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Physical Description[edit]

The Scarecrow "Fiddlesticks" of League of Legends

Scarecrows are faint, lifeless figures left out in fields to frighten off birds and other creatures from crops, as well as a rather unsettling deterrence for would-be trespassers. Most scarecrows, mundane or living, are simply a couple garments filled with straw and a crudely-made face, hung upon a rack to keep upright. An animate scarecrow can just as easily maintain the illusion of lifelessness, but often has either glowing or empty eyes, no teeth, and wiry, dry limbs.


Though long-used as simple, mundane deterrents, witches and hags found that binding a slain creature's spirit (particularly an evil one) to a scarecrow granted it purpose and mobility. It is this uncanny presence from beyond death that allows a scarecrow to inspire fear in those it gazes upon. Hags and witches often bind scarecrows with the spirits of demons, but any evil spirit will do. Although aspects of the spirit's personality might surface, a scarecrow's spirit doesn't recall the memories it had as a creature, and its will is focused solely on serving its creator. If its creator dies, the spirit inhabiting a scarecrow either continues to follow its last commands, seeks revenge for its creator's death, or destroys itself. It is incredibly rare for a scarecrow to develop independence.


Scarecrows frankly don't have much of a society per-se being constructs usually made by those of a more chaotic alignment, using them as free labour. Though it wouldn't be far fetched to say they can form society though it would probably be quite a depressive and unstable community seeing as most of the Scarecrow race are predominantly evil in spirit and not all of them are necessarily willing to being forced into their fragile mortal shells. That being said despite being unstable in mood and such a society of these scarecrows if free would probably be capable of sustaining themselves owing to their limitless lifespan and their skills as farmhands.

Scarecrow Names[edit]

As a result of being constructed they are oft named by their creators which often leads to them being given humiliating and often demeaning names in an act of dehumanising them despite their sentience. Gender would play no role in their name as physically besides their clothes they are of no gender.

Example names: Rags, Patches, Stitches, Raggy, Fiddlesticks

Scarecrow Traits[edit]

Scarecrows are lost souls, bound to simple material bodies by magic users.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma is increased by 2, your Constitution is increased by 2, and your Strength is decreased by 2.
Age. When a wayward soul is bound to a scarecrow, their new life begins. Like a lost soul, unbound by time, the lifespan of a scarecrow is limitless.
Alignment. Scarecrows are common among users of dark rituals and magic, such as hags and witches. Their alignment is generally linked to the alignment of their creator.
Size. The build of a scarecrow can range from 3ft to 7ft, depending on the creators’ design. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Fibrous Body. Your entire body is a mismatch of cloth, straw, and a container for the evil spirit. You are vulnerable to fire, and you naturally float to the top of water unless weighed down by 1/4th your maximum carry weight. Finally if you are reduced to 0 hit points by fire damage unless you are put out within 2 rounds your straw and cloth body will burn away killing you and leaving behind only the container for your soul.
Living Construct. As a Construct of non-living material, you are immune to poison and disease. You do not need to breathe, eat, or drink. Instead of sleeping, you enter an inactive state for 4 hours each day. You do not dream in this state; you are fully aware of your surroundings and notice events as if you were awake.
False Appearance. While you remain motionless, you are indistinguishable from an ordinary, inanimate scarecrow. Creatures with the ability to see or feel magic can however detect the magic within you.
You Are What You’re Made Of. If you are reduced below your maximum HP, you or another creature may provide a large amount of grass, hay, or similar material to rebuild you. Spending 1 minute of dedicated time, you can regain 1 HP in this manner. Additionally, You may be healed by standard magical healing owing to the nourishment of your contained soul repairing your brittle body.
Gaze of Terrors. Your gaze is unnerving. You may spend an action staring at a number of creatures that can see you within 10 feet of one point, filling them with dread. Each creature makes a Wisdom saving throw equal to 10 + your Charisma (Intimidation) skill bonus. On failure, a creature is frightened. On a success Creatures exposed to your Gaze of Terrors are otherwise immune to its effect for 24 hours. You can use this trait a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus between long rests. Additionally, you have advantage on Wisdom saving throws against being frightened.
Right Through You. As you are a body built up of hay, grass or similar materials, You have resistance to Piercing damage from non-magical sources
Farmhand. You are proficient with handaxes, light hammers, sickles, and tridents. You also have expertise (double-proficiency) with scythes and similar variants, if your DM has included them in your game. If not, the dm may pick another bladed weapon for you to be proficient with.
Languages. Can speak Common and one additional language from your previous life.

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