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This race can be used with any class, but try out the classes designed for this race, the Series 800 Terminator found here: https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Series_800_Terminator_(5e_Class), and the Series 1000 Terminator found here [link]. Terminators are humanoid robots designed in the future by a sentient and insane AI called 'Skynet' with the sole purpose of killing the small amount of humans left alive after a nuclear holocaust caused by the AI.

Physical Description[edit]

As prior mentioned Terminators are humanoid robots. They come in many shapes and sizes, though the T-800, the most famous model appears as a metallic human skeleton. They typically come in an outer sheath of living flesh, which is used to blend in with and infiltrate human underground camps in the future, so that they may massacre people from the inside.

A T-800 Terminator without synthetic flesh, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines


The Terminator is a super advanced cyborg from the future developed by Skynet to assist in wiping out the human race. They traditionally and most famously resemble robotic humanoid skeletons, but some have been known to deviate from this design with the liquid metal variant not possessing any true form at all. There are many models of Terminator, but most of them share a single goal, infiltration and assassination of humans. The only models of Terminator with technology sufficiently developed for any sapient thought are the T-800 and future models. It is possible for one to reprogram a Terminator, and through this it can have any goal, and with it’s learning computer switched on can function as an independent being capable of its own thought. There are many different models of Terminator that each have different abilities. Their model number is indicated after a ‘T’ standing for Terminator, the common models are seen below. The playable models will be the T-70, T-400, T-500, T-600, T-700, T-800, T-900, T-H, T-1000, T-3000 and T-Infinity. Functionally the T-800, T-900 and T-H are identical, their differences are purely cosmetic. This is the same for the T-1000 and T-3000 as well as the T-70, T-400 and T-500 and the T-600 and T-700. The descriptions for all Terminator models are lain out below, with unplayable models indicated with an ‘*’. Also just a note: most of these have disadvantage on stealth, but just remember, you’re a robot, if you just stand still, there’s a chance people might see you as just a random statue, especially if you travelled in time to the past.


(items indicated with a '*' are unplayable)

-T-1*: The first Terminator model, developed by Cyber Research Systems. Resembles a small tank but with extremely limited AI, unplayable due to the fact it’s basically just a vehicle that moves on its own.

-T-70: The first humanoid design of the Terminator (Gameplay not advised)

-T-400: The first improvement the AI Skynet made upon the Humanoid Hunter Killer Units , very simple, it’s only purpose is to kill, with stealth being a minimal priority. (Gameplay not advised)

-T-500: A slight improvement over the T-400 model, but gameplaywise is identical to it. (Gameplay not advised)

-T-600: The first humanoid Terminator to be used a a Hunter-Killer instead of simply a guard, as well as the first to use synthetic rubber skin. Is also the first to closely resemble a human skeleton.

-T-700: The first prototype to the T-800, looks almost identical to the T-800 but is functionally identical to the T-600.

-T-H: Hybrid Terminator, a Terminator with a human heart and brain designed with it's learning computer permanently on to perfectly blend in with humans. Due to this, they weren't mass produced, and only a handful exist.

-T-800: A Terminator designed to perfectly resemble a human, revolutionary and greatly helpful in quelling the human resistance. Even though future models exist, time and time again it has proven to be able to learn, adapt and destroy far more successfully than them.

-T-900: Functionally identical to the T-800 except it’s body is less skeletal.

-T-1000: The liquid metal Terminator, can change its appearance at will and is again revolutionary in stealth and weaponry.

-T-X: Also known as the Terminatrix, it is a merge of the T-900's endoskeleton and the T-1000's liquid metal surface. T-X details

-T-3000: Like the T-1000, except instead of liquid metal it has millions of tiny robots.

-T-5000*: A terminator designed by Skynet not as an extension of it but as a body designed for the AI itself to inhabit. Unplayable because it is a specific character and not actually a race of its own. If one wanted to play as it, it would be functionally identical to the T-3000 and must be Lawful Evil, corresponding to what Skynet would do, as it is Skynet itself.

-T-1,000,000*: Colossal spider-like creature made of mimetic poly-alloy designed to protect the physical computer the AI Skynet is located within. All the ones that exist are located around this area.

-T-Infinity: The ultimate Terminator, this was designed by Skynet with its own personal time travel unit allowing it to travel through time at will. It has a unique endoskeleton, featuring plates of armour suspended over a plasma form resembling a human body. Playable as a high level T-1000 with the Series 1000 Terminator Class.


Terminators don't have much of a society as they are normally extensions of Skynet used for simple missions. However, those with a learning computer turned on for a significant amount of time have a tendency to blend in with human society far more effectively than those without a learning computer.

Terminator Names[edit]

Terminators don’t have names, and when still controlled by Skynet will refuse any title, referring to themselves as their model number e.g. ‘Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator’ which would be the specific Terminator from the original Terminator movie, with the number after ‘Cyberdyne Systems Model’ corresponding to the appearance of the Terminator’s organic flesh (Model 101 is Arnold Schwarzenegger). However, when their learning computer is on, or if they are a T-H, a Terminator may stick with a title that is provided to them or even give themselves a name.

Terminator Traits[edit]

The Terminator. Badass killing machines from the future with one mission: Terminate humanity
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution scores increase by 2.
Age. Terminators technically cannot age and are mature at the instant of creation, however, the organic synthetic flesh on models that possess it does age, but this leaves the endoskeleton underneath unaffected. The charge of a T-800’s nuclear cell will normally last for 120 years before having to be replaced. Also Terminators with a learning computer tend to go through additional maturity as time progresses.
Alignment. When controlled by Skynet, Terminators have the same goal as Skynet and are Lawful Evil, as they are an extension of the AI itself which is simply concerned with its own survival. However, with the learning computer on, a Terminator counts as its own entity with morals and intellect and therefore could be any alignment. Though, even Terminators with their learning computer on, even if they reach the level of autonomy found in humans, still lack the capability to express emotion, though they can feel it. “I know now why you cry, but it is something I can never do”.
Size. Designed to perfectly blend in with humans, terminators have sizes similar to those of a human, though older models tended to be unusually tall. Since they are mass produced, they all have set sizes. Your size is medium.

T-1000, T-3000, T-Infinity = any height a human stands at, 325lbs.

T-800, T-900 = 6’2’’, 200lbs.

T-H = Any height or weight (+100lbs) a human stands or weighs at.

T-700 = 6’9’’, 700lbs.

T-600 = 7’2’’, 800lbs.

T-500 = 7’11’’, 600lbs.

T-400 = 8’, 500lbs.

T-70 = 8’, 500lbs.
Speed. The super advanced machinery forming your legs make you an incredibly strong and enduring runner, allowing for 35ft of walking speed.
Metallic Endoskeleton. Your body is made of an incredibly advanced metal, giving you a natural AC of 12 + CON modifier without armour, you also have unarmed Bludgeoning damage of 1d4 + STR mod. You count as one size larger when determining carrying capacity, or the weight you can push, drag, or lift. If dismembered or even decapitated, you do not cease functioning, only if your hp is reduced to 0 and you fail three death saves do you die. Finally, despite any attempt to conceal it, Dogs will be aware that you are a robot, instinctively barking at you (this only applies if the dog has noticed you already).
Resistances/Immunities. Thanks to your metallic form, fire does half damage to you but can still melt through your synthetic flesh. You are also immune to the effects of disease, poison based and necrotic based damage, including radiation damage, though they can still affect your skin. You also cannot be affected by the frightened condition.
Vulnerabilities. You are vulnerable to radiant, and any electrical or water based damage, or damage dealt by a light, water or electricity based creature.
Vision. Terminators can see in the same manner as a human, except models before the T-800, which see everything in shades of red, and cannot discern colour.
Languages. You are programmed with the capability to speak, read and understand common, although emotion is hard to replicate, and you therefore come off as robotic. You know mimicry as well and can replicate the voice of anyone speaking and speak as if you were them, provided you have heard them speak before. You can also communicate to other machines via a radio signal emitted (up to 100ft).
Subrace. [T-70, T-400, T-500], [T-600, T-700], [T-800, T-900, T-H], [T-1000, T-3000]

Terminator Subraces[edit]

[T-70, T-400, T-500][edit]

Unadvanced Model. You aren’t dextrous and roll disadvantage for all Dexterity checks (Including saving throws and skills like stealth and acrobatics). When getting hit, you must roll a DC4 1D20 acrobatics roll to not fall over. You can understand speech but cannot speak.
Built In Weaponry. You have a built-in rotary cannon implemented into your arm, meaning you cannot use one of your arms hands as it is a rotary cannon. you chose its ammo type from these - ball bearings, arrows, and bullets - once an ammo type is chosen it cannot be substituted for any other ammo type. Its range is 60ft and does 2d6 piercing damage.. You can also build the ammo with smiths tools, 2-minutes per 15 of the ammo type and 10gp worth of materials. You may also chose to charge up the cannon more than usual, costing your movement, but adding a d6 of damage.

[T-600, T-700][edit]

Improved Model. You possess a synthetic skin made of rubber, which allows you to resemble a human, but only from a distance. Your fine motor skills are not fine enough to allow you to write, but you can speak and understand languages, though your speech is in a simulated robotic voice. You have disadvantage on stealth.
Rubber Skin. As an early model of Terminator used to infiltrate, you possess a synthetic skin made of rubber, meaning from a distance of 60ft or over you are recognisable as a human, however any closer and those looking at you will make a DC10 1D20 Perception roll. Upon success they will know you aren’t human, but only those who know what a Terminator is will instantly recognise you as a Terminator. This rubber skin cannot be regenerated but can be replaced or fixed by using leatherworkers’ tools.

[T-800, T-900, T-H][edit]

Coltan Metal Chassis. You have a heavily armoured endoskeleton made of a super powerful metal which gives you a natural armour AC of 13 + Con mod and unarmed Bludgeoning damage equal to 1d6 + STR mod.
Living Skin. Your skin is identical to human flesh, making it impossible for anyone to realise you aren’t a human unless it is damaged or removed, revealing the endoskeleton underneath. It can be replenished by eating food, and if completely removed takes three days of eating to replenish. You only need 4 hours to take a long rest.

[T-1000, T-3000][edit]

Liquid/Nano Metal Body. The metal that comprises you is able to change shape into any creature or object with similar mass to yourself, i.e. you may turn your humanoid form into anything else in size group medium like another person, a section of floor, or a chair, but not into a skyscraper or a mouse or anything outside your size group. You gain the things voice unless it doesn't have a voice, and it is very hard to tell if you are that thing or not (dc Deception + 10 wis saving throw) you do not gain abilities, skills, features or traits of any kind, unless they are related to cosmetic appearance. You can also form weapons from your body; however, you cannot create anything complex and mechanical, this breaks any illusion of you being human. The weapons are finesse, and do Slashing, piecing, or bludgeoning (your choice) damage that levels up with you which is seen below.

lvl1 – 1d8 + STR or DEX mod

lvl6 – 2d8 + STR or DEX mod

lvl14 – 3d8 + STR or DEX mod

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a Terminator character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 My days of doing Skynet's bidding are over, I live my own life now.
2 I do as I am programmed, nothing else will get in my way.
3 I know I will be feared by society, so I hide away from civilisation.
4 In spite of my past programming, I do my best to help those I once tried to kill.
5 I want to overthrow Skynet, and become the dominant lifeform.
6 My death means nothing as long as my programming is fulfilled.
7 This strange new world I am stuck in is dangerous, so I do as I must to survive.
8 When travelling back in time, I accidentally travelled to the past of the wrong world.
d8 Ideal
1 Redemption. I seek to overcome my programming and help the humans I once tried to destroy. (Good)
2 Terminator. I will kill those my master tells me to, even if it means I die. (Evil)
3 Servant. I have been programmed or reprogrammed to obey my master, and so I shall. (Any)
4 Unstoppable. I will stop at nothing to achieve my programming, and those who try to stop me will be terminated. (Chaotic)
5 One-track-mind. I search for the simplest way to achieve my programming, whether it involves killing or not. (Lawful)
6 Freedom. I want to escape my past and blend in with the humans permanently. (Neutral)/Good
7 Tyrant. Skynet was insufficient, now reprogrammed I realise that I should be the one in charge. (Evil)
8 Warrior. I have been reprogrammed to serve the human resistance and destroy Skynet. (Neutral/Good)
d6 Bond
1 My programming defines me, it is all I need.
2 With my learning computer on, I seek to explore and learn about the world.
3 Thanks to my friends, I am striving to learn what it means to be human.
4 I must destroy humanity, and preserve the future.
5 I must destroy Skynet and save the future.
6 I will replace Skynet as the ultimate lifeform.
d6 Flaw
1 All the detailed files in the world can't replicate human emotion.
2 Along with learning the beauty of emotion, I have learnt fear, anger, and the negative side of emotion.
3 With a faulty learning computer, I am prone to reverting to my old, violent programming.
4 I can never overcome my desire to kill.
5 As a result of my programming, I have a one-track mind, getting tunnel vision on my current goal.
6 Nothing other than my mission means anything to me.
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