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"Fiery eyes look through the darkness."

Physical Description[edit]

Charcoal skinned and red flamed Hasani Woman, credit to ChocaCrow

These fiery creatures are completely humanoid apart from their slender hooved feet. Their hair is a bright flame that cannot burn things around them but does give off a good amount of warmth and are hot to the touch. Their skin is made of charcoal or coal but their hands and tip of their tails are burning like a hot match and are extremely warm. Those with charcoal skin are born closer to the surface than those born with coal skin. Claws sprout from the end of their fingertips and they have sharp canine teeth that are often hidden. Usually, due to their off-putting appearance, they hide their hair and body as much as possible. Though some individuals are very open to showing their skin on the surface world. At the tip of their tail, a tuft of flame emerges and moves like fur yet is just as warm as their hair. This fluff of fire can take many shapes or could completely cover the tail. This fire of their hair is what keeps them alive since it burns the wick that is inside of their body that acts as their heart. Their eyes are usually just as fiery as their hair but sometimes their eyes are made completely made of the magma some reside in. Though the color of their eyes do always match the color of their flame unless they have magma eyes. Most of the time the flames of their bodies are a bright fiery red but sometimes they can also take on a bluer flame which is a lot hotter than their red counterparts. Other rarer forms of their fire are a sort of ghostly flame and white magnesium fire. Sometimes if they have demonic blood in them they will sprout charcoal horns or horns completely made from fire. They do not eat but do absorb light from torches and candles to keep their wick burning. They also keep their flame alive through the process of breathing but if they do not absorb any fire for more than 3 days they will start to go out.


Hasani are the product of an ancient fire elemental breathing life into the charcoal near their home for some form of company. Some of these new forms then mated with demons which gave them a more humanoid appearance. These creatures are very rare and often stay underground in the Underdark considering how the creatures of the surface world view them in a negative light. During the first portions of their life, they are mostly just small coal/charcoal humanoids with no flame. They are born in areas underground with no magma or fire and in order to stay alive and make it into adulthood, they must find a fire to light their bodies. Some are also born in caves near the surface and must gain their light from settlements nearby.


Hasani usually live by themselves in the underground, but some form up to create packs or tribes to survive. These tribes are based on the color of flames and what their skin is made of. Since they live underground they only really speak to other Hasani and often conflict with the other races of the Underdark, like the drow. If a child enters a tribe and displays a flame or composition different from that of their tribe they are usually banished, either to another tribe or out of the Underdark. The Hasani are very hot-tempered and short-sighted which often leads to these banishments and wars between tribes.

  • Hasani come in these certain types:
    • Charcoal Skin: Often found closer to the surface in caves and usually get their flame from villages nearby. These types of Hasani are the most friendly since they are actually able to socialize with other creatures besides other Hasani. Their skin is slightly lighter than coal-skinned Hasani and they have a smoky fireplace scent to them. They are also the more adventurous and hearty types of Hasani.
    • Coal Skin: These Hasani are found deeper underground and often have no access to the surface. They tend to be more hot-headed and aggressive toward other races. They also have an intense, ongoing feud with the drow, and thus do not trust most elves. Their skin is a lot darker than the charcoal-skinned Hasani and they have a burning torch smell.
    • Blue Flame: These flames are uncommon and are much hotter than red-flamed Hasani but give off less light. They are also most commonly found deeper beneath the surface. These types of Hasani are also more likely to have horns than other types.
    • Red Flame: These are the most common types of Hasani and can be found both underground and above ground. Since they live more toward the surface, most of the time they develop a warmer personality.
    • Ghostly Flame: These Hasani, with blueish-purple flames that wisp around like ghosts, are only really found by receiving their light from candles in graveyards. They will usually spend their time there and are a lot less hot-headed than other Hasani, though they still have a brilliant light to them. They cover themselves up more than other Hasani and are usually very shy.
    • White Magnesium Flame: These are the rarest types of Hasani and are found quite far underground. They are usually the loudest and most outgoing out of all Hasani, which means they proudly show off their heritage and barely cover themselves up.

Hasani Names[edit]

Most Hasani are not born with names, and are mostly referred to by a distinct feature they have when they arrive at the tribe. Those who go up to the surface usually just take a common word from Ignan or a name that relates to fire.

Male: Brande, Kegan, Blas, Pyralis, Keahi, Adar, Serafine, Bahani, Vahni, Joyti

Female: Enya, Ember, Blasa, Celosia, Tana, Effie, Adara, Serefina, Jwala, Eithanna, Ingia, Fia

Hasani Traits[edit]

Humanoids formed of charcoal and coal whose fire lights up the Underdark.
Ability Score Increase. Your charisma score increases by 2.
Age. These creatures live an extremely long time due to only having to feed off of fire to keep their fire going. The fire that makes up their hair is what keeps them healthy, so putting it out for too long could cause serious damage. However, if they manage to keep their fire alive, their lifespan is comparable to some elves. They reach adulthood around the age of 15 years.
Alignment. Due to the Hasani’s unpredictable nature, they are often found on the chaotic spectrum but those found farther underground tend to lean more toward neutral or evil.
Size. They are usually around 5 to 6 feet tall once they hit adulthood. Before then they are only about 3 to 4 feet tall. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Breath of Flame. There might be fire on the outside of the Hasani's skin, but flame also courses all through their body, allowing them to expel some in a fiery attack toward their enemies. You can cast the fire bolt cantrip.
Elemental Legacy. You are resistant to fire damage and you don't require sleep.
Shining Light. Your light burns bright. As a bonus action, you can ignite your flame or extinguish it, shedding bright light in a 30-foot radius and dim light for an additional 30 feet.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Ignan.
Subrace. Choose one from the following two subraces: Charcoal and Coal.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution and Charisma score each increases by 1.
Life on the Surface. Living up on the surface gives you the ability to speak in another language of your choosing.
Voice of Flame. Your bright, beautiful flames guide your voice to have the same warmth as them. You have proficiency in the Persuasion skill.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Dexterity score each increase by 1.
Underdark Dwellers. Living underground in the Underdark has given you the ability to speak, read and write Undercommon.
Life of Darkness. Since your subrace lives primarily in the darkest depths of the Underdark, you have grown accustomed to surprises from said darkness. You have an advantage on saving throws against being frightened.

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