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"The Mighty Graug, he gave me these. *Points to all of his scars* And he also, took my hunting partner. " ~Torvin, the Dwarven Monster Hunter

Physical Description[edit]

A mighty Graug.

The Graug is a huge beast. It stands anywhere from 18 to 26 feet high. There are a few types of Graugs.

Regular Graugs: Graug are gigantic creatures. They possess troll-like characteristics, namely massive claws and teeth to maul and devour their prey. Despite their supposed lack of intelligence, they are very difficult to bring down without any support, due to their gargantuan size and naturally armor-plated scales.

Wretched Graugs: Beware the Wretched Graug! This lumbering monstrosity has been greatly impacted by the flood of scavenging Ghûls that have spread throughout the land. As their traditional food sources have dwindled, the Wretched Graug has made do by consuming huge quantities of the nightcrawlers. Often scooping the creatures up and devouring them by the handful, the poisonous innards of the Ghûls has taken its toll on these Graugs, riddling them with infections from head to toe. Hair grows where there previously was none, new horns protrude from its skin, fresh tumors appear, and a gigantic sac filled with vile poison develops at the base of the throat.

Icy Graugs: These beasts live in the coldest of area's their skin is made of both flesh and Ice.

Fire Graugs: These beasts stay near area's of intense heat like volcanos. They also are known to have a huge sack on their necks that hold a source of fire for them to breath on enemies.


Not much is known of the Graug other than they used to live in dark lands many many years ago. They have since spread around spending most of their times in caves. Not many who find them survive so new Information of these creatures is very Rare.


Graug's are very Solitary creatures. They live in caves alone and never interact with any other life unless they are hunting it. Towns and Cities know better than to purposely disturb these beasts.

Graug Names[edit]

Graug's do not take on names unless they are given by a "Master"

Only one ever had a title and it was known as The Great Graug.

Graug Traits[edit]

The Graug are a species of dangerous monsters. They are gigantic, and violent creatures, who enjoy killing. Their are many different variations of Graug, in many different size, however all of them are gigantic. The biggest, and the deadliest of the Graug is the legendary Graug, which loves to kill, eat, and is extremely territorial.
Ability Score Increase. +1 in Strength.
Age. Graug's are known to live for a very long time. Up to at least 300 years.
Alignment. Due to the creatures having very little intelligence (if any at all) They can not determine the difference between good and evil. So they will be neutral only caring for themselves. They will always be Chaotic however.
Size. Graugs are known to be anywhere from 18 to 26 feet tall. Your size is Huge.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Darkvision. Due to living in caves for so long these beasts have learned to see in the dark.You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Claws. Due to the nature of these beasts having claws you may use them to attack. If you land an unarmed attack, roll an extra 1d8 for Slashing Damage.
Great Hunger. This beast gets very hungry a lot. So, you may use your turn to attempt to grapple a creature or Humanoid if you succeed you may choose to bring them to your mouth and eat them. You must eat enough a day to satisfy a creature of Huge size.
Tough skin. Due to the size and toughness of a Graug they can not wear any type of armour. The base AC for a Graug (Other than regular ones) Is 15 and applies along with unarmored defenses.
Languages. Graug's can understand common but they can not speak any type of language.
Subrace. You have a choice from 4 subraces: Graug, Wretched Graug, Icy Graug and Fire Graug


Ability Score Increase. +2 in Strength
Natural Armour.. Having very tough skin you have a natural Armour Class bonus of +3
Satisfied Eater. After eating so much you begin to feel well as you start to regenerate. Roll a 1d6 when you fill your stomach for the day for Temp hitpoints.

Wretched Graug[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 in Constitution
Venom Spit. From all of the poison you have ingested over the years you have learned the ability to use the Venomous Spit Cantrip.
Venom Bile. From all of the poison you have ingested over the years you are able to puke Poison Bile to any enemy 10 feet in front of you. Roll a 1d8 for Poison damage.
Poison Immunity. Due to all the poison you have ingested you are now Immune to all poison and poison damage.

Icy Graug[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 in Wisdom
Ice Rock. You have the ability to pick up rocks and throw them with frost covering them. Roll a 1d10 for damage. Range: 50 feet.
Frost Immunity. Being made out of mostly Ice you have become immune to Frost attacks and Frost damage.
Weak to fire. You are vulnerable to Fire attacks

Fire Graug[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 Strength
Fire Breath. With the sack of Fire you have you may breath fire up to 15 feet. Roll a 2d6 for damage and a 1d4 for burns after you are done breathing.
Fire Immunity. Due to being used to very hot temperatures and eating fire. You have become immune to fire and fire Damage.
Weakness to Frost and Water. You are vulnerable to Frost attacks.

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