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A shadow crossed our caravan, the locks on the slave wagons swung open from bludgeoning by some sort of throwing mace. A shrill chuckle was heard coming from the dense foliage above. I turned and was eye to eye with the creature. The fiery black eyes against the auburn fur encasing a horrific aberration it was in that moment I knew the surface is no place for a drow.

- account of a drow slaver,

Physical Description

Squirrelsons are five to five and a half foot tall humanoids with squirrel features. Their appearance varies as much as any ordinary squirrels.


In an ancient forest where time stood still, there was a war between a circle of druids and a coven of witches. The witches were winning with the aid of an army of goblins and demonspawn, the druids leader saw this and realized he must create an army of benevolent creatures who would protect the forest to their dying breath. He walked in his garden and saw a squirrel fighting a snake he decided to use his deepest magic to reforge a dozen of the fiercest squirrels into an elite caste of warriors. It was from these warriors that the freedom loving squirrelsons come from.


Squirrelsons are an arboreal peace loving people who would die for freedom and consider imprisonment to be infinitely worse then death. They live in modest tree huts and have tight communities with well organized militias. Squirrelson culture requires every member to journey into the wilderness and vanquish a force of darkness. They are led by the tribe elder who is the oldest living Squirrelson in the community.

Squirrelson Names

Squirrelsons are typically named after a feature of nature or a favorable trait that they aspire to. The tribe elder names all the young ten days after their birth.

Male: Oakleaf, Redsand, Trout, Fishback, Strongtooth, Truthspeaker, etc...

Female: Riverbank, Willowtree, Salmon, Eaglefoot, Peacemaker, Swifttail, etc...

Squirrelson Traits {{5e Racial Traits

Arboreal Intimadation, once between every long rest when not visible to the target you can make a dc 10 intimidation check to frighten up to five targets within 200ft for one minute.

abilities: Your Dexterity score increases by 2 and your Charisma score increases by 1.

age: Squirrelsons reach maturity at about ten and rarely live more then 90 years.

alignment: Squirrelsons tend to be chaotic, neutral and or good in any combination.

size: Squirrelsons are about half a foot shorter then humans on average. Your size is Medium.

speed: Your base walking speed is 25 feet. As well as your climbing speed.

trait: Normal Vision and 10ft Tremorsense

languages: Common, and Squirrelson which is a language of clicks and chuckles.

subraces: Squirrelsons can be any color squirrels can but there is no mechanical differences.

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