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Being Born of the Void to contain a Raging Sickness, Discarded and forgotten these entities escaped their prison with no purpose.

Physical Description[edit]

A vessel is usually a small insignificant creature who only knows how to Fight and Survive in a harsh environment, they sport a small White Shell like helmet that can have a various amounts of adornments such as horns, Vessels are usually Garbed in a Cloak that Drapes over their dark and lithe body.


The Vessels are beings who were made in mass to create a Perfect Vessel in a last-ditch effort of a Wise king to save his collapsing Kingdom, Once the perfect vessel was created The remaining vessels were cast into their birthplace that was a massive abyssal chasm and left to die within its darkness, this act of abandonment ended with the wise king sealing the chasm to hide his dark secret, Once in the chasm the vessels didn't simply die as the wise king intended with many scouring the abyssal chasm for salvation, their search leads them to find passages out of Their tomb leading to a wide and unknown world, this resulted in the vessels spreading out To find purpose.

The pathways that the vessels take are many and varied with some being afflicted by the outside world in unexpected ways, the most drastic of these afflictions would be vessels that are corrupted by the raging sickness that they were once made to contain, As these vessels travel they have two natural instincts, their first instinct is how to fight and defend themselves in a hostile environment, The second natural instinct is to Find their birthplace once they have grown enough in their travels.

Once a vessel leaves the boundary of its birthplace it loses all memory of it yet they have an innate instinct to travel back, this action is more difficult for the vessel due to the vessel losing recollection of how they left the abyssal chasm as well as its location.


Vessels are young and empty-minded beings they can really only communicate through gestures but once they gain a seed of self/develop a personality they gain the ability to communicate vocally.

As a species, the vessels don't follow a hierarchy or leadership but they have a conjoined deity that they worship known as "the Shade lord" which as an entity that is a massive collection of void which is the material that constitutes a vessels form, this deity is in fact not religious in any form but in fact the absolute pinnacle in a vessels evolution.

Vessel Traits[edit]

Small Empty beings of a chasm who Fight to become hollow.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 2
Age. Vessels are born fully grown and can live for 1000 years, Vessels mature after 5 years where they start to gain a seed of self.
Alignment. Unmatured Vessels are Neutral but once They mature their alignment changes.
Size. Your size is small, a Vessels average height is between 2 and 4 feet tall
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Monarch Wings. At level 3 you can fly equal to half your movement speed
Soul Focus. While in battle your entire being focuses on making your form heal, you have a pool of healing energy equal to xd6 (x being half your level rounded down). As an action you can use up to your Dex mod of healing energy (minimum of 1).
Void given Focus. At level 17 you are the pinnacle of a vessel evolution, As an Action, you can cast off your vessel form and go into a state known as "the Shadelord" for 1 minute, once in this state you all damage you now inflict becomes force damage to overcome resistances and immunities, in addition if you hit a target you may choose to push a creature 5ft per successful attack away in the direction you are facing once per attack action, this trait can be used once a day.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Primordial
Subrace. Pure Vessel, Infected Vessel, Overgrown Vessel, Shell-less vessel, Empty Vessel.

Pure Vessel[edit]

The result of the creation of the Vessels, The Strongest Vessel created perfect in nearly every way, the Key word being Nearly. . .

Ability Score Increase. Your str score increases by 2 and your int Score decreases by 1.
Empty Vessel. Your body was chosen to contain a great sickness since you are an empty vessel, you are immune to the effects of the sickness, You are immune to being frightened, charmed or Stunned.
Perfect Vessel. You was developed to become the strongest combatant possible for a vessel to protect yourself from those who wish to release the contained sickness inside of you, your size becomes medium and you gain proficiency in martial and simple weapons, your Height is increased by 2 feet +1d12 inches, your weight isn't effected.
Flawed Vessel. Not every plan is perfect and the kings plan to contain the sickness didn't work fully, Your vessel contains A great sickness and its presence leaks from your very being the effects of this trait can vary dependent on the Gm's wishes, When the pure vessel takes 5 times its con modifier in damage during a single attack you must roll a d100+con if you roll below 20 your body becomes possessed by the sickness making it so you can't tell ally from foe as well as control your actions, Number each entity you can see and roll a dice to determine who you fixate your actions upon, after 2 rounds of combat you return to normal. Once you reach Level 10 you become resilient to the effect of the infection making it so it now takes 10 times the pure vessels con modifier to result in the roll.

Infected Vessel[edit]

A vessel that fell to the power of the sickness and embraced its power becoming a twisted form of its original purpose

Ability Score Increase. Your con score increases by 1
Infected Creature. A infected Vessel is a Form of a previous Vessel that has been consumed by the sickness it was created to prevent, due to this corruption its been both debilitated and blessed, A infected vessel loses the usage of one arm while Their ac Increases by +3.
Infection Bolt. Your body is a Vessel for the sickness as an attack you can control the infections matter on your body to attack, As an action you can fire a ranged attack with a range of 30ft at single target, If the attack hits roll 1d6+con acid damage, At level 5 roll 2d6+con at higher levels you roll an additional 1d6, 10th(3d6+con), 15th(4d6+con), 20th(6d6+con).

Overgrown Vessel[edit]

A vessel that escaped the Chasm but lost its way and become encumbered in plants and vines while trying to find its way, due to this they are usually older than the other vessels making them have a more developed seed of self.

Ability Score Increase. your dex score is decreased by 1, Your wis score is increased by 2
Vine body. Your body is a overgrown mess of foliage and vines this makes your body unwieldy but makes is so your more versatile, you can control the vines surrounding your body like tentacles or tendrils, Due to this you gain a climbing speed equal to your movement speed and can use these vines equal to 30ft length of rope.
Vine Combat. Using the vines growing from your vessel you can attack, The vines follow the statistics of a whip with a reach of 30ft, Also If this vine attack hits its target the vessel has the option to attempt to restrain the target as long as they are of the size large or smaller, If this action is chosen the target must make either a athletics or acrobatics roll against the result of the initial vine attack
Overgrowth. at will for a cost of 1 hitpoint you can create a 30ft of Hemp rope that's separate from your body, At-Will at a cost of 1 hit points you can create a makeshift gille suit that provides advantage to stealth in forest regions for tiny-sized creatures, for every size larger the cost is increased by 3(small=4Hp)(Medium=7Hp)(Large=10Hp), items made from this trait cannot be sold due to their quality.

Shell-less Vessel[edit]

A shell-less vessel is a Vessel whose Shell was broken long ago and become an entity also known as a sibling, due to this they can't regain a fully solid form but gain phantom-like qualities

Ability Score Increase. Your cha score increases by 1, your con Score decreases by 1.
Shell-less Vessel. You lose the trait Soul-Focus, you gain Immunity to force and psychic damage.
Void Tainted. Without a Shell to protect a Vessel their part of their seed of self is tainted by the Chasm's bottomless abyss, Due to this, Their alignment is stuck at being either true neutral, Lawful Neutral or Chaotic Neutral.
Chasm void technique. Due to losing your Shell your entire being is now made of what came from the chasm's abyss, this makes it so you can use a technique that manipulates the very matter of your being as a projectile. At level 3 as an action, you can fire a bolt of Void Energy at a single target within 30ft, The target must succeed on a con DC save of 12+cha if they succeed they take no damage, if they fail they take 1d10+cha necrotic damage and their maximum hit points are reduced by the damage until they preform a long rest, if a target runs out of maximum hit points as a result of this trait they are killed outright. At level 5 the damage roll of this trait is increased by 1d10 With the Base DC increasing by 1, At level 10(3d10+cha) DC=(14+cha), At level 15(4d10+cha) DC=(15+cha), At level 20(5d10+cha) DC=(16+cha).
one with the Abyss.. At level 15 you can use the Chasm Void Technique as a Bonus action, At level 20 you can use the Chasm Void Technique as a single free action per turn.

True Vessel[edit]

The final result of the creation of the Vessels, a vessel that left the Chasm and returned to regain its Birthright.

Ability Score Increase. Your can increase one of any ability score except dex by 1
Durable Vessel. As a Vessel that has left the chasm without succumbing to the many hazards of the world around you, you are stronger and more durable than other bugs, While not wearing Heavy armour or a sheild you Gain +1 ac
Empty Vessel. As a vessel that has left the chasm your mind is more fortified than others, your thoughts cannot be read and you cannot be Stunned.
Dream Slash. Though your Journey you have cultivated the power to explore peoples dreams and thoughts, As an action you can make a Melee attack action against a single target, if the attack hits, you deal no damage but you gain insight into your enemy, you learn either one weakness of the target, The targets highest stat proficiency or one skill/trait the enemy has the Gm is allowed to decide result of the attack.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

0′ 11″ +2d6 20 lb. × (2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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