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Physical Description[edit]

Ettin are a race of two headed giant humanoids. Each of their heads has a distinct personality and both heads have their own seperate names. This strange formation tends to make everyone stare at them, or more specifically


Ettin are formed from a mutation within humanoid genetics, where all the required organs and muscles are split and formed twice. This accidentally creates two heads, with the same connected nervous system, resulting in the twin headed Ettin. These humanoids end up looking rather obese and/or plump and absurdly tall, which is where their relationship to giants come from. This has also lead to the 'Siamese twin', which is simply a grandfathering of a true Ettin. True Ettins are tall, powerful, and constantly bickering like siblings.


Ettin society isn't as developed as one would think, due to the fact that they are rare to find. However, Ettins tend to come in a more wild, savage version which decides to say 'screw you' to society and live as a wild (wo)man, or as a member of society that ends up powerful, a bit clumsy, but most importantly alien. Wild communities of Ettin work around more tribal varieties, with Ettins working as a trump card, siege creature for wild bands, or being their warlord. They become highly destructive forces if left unchecked, and their own heads will drive themselves into insanity, or balance. Which is worse becomes the important question. But then again, those in society tend to be some of the greatest scholars due to their ability to comprehend and share knowledge, learning at twice the speed and having a teacher that completely understands you right to your side at all times. Ettin spell casters also have the grandest advantage of all, the ability to comprehend and concentrate on two different spells.

Ettin Names[edit]

Each of the Ettin's heads has its own name, when making an Ettin you can pick two of these names and merge them together with an apostrophe like Tal'Yora. Depending on where they are born, they can have local species names to.

Male: Ruuk, Karg, Zog, Cho, Durg, Kaal, Thurg, Zal

Female: Tal, Nura, Lori, Yora, Vusha

Ettin Traits[edit]

A race of two-headed Giants sometimes found in the company of Orcs.
Ability Score Increase. Ettin have a +2 to Strength, and a +1 to Con
Age. Ettins tend to live for a long time, compared to Humans at 325 years
Alignment. Due to their appearance and how the normal person might treat them with disdain, they tend to be on the Chaotic side.
Size. Your size is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Twin heads, quadruple eyes.. You have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks thanks to your two-headed nature, however you have disadvantage on saving throws against effects that involve eye-contact (Such as a Medusa's Petrifying Gaze).
Big boy problems.... Even large suits of armor don't fit you correctly due to your dual-headed nature, and as such must undergo even further modifications. Talk with your DM to determine the cost for this modification...
Wakeful. You require only four hours of sleep per head due to their enhanced efficiency! You can choose to disable your twin heads, quadruple eyes perk to have one head sleep while the other is awake.
Giant's Hunger. Because of your larger size you must consume more rations than most, while traveling or resting you consume as much food and drink as a large creature.
Not like that, like this!. Whenever you roll to check, save, or to hit roll, or whenever your DM thinks its appropriate, you double the amount of d20s/die. You then roll a d4, with odd numbers meaning you take the left head/first roll, while odds mean you take the right head/second roll!
Languages. Common and Giant (Giant can be swapped with the race they mutated off of)

Wild Ettin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Con increases by 1.
Enhanced Destroyer. Your immense strength allows you to dual wield two heavy weapons as if they were two light weapons! You can trade your bonus action to instead make a free intimidation check.
Muscle Headed. You can not select a background that makes you a part of civilized kingdom-based society, and you can not have a skill that is based on Intelligence, but you can swap them for a skill based on Strength and/or Dexterity.
Mutant Giant. You can wield oversized weaponry with ease, but not enough for your Enhanced Destroyer trait to work on them.

Psionic Ettin[edit]

Ability Score Increase. You lose your original stat bonus, and instead gain 2 Strength, and 2 Intelligence.
Internal Psionic Field. The Ettins twin brains create a psionic field, which rebounds off itself to create a bubble of strength. This invisible bubble acts like a sensor array, making your passive perception +2 higher. However, whenever a foe sneak attacks you, they make a intimidation check and you make a Charisma save to avoid being frightened.
Civilized Brute. Psionic Ettins gain a free skill that uses either intelligence or Wisdom, and becomes proficient in them. This can be traded to be proficient in a tool or game.
Smaller Breed. These Ettins, due to being shifted into a less physically demanding situation, lose 2 feet of height and weight 75 pounds less. They still tend to be largest person in the room, but they no longer tower over their allies.
Twin Brains. Ettins can concentrate on two separate spells, using one mind to hold onto one and another to hold onto the other. Due to the strain this causes, however, you lose 2 spell DC while holding concentration on two separate spells.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

7ft′ 4″ +4d12 500lb lb. × (x3d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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