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Lu-Kaav knelt in prayer to his gods, knowing that he, and only he knew of their true glory. Regardless, he was the last of his kind. He had to ensure that his people would be remembered well. He rose to his feet, stepping out of the chapel, only turning back upon hearing a familiar crackle...

Physical Description[edit]

The Neshii are a race of horned, reptilian humanoids. They bear facial features similar to humans, but sport a split jaw and large, spherical eyes. Otherwise, their appearance can change based on their subrace. Neshii-Mava are tall and slender, Neshii-Nula are broad and hardy, and Neshii-Kana look very average other than their glowing eyes (Green, Yellow, Blue)


The Neshii are a race of dimensional vagabonds, always drifting from world to world. They have existed for all time as a sort of observer, meant to witness the end of the world in which they reside. They have existed in countless alternate realities, always leaving in the last moments of that reality's existence. The Neshii developed the collective ability to open rifts to adjacent universes, but only when united as a race and faced with the desperation of the end of days. Because of this tragic observatory position, many Neshii have retained the ancestral memories that their forefathers bore after the fall of the world before this one.


They once were a proud empire that spanned all of existence, making their homes on any and all of the planes. Since the fall of their first universe, the Neshii have had no real culture of their own, barely being able to cling to the faiths of their ancestors. The only external sign of their remaining individuality as a race is their unique naming conventions.

Neshii Names[edit]

Neshii take pride in their names, as this is all that remains of their original culture. They utilize a simple set of conventions: No surnames and only two syllables, with emphasis on the second syllable.

Male: Xo-tiid, Ko-giin, Ru-Sool, Ha-luuk

Female: Fu-raan, Go-raah, Ki-naan, Nu-saal

Neshii Traits[edit]

The Neshii are a proud race, if a bit lacking in their own distinct culture.
Ability Score Increase. Intelligence+2
Age. Neshii reach adulthood by age fifty, and often live well past four hundred years.
Alignment. Neshii are incredibly varied, but are almost always chaotic, valuing freedom over all else. It is common to find Neshii bravely defending the downtrodden, however, they can also be the very source of their oppression.
Size. All range within 4 and 7 feet. Often weighing no less than 90 pounds, but no more than 300. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision 60 ft.. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Of Mind and Body. All Neshii can use their powerful minds to manifest a powerful non-physical weapon. This weapon deals 1d6 force damage starting at level 1. It grows to 2d6 at level 8 and 3d6 at level 16. The Neshii are considered proficient with this weapon and they use their intelligence as their attack modifier.
Old Magics. The Neshii can choose one of three elements - fire, cold, and shock - and become resistant to it. In addition, they can choose to deal this kind of damage with their racial weapon instead of force damage.
Clean Blood. The Neshii are vulnerable to poison, taking double damage from its effects. Along with this, they have disadvantage on constitution saving throws against disease.
Power Surge. Neshii have disadvantage on DEX saving throws against AOE spells, but when they are hit with them, they are able to use their bonus action to create a burst of energy in a five foot radius, dealing 3d4 damage of whatever type was just dealt to them.
Languages. You can read, speak and write in Common and Primordial
Subrace. Neshii-Mava,Neshii-Nula, Neshii-Kana

Neshii Subraces


Ability Score Increase. Dexterity +1
Fear Protects. The Neshii-Mava's unarmored defense is equal to 10+Intelligence modifier+Dexterity modifier. (Note, this is replaced by the unarmored defense of any chosen classes.)
Light Bones. Neshii-Mava are vulnerable to bludgeoning damage
Blink. Once per long or short rest, a Neshii-Mava can use their reaction to move ten feet from their current position when attacked with a melee weapon. This does not provoke an attack of opportunity
Runners, Not Fighters. Neshii-Mava can cast longstrider as a first level spell once per long rest.
Light Frame. Neshii-Mava are immune to fall damage for up to 35 feet. Along with this, they gain a base movement speed of 35.


Ability Score Increase. Strength+1
Hardened Hide. The Neshii-Nula have an unarmored defense equal to 10+Intelligence modifier+Constitution modifier.(Note-This is replaced by any unarmored defense features added by any classes)
Jagged Scales. Neshii-Nula are vulnerable to piercing damage.
Booming Voice. Once per long rest, a Neshii-Nula can cast Thunder Wave as a first level spell.
Unbending. Neshii-Nula can use their reaction to recover from being knocked prone a number of times equal to their Constitution modifier. This pool is restored after a long rest.(Min 1)
Denial of Death. If a Neshii-Nula is reduced to 0 Hit points and not killed outright, they are instead reduced to 1 hit point. This feature can only be used once per long rest.


Ability Score Increase. Wisdom+1
Above Bloodshed. All attacks made by a Neshii-Kana are at disadvantage (Including spells/cantrips), but all attacks made against them are also at disadvantage.
Seer's Armor. A Neshii-Kana's unarmored defense is equal to 10+Intelligence modifier+Wisdom modifier.(Note, this is overridden by the unarmored defense of any chosen class)
Imperfect Balance. Neshii-Kana have a flight movement speed of 40, but are vulnerable to thunder damage.
Peacemaker. Once per long rest, a Neshii-Kana can use Charm Person as a first level spell.
Guardian Spirit. A Neshii-Kana can increase the armor class of any 3 creatures within 50 feet that they can see(not including themselves) by a number equal to their wisdom modifier. This effect lasts 10 minutes and is restored after a long rest.

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