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A bomb for a body, a fuse on top, and a key on the back getting them constantly wound up... is it any wonder they have such a temper?
—Professor Ezookial Gadd, Field Notes

Physical Description[edit]

Though nearly identical in basic design, individual Bom-ombs can be identified by the "marker" color of their shells or custom accessories.

Illustration Credit to Louivi at Deviantart

Though the original template produced casings of a uniform 3.5 feet, minor deviations in later molds alongside normal wear and tear have resulted in deviations of up to several inches in either direction. As the name might suggest, their outward appearance resembles that of a bomb: the main body being a naturally black metallic sphere backed by key-like protrusion and a cylindrical cap out of which grows its fuse. The color, style and length of this "hair" differs by individual, though its texture always resembles that of straw-colored rope, and is the most common method by which a Bom-omb will distinguish themselves from others". The most common (and naturally occurring) style is that of a ponytail or top-knot, but many "males" who can afford it will pay to have their cap transplanted from the top of their head to their face, producing a mustache-like outgrowth that acts as a universal mark of wealth and status among their kind. Other common cosmetic additions include dying or bleaching the fuse, painting their outer casing (Bold, clear colors like crimson, pink, or white being the most popular), or by replacing their wind-up mechanism with some other suitable devise such a a wheel. Their remaining exterior only has two other features: a pair of lenses of white-tinted hardened glass to act as eyes, and feet which resemble, more than anything else, that of a child's toy.

It is in their interior physiology, however, that the Bom-omb is most unique. Though technically still only machines, the intricacy and precision of the tens of thousands of fine clockwork parts mimics the complexity of the organic mind so perfectly as to actually produce an artificial Life that produces a spiritual footprint indistinguishable from other intelligent creatures. The similarities of these brains to the mortal soul are only emphasized by their location: being stored in armored black casings at in their cores that are specially hardened to endure not only their explosive forces, but survive intact even if the body surrounding them is completely destroyed. While it is possible to remove. This makes them unique among constructed beings in the fact they can be Continued by the same methods as other mortal beings, provided one has the "black box" on hands. Surrounding this core are a series of magnetized gears; who's movements can be controlled to allow the handless creatures to manipulate objects with roughly the same precision of Toad limbs, interspersed with pockets of chemicals that allow for their trademark controlled "explosion" when ignited and collections of springs, gears, and other parts which control their motor functions. All of these are powered by the constant unwinding of a system attached to their main "key": which they re-tighten during periods of inactivity via a field produced by their internal magnet system, mimicking the "sleep" of organic beings.

Though technically asexual in physical terms, their "brains" are constructed in such a way as to identify themselves with one gender or another. The majority of the time (roughly 80%), they will consider themselves male, while the minority who consider themselves female generally take on some overtly gendered sign (Bright pink coloring or excessively feminine clothing) to insure their deviation is recognized.




Groups of Bob-omb are most comfortable in large fortified structures weather refurbished or of their own construction, as an echo of their original programming and the need for sturdy walls that can handle the stress of occasional explosions. Because of this reason their communities are commonest along the border regions and neglected roadways where the threat of lawlessness and monsters looms large and a freshly garrisoned fortress is perceived more as a sign of order and safety than a looming threat. In these cases the Bob-ombs will usually develop warm relations with the residents of the surrounding communities: trading good like minerals and metalworks in times of peace and opening up their castle-town gates to provide sanctuary and selling arms when danger strikes the region. In areas where building a military grade fortification is more problematic, anything that’s solidly built, compact, and able to fit the whole group in a single building will do. These living preferences make the species oddly suited for shipboard life for a ball of iron, with privateering and merchantmen crews made up nearly entirely of Bob-ombs not unheard of. Wherever they live, these regimented creations form hierarchal societies that are at once (vertically) ridged and (horizontally) highly flexible. While the tiers of command are very clearly defined by a system of ranks similar to that employed by militaries, they don’t tend to draw much distinction between duties on the same level. The difference between directing a military squad, mining survey team, or a workshop are trifling compared to the skills of organization, resource management, and instruction that connect them, and if an individual is successful in one leadership role it is assumed they’ll be just as successful in another and shuffled around as needed by their superiors. The leadership structure of the Bob-ombs will usually be filled by highly competent members as a result, as successful results in a wide variety of fields is the only way to really climb the later but during periods of setback suffer heavy turnover as individual failures are seen as a sign of a general drop in ability, and the casual expectation of deference from those of lower ranks can come across as patronizing to more egalitarian peoples. At the top of this hierarchy is the King Bob-omb; a gentry scientist of the highest order and devout follower of The Eldstar who views his soldiers much like a stern but fair father over his son. This paternalistic relationship between commanders and their subordinates takes the place of the family in Bob-omb society, since they manufacture rather than birth their young. Their basic social unit is instead the Squad: a 13 person team that bunks, eats, and otherwise preforms basic domestic tasks together made up of one Sergeant, three Corporals, and 9 Privates who’s in-group ranks do not change under any circumstances. As an individual’s job can shift so often based on the decisions of the higher up, Squads provide a sense of stability and opportunity for deep stable friendships relationships that are impossible on work crews and the promotions/demotions that keep changing power dynamics between associates. Squad membership can never be altered, with vacancies let by casualties left out of respect for the fallen and newly-cast recruits sorted into Squads of their own once their sentience develops. Intra-squad romances, particularly between the Sergeant and Corporals and their Privates, are celebrated but all other liaisons are viewed as “defective” and often not tolerated by the offending Bob-omb’s community.

Bob-omb Names[edit]

Bob-omb names, though often firmly based in a few rules, still allow for a fair amount of customization. "Ob" and "Omb" ("Unifier"/Builder and "Separator"/Destroyer in the language of their creators, respectively) are common elements, sometimes prefaced with a B- ("False, to designate their artificial nature). They have a tendency to prefer names with highly-distinct, short syllables, which can be spoken separately in a staccato style resembling a series of small explosions which fit naturally into their language. Those that live among other races will often adapt one of their common names to this pattern, or select one which invokes their bomb-like nature.

Male: Rob, Bob, Adomb, Grenard Female: Bombette, Sylvia, Glitter, Cherry

Bob-omb Traits[edit]

Marioverse: a race of sentient explosives
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1. Bob-ombs, thanks to their sturdy construction and unique physiology, are especially resilient to physical hazards, while the ordered nature of their clockwork minds make them particularly adapt at logical reasoning and sequential tasks.
Age. While they don't decay in the same manner as organic races, their internal mainspring and the functions of their "brain" loosen over time in a manner very similar to aging. Their facilities are flexible enough by about age 12 to be comparable to adults of other races, and will last for up to 90 years before the tensile strength of their parts weakens enough to cause a critical breakage in some vital part.
Alignment. Disposed to systematized view of the world by design, Bob-ombs lean heavily towards Lawful alignments. The fewer of their kind they live amongest, however, the more likely an individual is to deviate from this standard. They don't have a strong racial tendency towards good or evil: usually adopting the moral stance of their surroundings with isolated communities taking on an unconcerned neutrality.
Size. Bob-ombs deviate a few inches in either direction from the standard height of 4'. By Marioverse standards, their height is Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Ignite Fuse. You can cast the light, with a range of Self, as a standard action. At any point during its duration, you can prematurely end the spell to cast pyrotechnics with a range of self. Constitution is your spellcasting ability for it, and regain the ability upon completing a short rest. While light is in effect, you are considered vulnerable to fire damage and any fire damage taken triggers pyrotechnics as a reaction.
To Build and Destroy. You gain proficiency with mason's tools, and can add double your proficiency bonus to any checks in which you'd gain advantage for this proficiency, and quadruple rather than double your damage for attacks benefiting from the Demolition effect (See XGTE)
Sturdy Construction. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level.
Living Tool. Even though you were constructed, you are a living creature. You are immune to diseases. You do not need to eat or breathe, but you can ingest food and drink if you wish. To rewind your mainspring, you enter an inactive state for 4 hours each day. You are fully aware of your surroundings and notice approaching enemies and other events as normal
Bolted Plating. With their frame being designed to support a metal shell, Bob-ombs are uniquely suited for carrying armor even without training. You have proficiency with light armor and medium armor. However, armor customized to Bob-ombs costs 10% more than usual, and the time required to don and remove it quadrupled and requires access to a set of Mason's or Smith's tools
Languages. You speak and a literate in Kingdom Common as well as Tick-Talk; a series of alternating clicks and whirs used by the "Living Tools" of the Ancient Tribe.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

3′ 8″ +1d6 150 lb. × (1d10) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]


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