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<Kra 'i' Maghull>[edit]

"The adventurers traveled into a thick, dense forest with beautiful trees and lush thicket. They entered a clearing, noticing a figure in the clearing standing on one foot meditating. As they came closer, the creature meditating opened all of its eyes and and spun around, creating an aura of blessing around the travelers. "The world is a balance," the meditating figure communicated telepathically. "And we must even it." "

Physical Description[edit]

The Kra 'i' Maghull are an alien race. They are tall, and they have three eyes in the corners of their faces. They are usually gray-skinned, and they can be very tall. Most of this race is very religious. They beleive in an alien culture, and no one knows how they found Earth.


This race's history is unknown.


Kra 'i' Maghulls often live alone, making shelter in forests.

<Kra 'i' Maghull> Names[edit]

Kra 'i' Mahgull names thrive in variety, often based off of that person's religious destiny.

Male: Thandaa, Makrajik, Thuuloo, Jendaar Ter 'Jahan, Gindha, Buddhka, Dhandhay, Raqii' San, Golathantak

Female: Arda, Ouma, Sehheshtranan, Ragi, Grenak, Sharsha, Sastha, Sikha, Rendalaka

<Kra 'i' Maghull> Traits[edit]

Small monk like humanoids who spend all there time meditating and praying.
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by two, and your Constitution score increases by 1
Age. Kra 'i' Maghulls often live up to 200 years old, maturing fully at age 50.
Alignment. Kra 'i' Maghulls tend to have a Lawful alignment.
Size. Medium. Kra 'i' Maghulls are about the same size as Humans.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Alien Wisdom.. You have learned many things about the realms. You have advantage on Arcana and Insight checks.
Bless. Once per day, you can heal yourself up to your level hitpoints.
Languages. Kra 'i' Maghull, Common

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