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River King Yon Jon slowly floated along the river looking on as the hobgoblin legion gathered and slowly disembarked off their barges. "Shame the lads had to go break my deal for the last stretch of river." Yon Jon crooned to himself. "Might have even made it safe and sound too." Yon Jon watched as the first hydra erupted from the edge of the river, tearing into the hobgoblin legion.

Physical Description[edit]

A River-devil introducing himself.

Rotund of body and colossal of maw, River-Devils appear as large catfish like humanoids. Rather infamous for their silver tongued negotiation ability and natural charm, River-Devils are commonly found working river fronts of the criminal underworld as con men, swindlers, and hustlers across Faerun. River-devils tend to have earthy toned colored skin, ranging anywhere between tan and brown, to mossy algae greens. Two of the most peculiar and memorable bits of River-devil anatomy are their angler fish like lures, and huge jaws. The lures serve as sources of light for river-devils, and serve to help capture prey and distract their enemies. Most river-devils cover these lures with some kind of hat or covering, only taking them out when needed. The maw of a river-devil is very large, with a few whisker like protuberances coming out near the their mouths. It's said that the only things a river-devil respect among their own kind are age, cleverness, and the size of their own jaws. They can use these jaws to hide their young, or swallow prey and their enemies whole.


No one knows exactly where river-devils come from, with many theories and legends abounding with quite a few rumors started by river-devils themselves. In truth river-devils are the result of natives of the plane of water living near a small portal to the abyss. The energy of the abyss warped the natives slowly overtime, before finally being expelled into the material plane after a few generations. The River-Devils would later make their homes in the swamps, wetlands and rivers of Faerun, often near cities or towns.


River-Devils live in large family clans, with two or three families making up most river-devil villages. Each village is ruled by a leader, or River King or Queen. The River King or Queen is generally the oldest and most clever river-devil, often keeping the records of each contract, deal, or con any river-devil in their village. River-Devils unsurprisingly have a easy niche in the criminal underground of many cities of Faerun, working as middle men for many criminal families and gangs.

River-Devil Names[edit]

Male: Abnard, Augustine, Henri, Herve, Joffrey, Xavier, Yon Jon, Tahm Kench

Female: Agatha, Jesabelle, Mileena, Nina, Sindra, Yanna

River-Devil Traits[edit]

Monstrous silver tongued con-men and swindlers.
Ability Score Increase. A River-Demon's large physique sets your max Constitution to 30 and gives you +2 to your Constitution score +2 to your Strength score and +2 to your Charisma score, although, due to your large frame you suffer a penalty of a -2 to your Dexterity Score, and the highest Dexterity score you can achieve is 16.
Age. River-devils are fairly long lived, reaching maturity at 60 years, and generally live to be about 400 to 600 years old.
Alignment. River-devils are natural tricksters and swindlers and are commonly some form of neutral, with most tending towards chaotic neutral, and a more than a few are chaotic evil. It's from these few that the infamous river-devil reputation became widely spread.
Size. River-devils are usually around 4 to 8 feet in height, and almost nearly as wide. You are considered Medium sized.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 feet. You also have a swim speed of 20 ft.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Lamplight Lure. You have a large lure similar to a Angler fish's. They use this to capture prey, or distract their enemies. This lure is capable of providing bright light for a 20 ft radius, and additional dim light for another 20 ft. At 3rd level you can use your lure to distract an attacking enemy within 10 ft as a reaction, creating a bright flash from your lure. Anyone within 20 ft must make a Constitution saving throw. (DC 10 + Constitution modifier.) On a failed save the target is blinded until their next turn. Sightless, eyeless, or creatures who do not rely on eyes sight are immune to this. This reaction can be used as many times as your Constitution modifier every short rest.
Tongue Lash. As action you can make a tongue lash attack with your Dexterity modifier, dealing 1d8+ your Strength modifier. On a successful hit the target is grappled. To escape the target must make an Athletics check against your Athletics check. Until this grapple ends the target is restrained, and you can't attack another target. The range is 10 ft.
Devour. While grappling a target your size or smaller, you can attempt a bite attack (1d10 + Strength modifier). On a successful hit the target is swallowed and the grapple ends. The swallowed target is blinded and restrained, it has total cover against attacks and other effects outside of you , and it takes 3d8+ your Constitution modifier acid damage at the start of your turns. At the beginning of each of its turns the creature may attempt a opposed athletics check against you at disadvantage. If it succeeds, it emerges in the nearest unoccupied square. You can only have one target swallowed at a time, and your movement is halved until the target is dead, or you expel the target. At 3rd level you have learned to control your gastric juices, and can devour allies without hurting them, allowing you to transport or hide your friends. Your stomach contains 5 minutes of breathable air. You can use a bonus action to expel a target of ally.
Slimy Membrane. You have a protective slime coating your skin that gives you resistance against non-magical bludgeoning damage and gives enemies disadvantage when they try to grapple you. However if this ever dries out, are deprived of water, or are in a very dry environment you gain disadvantage on all physical checks, and your movement is halved.
Art of the Deal. You have advantage on Deception, and Persuasion checks related to contracts, bets, or similar negotiations
Amphibious. You can breathe water and air.
Languages. You speak Common, and Aquan

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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