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"Through out history there has been something that we have always known, that thing is dirt, it has contributed to our survival but it is something we usually forget even exists." -A Wise Man

Physical Description[edit]

Dirt, just dirt

Sentient dirt is just a little mound of dirt that no matter what can not be separated. Sentient dirt has no genders because... it's dirt. Sentient dirt can't move by itself because... it's dirt. Sentient dirt has no facial features or limbs because... it's dirt.


This race of sentient dirt appears when a insanely powerful wizard misfires a very powerful spell of theirs and that spell hits a small mound of dirt... this happens rarely though which means sentient dirt is sometimes considered legendary.


There isn't that much of a society for sentient dirts because of their rarity, but if two sentient dirts were to meet each other they would battle to the death.

Dirt Names[edit]

Sentient dirt has no need for names.

Dirt Traits[edit]

Literally sentient dirt.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 5
Age. They can live forever, and they don't age at all.
Alignment. Sentient dirt are always lawful neutral
Size. Small
Speed. Your base walking speed is 0 feet so to move you must be carried.
Dirt has no eyes or ears. You are blind and deaf, you have disadvantage on any check that is related to sight or hearing.
Magical Dirtelepathy. You can telepathically communicate with any creature with an Intelligence above 3 that knows at least 1 language within 100 ft of you.
Damage Immunity. You are immune to lightning damage.
Connection to the ground. You have a deep connection with the ground allowing you to know where anything that is in contact with the ground within 100ft of you is.
Dirt has no limbs. You can't hold anything unless some one else sticks it in you, but you still can't move that object by yourself.
Magical Soil. Having Insane magical potential in you allows you to cast spells without needing to use verbal, somatic, Or material components.
Languages. Sentient dirt can understand all languages but can't speak or read.
Subrace. Grassy Dirt, Manure, and Ant Hill

Grassy Dirt[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Cha +2
Photosynthesis. The grass on your top heals you, every turn you regenerate 2d8 hit points.
Nicer Appearance. Since you decided to grow some grass on yourself you gain proficiency with persuasion checks


Ability Score Increase. Con +3
Horrible Odor. All creatures within 5 ft of you on the starting of their turn must make a constitution save with a DC of 12 if failed they will be incapacitated until they exit a area of 10 ft around you or pass a constitution saving throw with a DC of 13 that they can take every turn while incapacitated within 10 ft of you.
Fertilizing Properties. On your turn you can take an action to bury yourself underground on any turn after you bury yourself you can take an action to rise to the surface, but if you stay underground for 4 turns you can heal 3d6 hit points.
Flies like poop. As an action, you may take control of 1d4 flies that have eaten a part of you for 1d8 hours. In this state, you can see and hear everything that the flies can but you are unable of taking any other actions unless you release control over them.

Ant Hill[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Str +2
Ant Colony. Your speed gets changed to 15 and you can now pick up things by yourself and wield stuff.
Ants have eyes and ears. You gain vision and sight now you don't have disadvantage on wisdom checks related to sight and hearing, and you have no darksight.
ants like to move. you can control ants to sneak around,this stops once your ant is stepped on or your physical body is hurt
ants bring food. heal 2d12 3 times per short rest
ants can sculpt. you can shape yourself to look like anything 6 feet or smaller

Random Height and Weight[edit]

1′ 2″ +1d4 inches 17 lb. × (None) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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