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"An ancient lineage of large, woolly beastmen."

Physical Description[edit]

Mammuthari are massive, woolly relatives of Loxodon. They typically stand between seven to nine feet tall, with thick, shaggy pelts. Records show ancient Mammuthari grew to nearly twenty-five feet in height, but those days have long since passed. Unlike their plains-dwelling cousins, they have reduced ears to better acclimate to cold weather. Their trunks typically measure around five feet - six feet long and are remarkable in their dexterity, despite being attached to such large creatures. Their tusks typically measure between two and five feet in length, and curve outwards before bending back in. The saying goes that the older generations of Mammuthari sported larger and more impressive tusks. Mammuthari abide strictly to herbivory - they have two sets of molars on both top and bottom jaws that are constantly replaced throughout their lifespan to cope with the strain of chewing plant matter. Their hands consist of a rather large palm with four short, stubby digits plus a thumb. As such, they are not very efficient at wielding dexterous weapons. Their feet consist of four nails, are round in shape, and have thick padding on their bottoms that cushion their steps - this padding can also detect low-pitched frequencies and allows the Mammuthari to communicate via Infrasound, which sits just below the human range of hearing. They sport a short, poofy tail that typically drapes out the back of whatever armor they wear, should they find any that fits their build. Eye color appears to be limited to warm brown, like Loxodon. Typical fur colors include grey, brown, and black, though white-fur individuals are known to exist.

Mammuthari can communicate through infrasound, much like elephants. This enables them to speak to each other at distances up to 6 miles apart, as well as sense other Mammuthari from distances of over 100 miles away.


Mammuthari are nearly as old as the frigid taiga they call home. Thousands of years ago they trekked the land in great numbers, with herds numbering over one hundred individuals commonly seen. On the continent of Thriskarin they existed as far south as Mogun, though their range gradually receded at the end of the continent's great ice age. Too many folks they exist as a legend, as they have not been seen anywhere close to civilized society in hundreds of years.


Mammuthari live in tribal units called herds, lead by a female leader, or matriarch, which is typically the oldest and wisest female in the group. Herds commonly number between ten and twenty individuals but it is not uncommon to see gatherings of hundreds of Mammuthari in the spring thaw.

Mammuthari Names[edit]

Male: Thuur, Kuuse, Luurn, Buuln, Kuuor

Female: Puura, Iduui, Aluua, Juuli, Luuma

Mammuthari Traits[edit]

An ancient lineage of huge, woolly beastmen. The ancestors of of all modern Loxodon.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength, Constitution and Wisdom scores each increase by 1.
Age. Mammuthari age most similar to humans, reaching adulthood in their late teens and living for a few centuries.
Alignment. Mammuthari are strong-willed and stubborn, preferring to forge their own path. Most will avoid evil alignment.
Size. Mammuthari are colossal, often times standing over 8 feet tall. With their bulky frames, mammuthari generally weigh 200 to 300 pounds. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Elephantine Legs. Your legs are thick and column-like. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
Trunk. You can grasp things with your trunk, and you can use it as a snorkel. It has a reach of 5 feet, and it can lift a number of pounds equal to five times your Strength score. You can use it to do the following simple tasks: lift, drop, hold, push, or pull an object or a creature; open or close a door or a container; grapple someone; or make an unarmed strike. Your DM might allow other simple tasks to be added to that list of options. It can't wield weapons or shields or do anything that requires manual precision, such as using tools or magic items or performing the somatic components of a spell.
Tusks. You have a pair of tusks, with which you are proficient. When you take the attack action, you may attack with your tusks, dealing 1d6 piercing damage on a hit.
Stand Aside. When you take the Dash action, you may move through an enemies space as though they weren't there, if they are the same size or smaller than you. You still feel the effects from any hazards in those spaces, even if they are created by the enemy you are moving through.
Eidetic Memory. Mammuthari are said to never forget. Whenever you make a Intelligence (History) check related to an event that happened to you in the past, you are considered proficient in the History skill and add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
Woolly. Due to your thick pelt you’re acclimated to Extreme Cold, as described in chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
Tremendous Bulk. Non magical effects that push you back have their distance reduced by 10 feet.
Arctic Scout. You are perfectly acclimated to the cold regions of the world, you are considered proficient in the Wisdom (Survival) skill when in a snowy or arctic climate. If you are already proficient you may add double your proficiency bonus to the check, instead of your normal proficiency bonus.
Languages. You can speak, read and write, Common , Giant and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: Mammuthari Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6′ 6″ +3d6 200 lb. +4d8 lb.

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