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Tahlbrynd Giant[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

The Tahlbryndic Giants stand tall, at around 12 to 14 feet, and are often exceptionally lanky, with short Torsos and long Limbs. Their skin is normally an ashy grey or a pale brown and their eyes are often deep and colorful. Their Hair often takes dark colors like brown and black, but can take most other colors as well.


Giants have had a long, harsh history, rife with War and suffering. One of their most notable Enemies is the Dwarves, who also live in the north. The turf War between these two races has dragged on for hundreds of Generations, and will continue for hundreds more.


Giants live in Tribes, led by Chieftains. Warriors are valued among them and Magic is often scorned. Gods are an important part of daily Life, with most offering Sacrifices of their Crops and Cattle. War is constant, with most starting their training around 15 and beginning their service at 17.

Tahlbrynd Giant Names[edit]

Male:Armrak, Wargg, Brokkr, Torgun, D'rag, Borjan, Noaard Female:Gaatarra, Tantess, N'hilde, Awrandna, Gyleeh, Para, Ywillde

<Race Name> Traits[edit]

{{5e Racial Traits |Indomitable Warriors of the North, who will defend their homeland at all costs.

|abilities=Your Strength score increases by 3 and your Constitution increases by 1. Your intelligence decreases by 1, as you were most likely born into giant society, never received any sort of education, beyond what your chieftain told you, and are probably illiterate. |age= Giants mature around 20, and due to their harsh lifestyle, only live to about 60. |alignment= Giants tend to lean more to the neutral side of things, living mostly for their Tribe and Cheiftain, and don't tend to get involved with matters of small folk. |size= Giants stand anywhere from 12 to 14 Feet tall and weigh anywhere from 750 to 900 Lbs. Your size is large. |speed=Your base walking speed is 35 feet, as the length of your legs means every step is a great stride rather than a step. |= |trait2= |trait3= |trait4= |= |languages= You can speak Common and Giant.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

|name= |feet=13 |inches=0 |heightmod=+4d10 |weight=620 |weightmod=x(2d6)

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