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Long ago, when the world was young, there was a war to claim the Triforce of the Goddesses. The ancestors of the Twili managed to enter the Sacred Realm and nearly claim the Triforce, only to be cursed, and then banished to the Twilight Realm. While the way between worlds has opened again, no one is quick to trust these people of Shadow.


The Twili have been changed by their time in the Twilight Realm, becoming more and more shadowlike. They were once similar to Hylians, and this is still apparent in their humanoid forms. Their skin is usually black and either white, pale gray, green, or blue. Their hair is often bright orange, pink, or sometimes blonde, and their eyes are a pupil-less blood red.

Despite their distinct skin colors and humanoid appearance, the Twili have a great variety in individual appearance, as though they were cast like shadows. Some, such as the Usurper Zant, have very flat faces, or elongated limbs. Others appear more round, or squat, with exaggerated facial features. A few though, such as the late Queen Midna, are recognizable for their surprisingly unaltered proportions.

Twili tend to dress in black and near-black colors, trimmed with their distinctive glowing patterns.


The first peaceful Twili observed near the end of their invasion of Hyrule under Zant could be easily described as shy. Twili are non-confrontational by nature, and will try to escape danger rather than confront it. Most Twili found in Hyrule in this era however, are far bolder. It is believed that Twili reflect the emotions of those around them, and so living among boisterous humans will inevitably create extroverted Twili.

Despite this, there is always a level of cunning to which Twili aspire. They enjoy playing tricks and telling lies. The nicer Twili will fess up to this and make a joke of the whole thing. Less kind Twili may also have a sinister agenda they are advancing with their deception.


The Twili only ever have one monarch, the King or Queen of Twilight. This individual is selected from the servants of the previous monarch. The most worthy and faithful servant is granted the power of Twilight, and acknowledged as the sole ruler of the realm.

Interestingly, outside of the monarch of the Twilight Realm and the Twilight Gods, the Twili tend to organize their little communities in Hyrule on more democratic lines. Law is made by consensus, and duties apportioned according to strengths.


The exact reasons for the sudden emigration to Hyrule is unknown, but it would appear that many Twili have taken up the adventurer lifestyle out of an odd sense of nostalgia. Many Twili will say that they adventure in order to reconnect with their ancestors, by traveling through the world that was once their home.

A few have taken to the notion that Hyrule is their home, and that it is their rightful realm. Many of these beings seek to punish those who live in Hyrule for the crime of stealing it away from the Twili and banishing them into the darkness.


A race of humanoids with strange powers that live in the Twilight Realm.
Ability Score Increase. Your Charisma score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1.
Age. Twili have a lifespan twice as long as humans, reaching maturity in their late tens and living until their second century.
Alignment. Twili are typically Lawful Neutral, with good and evil tendencies.
Size. Twili are medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Superior Darkvision. Your darkvision has a range of 120 feet.
Shadow Magic. You know the Minor Illusion cantrip. At 3rd level you may cast the spell Invisibility. You must take a short rest in order to use this again. At 5th level you gain the Darkness spell once. You must take a long rest in order to use this again.
Interloper's Curse. The Twili’s ancestors’ transgressions have been passed to the current generation. Twili have vulnerability against Radiant Damage, and direct sunlight on their bare skin causes 1d6 radiant damage per round.
Shadow's Blessing. Twili have resistance against Necrotic Damage. Also you can use your bonus action to hide in a shadow you are touching or to emerge from that shadow.
Languages. All Twili speak the language of Twilight as well as one other language, usually Hylian. Twilight always sounds like it is echoing in an empty chamber.

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