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Parasites are an enigmatic race of a stretchy, sticky substance. Though they are physically very vulnerable, they have the potential to live forever, allowing them to experience the passing of the world much more completely than even elves. Jungle dwellers and shadow lurkers, their world is ruthless towards them, so they are ruthless back, surviving solely through the power that they acquire when they take over other creatures.

Curiosity Of The World[edit]

Parasites are born in darkness, silence and isolation, their birth becoming devoid of warmth and education. As such, all parasites have a desire to learn and explore the world beyond the hole they hatched in, all in the hope of finding a connection with other creatures. Parasites are immortal beings, which gives them a myriad of life experiences and plenty of time for introspection. Yet they do not understand why they were brought into this world just to hop from creature to creature and live out an infinite amount of lives. It is this feeling of nihilism that drives them towards adventuring, as perhaps in this vast world, they can finally find the meaning they so desire.

Survival Of The Fittest[edit]

Parasites are tiny blobs of goo. Because of their weak bodies, they are all driven to either hide within others, share the space, or takeover entirely, in an effort to stay above the food chain. Hailing from either dense jungles or the ruthless Underdark, their world is a harsh one, and only the most cunning and cruel of parasites can ever hope to survive beyond their first month. But upon latching themselves onto a suitable host, they suddenly find that the whole world is against them, so they must either bargain with it, avoid others entirely, or dominate any who stand in their way.

Desire To Be In Control[edit]

All parasites are born at the very bottom of life; they are small, weak, and dependent on others for survival. Thus, they are driven to rise beyond their lowly circumstances and reach a level of being those now below them could only ever dream of acquiring. Without a home to return to or other parasites to share their unique experiences with, parasites are nomadic in nature, living a hermetic lifestyle. Yet they are always driven by the need to learn and desire to continue gaining more power, all in an effort to stay alive and in control of their little world.

Parasite Names[edit]

Due to all parasites being born alone, you have no name. However, you may have decided to adopt the name of the first person that became your Permanent Host, or the first town you came across in your travels.

Parasite Traits[edit]

Due to the limiting nature of your biological structure, you are incapable of choosing any class other than Parasite, which is likewise exclusive to this race. You can access Parasite (5e Class) here:
Ability Score Increase. Because of the frailty of your species, as well as your lowly existence, you do not gain any increase to your stats. As such, you must depend on others if you wish to survive.
Age. Parasites reach maturity when they first succeed in a complete Hostile Takeover of a creature, which is usually after one month of being vulnerable in the wild. Yet due to their incomprehensible, biological structure, parasites do not age.
Alignment. Most parasites are chaotic neutral, as they only possess the bodies and minds of other creatures out of a need to survive. But once they are out in the world, some parasites see others as lesser beings that they must dominate, making them lean into an evil alignment, while others seek to bond with others and learn from them, inclining them towards good and sometimes even lawful.
Size. Parasites are between 5 and 10 inches long, averaging about 5 pounds. Your size is Tiny.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 feet. Your base climbing speed is 20 feet.
Dark Vision. Used to the shadows of either the Underdark or the jungles, your visual sensors have become refined for ambushes. You can see in darkness within 60 feet as though it were bright light.
Passive Attachment. You can attach yourself to a creature as an action provided they are either friendly or they do not know you are there. You are passively living in their same space, but you are still subject to individual targeting. You can do this from within a Permanent Host, which you leave as soon as you attach yourself to another creature.
Boneless. As you have no skeleton to keep your body in a fixed position, you can take on the form of basic shapes that are equal to or lower than your size. You can only do this when in your natural form.
Limbless. Parasites have no need for limbs, as they simply use what their Host has to offer. You are unable to carry or use items in your natural form. You may store items smaller than your body inside you, but the total size of all stored items cannot exceed your size.
Nutrient Absorption. Your body is self-sufficient, meaning eating or breathing is not a requirement for you. Furthermore,you are immune to disease.Your Permanent Host, however, does require sustenance.
Languages. You cannot speak, read or write in any language. You know every language that your current Permanent Host does, and retain the knowledge of the languages used by the last Host you occupied. You have telepathic communication with your Host, and can communicate with others through it.

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