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Half Douen[edit]

When an unbaptized child is on the verge of death in a forest, very rarely will a special occurrence happen; the dying child may be saved from its untimely fate by the spirits of other children who died unbaptized, alone, and afriad, the Douen.

Physical Description[edit]

A half-douen has paid a terrible price for being kept alive by the mischievous spirits of the Douen. A half douen may never age past the age that they were when they were saved by the douen, and from that day onward the details of their face are forever obscured by a thin hazy mist. Half Douen are never taller 3 foot, and perpetually have any bruises or wounds on their body from the moment before they became a half-douen. Other than the misty face, never aging, and the consistent bruises and wounds, the half douen appears just like a child from any other race.

Ghost Children, Close-ish to Douen


The history of Douen dates back to the first time a child was not taught in the ways of a god, and thus their spirit was left to fend for themselves and attempt to find their way to the after life on their own. Some children do find their way on to the next life but the rest stay wondering the woods and nearby settlements of their death. Half-douen have only started appearing relatively recently in the grand scale of time as to create a half douen it requires many douen spirits to come together as a group to save the child. Douen are usually good natured spirits but if they are offended in some way, their harmless pranks tend to turn more violent, destructive, and even sometimes deadly.


Society tends to look at half-douen's as hideous monsters of a undead and fiendish nature. This is untrue however and is just superstition of ignorant people. It may be true that full douen are of a undead nature, but they are more akin to fey then anything fiendish. Half-Douen are not dead at all in fact they are still fully alive. Half-Douen, depending on their previous position in a society, and the reception from their family, they may spend the rest of their childhood inside the house as to not draw the ire of the rest of the town, or be forced into exile away from civilization and those we see them as monsters.

Half Douen Names[edit]

Half Douen still remember their lives, prior to their rebirth although after realizing the Ostracization they often receive from their communities due to their new ghostly appearance many chose to take up new names. Last Names: ForestHeart, Lostone, FeyTouched, TreeWalker, Wanderer, PureHeart, TheReturned

Race Name Traits[edit]

Trapped Forever in their twisted childish bodies saved from an early death, a curse? or a chance for rebirth?
Ability Score Increase. Half Douens recieve -2 Charisma and +1 Wisdom.
Age. Half-Douen are trapped in the body they had just before they were changed and as such the body is in a state of stasis. Half-Douen cannot age, cannot be magically aged, and do not die from old age.
Alignment. Half-Douen tend to be of chaotic alignments, as the wild spirits of the douen that have changed their body have seemed to have a lasting impact on the personality of the Half-Douen
Size. Half-Douen are always children when they are transformed as such they are always around two or three feet tall. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Fey-Touched. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can’t put you to sleep.
Blurred Movement. Readied attacks and opportunity attacks made against the Half Douen while it moves have disadvantage to hit. An attacker not relying on sight(blindsight) or able to see thru illusions (truesight) is immune to this effect.
Long Walk in the Woods. The Half douen can cause a group of up to eight travelers it can see to suffer disadvantage, or gain advantage on Survival checks to avoid natural hazards and avoid getting lost for the next hour.
Half-Douen Soul Vessel. The Douen managed to save the Half-Douen by putting its fleeting soul into a small container to hold its soul (usually a gourd, waterskin, or doll). When a soul vessel is removed from the inventory of a half douen it starts experiencing exhaustion that doesn't go away after a long rest one level per week, until the fifth level of exhaustion at which point the exhaustion does not advance. Once the Soul vessel is returned to the half douen it may recover a level of exhaustion once every long rest. While the Soul vessel is in the inventory of the Half-Douen it gains advantage on death saving throws. If the Douen's Soul Vessel is destroyed it instantly dies and will die once again if brought back while the soul vessel is still shattered. If a half-douen dies and its soul vessel is intact, it may be used as the components for any resurrection spell targeted on the half-douen which the spell does not consume. The soul vessel can be repaired through conventional means "stitching a doll, patching a waterskin, ect" or magical means such as mending. If a soul vessel is completely destroyed and cannot be fixed any small container with significance to the caster of the resurrection type spell or the half-douen themselves may serve as a new soul vessel.
Languages. Common, Sylvan
Subrace. Blessed, cursed.


The Gift of the Douen Manifests itself as more of a blessing then a curse. Things just seem to go your way.

Ability Score Increase. The Body of the Half-Douen has been strengthened and its reflexes quickened by its Transformation. The Half Douen receives +1 Strength and + 2 Dexterity.
Blessed Luck. The Half Douen obtains 1 point of luck as per the lucky feat.
Part of The Forest. The Half Douen gains the ability to cast commune with nature as a ritual, but may only ask 1 question when it casts commune with nature this way. The Half Douen may use this ability once per long rest.
Unnaturally Acrobatic. The Half Douen gains proficiency with Acrobatics and Athletics.


In the case of the cursed half-douen, their gift doesnt manifest as a blessing but as a curse... for those who would oppose them.

Ability Score Increase. The Half Douen's strange existence has given it time to retreat into one thing apparently not changed by the transformation, its own mind, learning the bounds and capabilities of its mind has given the half douen +1 Wisdom and +2 Intelligence.
Focus Curse. As reaction, the cursed douen can cause harmful effects that would have barley hit it to instead miss it by using their reaction to gain +1 to their AC, or + 1 to any saving throws they are forced to make.
Tread Lightly Where Unwelcomed. The cursed half douen may innately gain the benefits of the spell pass without trace (+10 to Stealth rolls) but it only affects the cursed half douen and they must maintain concentration to use the ability. They may only cast pass without trace on though this ability 1 per long rest.
Knowledge Scrounger. Given the half douen's cursed state, they have become a master of gathering and hoarding knowledge in order to perhaps find a cure. The cursed half douen gains proficiency with Investigation and History.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

2′ 0″ +1d12 35 lb. × (1d20) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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