth and honor individuals. His relations with the Revan queen are positive because they are currently seeing each other.
  • Worshipers Many of The forest lords followers are druids,fey folk, Elves, and farmers.

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