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The Walkers[edit]

Physical Description[edit]

Barely anyone has seen the real appearance of The Walkers, the only thing that is known, is that they adorn in all black or all white, and have giant, nearly blinding, spotlights emitting from where their face would be. Legend has it, anyone who walks in their line of sight, never feel the same once they leave. As well as their face, three fingers on their dominant hand also light up, they use these fingers as their guns. They can often camouflage themselves in a citizen like appearance, helping them blend in and able to walk around normal cities and villages.


The Walkers have been at war with society for years, they have been subjected to centuries of sobbing and suffering, torture and tears. They decided to take revenge, casting it by terrorising (or, as they call it, making their presence known) to every city in sight, some cities have been forced into a never ending quarantine, building walls around them and asking those who wish to enter for their name and race. They mostly plan their attacks and reigns of endless terror at night, only on a full moon...


They don't ever fit in with society, they have reserved their own island, with the name "Appliodi Grehan Defmoofè" (meaning: Serenity never starves, in their own language) they crave the fear they impose on innocent townspeople, burning whole kingdoms, killing whole villiages, all to make them realise just where they went wrong, they live by their own code "Veela Tokiaada, Derhy Tergentwiti" meaning Reject Modernity, Embrace Tradition

The Walkers Names[edit]

Their names are mostly ominous onomatopoieas, like buzzing (zzzz) or humming (mmmm). They could also be named after their make and what model they are. For example, if a Walker make is Tenchit, and they are the fourth model, they will be known as Tenchit: 4

The Walkers Traits[edit]

We have overtaken many kingdoms as pathetic as yours. You think you can stop us?! We are always watching. We are always walking. Join us...
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. They do not age, however, they get thrown out and destroyed by the rest of them once they deem them worthless
Alignment. Your alignment is Chaotic Evil
Size. Sometimes, they are a little bit taller than humans, they are lanky, your size is medium to small
Speed. Your base walking speed is 60 feet.
Extreme Darkvision. Your normal darkvision reaches up to 240 feet.
Reality Bending. Once per long rest as a bonus action The Walker can roll Constitution (DC 15) being able to build a bridge from where they stand to their target location on a success, the bridges are able to extend to the Walkers base running speed. Parts of the bridge that ascend will automatically turn into steps.
Finger Guns. Walkers have three fingers on their dominant hand that can be used as guns, they have a 20 foot range, and can be used infinitely. Each shot from the finger guns does 2d4 damage.
Maximum Serenity. At level 3, Walkers master how to use their Serenity, once per long rest, with 1 round of concentration you can use this trait and not get damaged or effected
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Mayrotongue, the original language of the Walkers, and Common

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