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"What is better than to see the world bleed? Twist its limbs, crack its bones, feed on the marrow and sorrow, lick its pretty face, melt its eyeballs and feed on it's tongue." - Drysantilla, First Ashlang Queen

Physical Description[edit]

Ashlangs are tall, lanky creatures, with beautiful features, skin as pale as snow and long, silky blood red hair. Their eyes are a feral yellow-orange that gleam in the darkness with an outworldy hunger. All Ashlangs are extremely skinny, with their rib cages showing, and each of their hands and toes end with sharp black talons. They are always extremely hungry for fresh flesh and blood, and lust over any carnal display. They are also just as greedy as dragons, and love flaunting their belongings, often by wearing nothing but the riches they have piled over the years.

Ashlangs are mostly made by a female corrupting a humanoid with her venom, but on a few rare occasions, there has been a couple of Ashlangs who were bred. As male & female Ashlang cannot reproduce together, they seek other mates to fulfill that need, if it ever arises. Success in mating with an Ashlang is extremely rare, as their genes are not compatible with most other creatures. If mating with an Ashlang occurs, roll 1d100. On a 1, the non-Ashlang creature must make a Con Save equal to the Ashlang's Con or be poisoned. On a 100, the female becomes pregnant.

A female pregnant with Ashlang genes must do a successful CON save to be able to survive child-birth, as the child will grow fast, and will claw, tear and bite it's way out of the uterus. The newborn, who will immediately leave it's mother to live it's own life, will be considered Ashlang.

The rare mothers who survive childbirth are veneered as leaders of the communities, or Matriarchs. Surviving childbirth gives an Ashlang renown, a title and respect.

Ashlang grow extremly fast; almost 5x faster than humans. Within 2 months the child is fully formed inside the pregnant female's uterus, and by age 3, it is considered to be adult.

They seldom grow older than 40, but most of them do not even reach that point in their lives.


Ever since the Third Great Draconic War, the Ashlang have mostly all mutated into less fiendish versions of their ancestors. Only the Pure Bloods, or Gray Cloaks, retain those feral habits.


Once based off a solid Matriarchy, the Great Cloaks who are mostly males, have taken over the hierarchy. Only recently a Queen was able to subjugate them to her rule. This new Queen, Drysantilla, rules fiercely and without remorse, bringing the old feared power of the original Ashlangs back into play. The other Ashlangs, especially the Half-Bloods, are seen as lesser than nothing and roam the slums of big cities, eating each other in starvation and deprivation.

Ashlang Names[edit]

Ashlang tend to take Roman inspired names. Males names often end in "Us" or "O", and females in "Ia".

Male: Lucius, Victus, Nero, Magnus...

Female: Ellysia, Caesina, Valora, Euphemia...

Ashlang Traits[edit]

Ashlang are expert manipulators who indulge in the idea of domination over any other being. They are not afraid to use their body, in pain or pleasure, to gain what they want. This trait goes down as the blood is more and more mixed.
Ability Score Increase. +2 Charisma
Age. Ashlang are mostly made, not born. But for the rare ones who do get birthed, they age incredibly fast, walking and eating meat within the few hours of being born. Ashlangs, born or made, due to reckless lives, do not live long, and most do not reach half a century.
Alignment. Most of them are now Chaotic-Evil, but the more the blood is diluted, the more chances they have to stray from their old ways, and consequently, Good Ashlangs do exist.
Size. Medium.
Speed. 30 ft.
Darkvision. As a mostly nocturnal predator, you have superior vision in dark and dim Conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in Darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in Darkness, only shades of gray.
Careful Seduction. You may channel your ancestor's lusty, or sensual, aura and gain advantage on either a Deception or Persuasion check. This can only be used once per long rest.
Poisonous. You have glands situated under your tongue that can generate a toxin at will. This toxin grows stronger as you level up. You may secrete this toxin up to a number equal to your CON modifier, per day. One dose is enough to affect one target, such as a person, or can be used to coat a weapon. If placed on a weapon, or object, the toxin dries within an hour of being expelled and isn't potent anymore. On a bite, or hit with the toxin, it deals 1d4 + CON modifier of acid damage. The target must then do a CON save equal to 8 + your proficiency + Your CON modifier to resist the poisonous effect. On a fail the target takes an extra 1d6 poison damage per turn. Target may retry to save against the poison on his turn, consuming an action. On a save the target only takes the initial acid damage and isn't affected by the poison anymore, for a period up the 24 hours. If a target's hp is reduced to 0 while taking poison damage, it is infected and turns into an Half-blood Ashlang within 1d10 days. A DC of 15 medicine (wisdom) is needed to notice the infection, and only a remove curse within the first quarter of the infection can get rid of it. The damage from the bite increases to 2d4 at the 6th level, 3d4 at the 11th level and 4d4 at the 16th level.
Languages. Ashlang, Draconic, Common.

Silverblood Ashlang (The Dragonslaying Ashlang)(Adapted for 5e)[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +1 WIS
Medium Humanoid. The Silverbloods are the Empire's solution to countering the growing draconic menace; Tank-bred creatures that are obedient to their creator and hellbent on slaughtering all dragon foes. Your kind was made to be a super solider race that is fiercely loyal to the Empire's goals. Your endless blood red mane sports multiple silvery strands and your eyes glow like a pale, cloudless moonlight. Your talons are short, curved, like clawed gauntlets. Your maker also made you so you sport their brand on your chest, in a deep, dark tattoo fashion, and you wear it proudly.

Although you are loyal to your cause, you are not brainwashed by it. Your blood still hungers for primal, carnal, sinful pleasures... and you are keen on indulging.
Darkvision;. See above.
Careful Seduction;. See above;
Drake Scourge;. Similar to "Poisonous", but your poison only works on Dragons, Half-Dragons, Dragonborns and/or any Cultist or Creature blessed by dragon blood (such as some sorcerers or warlocks).
Cold One;. You are vulnerable to fire and heat, but resistant to cold. (as vulnerabilities and resistance rules apply) You also despise direct sunlight and thrive under the moonlight, although these don't affect anything but Roleplaying abilities.

Pure Blood Ashlang (The Gray Ones)(Not balanced yet)[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +1 CON
Medium Fiends. Pure Bloods are rarely found, powerful devilish creatures among the Ashlang. They are often feared leaders and tormentors of the lesser Ashlang. Taller and bulkier than average Ashlangs, they stand anywhere between 6 to 8 feet tall. They have monstrous, fiendish faces that they keep hidden under cloaks, or illusion spells. They are adept spell-casters, and make fierce warriors. With their elongated claws and fangs, they charge into battle with a furious, gory hunger, devouring all.
Blood Rage ;. Similar to the Barbarian, when a Pure Blood enters this frenzy, he gains multiple bonuses. Covered in blood and gore, he charges through the lines of combat, not caring about the nicks of blades on his flesh, but only about the furious hunger that drives him mad. As an action, they can channel their primal, evil instinct, and enter a state of pure, lurid, passionate wrath. Pure Bloods can rage once per long rest, and the effect lasts 1 min. Raging makes him gain the following benefits:

* Your claws grow to be extremely long and sharp; You gain advantage on your attacks (Strength) made with your claws.

* You feel nothing but a deep, dark hunger; You have Damage Resistance of 5 on all non-radiant weapon damage done to you.

* Fear the flames, welcome the cold embrace of death; You have resistance to cold damage, and vulnerability to fire.
Carnage ;. When you are in your Blood Rage, you gain an extra attack via a bite. The attack deals 1d6 + STR. By feeding upon your target, you gain temporary HP equal to half the amount of damage dealt with your bite.

New Blood Ashlang (The Alluring Ones) (Not balanced yet)[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +1 INT
Medium Aberration. New Bloods are the newly mutated "basic" Ashlang. They have learned how to blend in to not attract attention, or to attract it, but in the best way possible. They are careful, cunning creatures and predators. Genetically, they are curvier than other Ashlang, carrying more "defined" bodies, and beautiful faces with plump lips and bright, shinny eyes. They are mostly females, and sport short, sharp talons, and a double canine mouth. They talk in a melodic voice that seems to entrance anyone who hears it.
Beautiful Distraction ;. When you fail a persuasion or deception check, you may choose to reformulate your words, with a nice smile, playful shove or wink, and re-roll. You must take the new roll, even if it's lower than the first one. If rolling at advantage, you may choose to re-roll only 1d20. You can use this trait once per short, or long rest.
Sweet Scent ;. You may choose to exude pheromones by dabbing some of your sticky venom on your neck. Doing so consumes 1 dosage of your venom. When you shroud yourself in your sweet toxins gives everyone in a 10 feet radius of you disadvantage on insight and persuasion checks made against you. To notice and resist the urge, the targets must do a will save equal to 8 + your proficiency + Your CHA modifier.

Half-Blood Ashlang (The Cinder Ones) (Not balanced yet)[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +1 DEX
Medium Humanoid. The Cinder Ones are what makes the most of the Ashlang, nowadays. They are sneaky creatures, who live most of their short lives in slums, and decrepit towns. They are smaller and skinnier than other Ashlangs, with their eyes, their skin and talons being dull grays.
Improved Darkvision;.
Light Sensitivity;.
Light feet in the dark;.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating an Ashlang character, you can use the following table) of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Just a lil crazy; You often laugh out loud, for no apparent reason, and mumble rants that make the people around you nervous.The voices of many old lives babble constantly inside your head. Sometimes you head their words...but sometimes they can actually be of comfort.
2 Boastful pride; You truly believe that you are destined for great things, if you aren't already that great. You love embellishing the tales of your exploits. Everyone around you as heard your stories, if not more than once. You believe to be one, if not the greatest creature of your era.
3 Seductress; The art of seduction is like a drug coursing through your veins. Taking a new lover sends jolts of adrenaline through you and you can't resist the thrill of it.
4 Manipulator; You are a skilled deceiver, and you know just how much honey your words need to affect people. You delight on watching your words crush the weak-minded, and make the strong-willed falter.
5 Subordinate; You seldom make decision by yourself. You enjoy having someone tell you what to do, and when to do it, and feel that the usual beatings that come with it are necessary to your learning. Especially when it comes to controlling those evil impulses that burn you, deep down. You truly believe that the evil inside you can be absolved through devotion to a greater being.
6 Pious.
7 Freedom Seeker.
8 Wrathful Domination.
d6 Ideal
d6 Bond
d6 Flaw
1 Blood. The scent of fresh blood overwhelms me. I can't help but taste it; be it from a fallen enemy or ally.
2 Hunger. I am always hungry for fresh meat. I save pieces of fallen enemies and hid them in the folds of my clothes.
3 Lust. I can't help it; There's a craving, a wildfire, burning bright inside of me that can only be appeased through sensual pleasure.
4 Wrath. I am prone to great, violent fury, when things don't go my way. I lash out, physically, and verbally at anyone around me.
5 Jealousy. I bitterly crave what I don't have, and will go through any means to obtain it.
6 Selfishness. I don't care about anybody else but me. The people I travel with serve as means to an end, no more.
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