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<Okka, Lizardmen>[edit]

Often one wrong word, one bad stutter, can result in the death of many.
—Okka Commoner

Physical Description[edit]

Okka are humanoid lizards, they have no scales. The okka's skin is abnormally smooth and warm. All known generations of okka are albino and look exactly the same, despite the runes that are engraved on their skin to show outsiders who is who.


Okka are clever yet feeble race, inside the underdark okka are seen as a slaves. Okka are forced to take "unwanted jobs" such as gathering hazardous materials or (If the okka is lucky) they can be forced to be a emissaries do to their natural appeal, and quick wits in conversations. Majority of "Okkans" deaths are from attempts to escape from there captivity in the underdark. Okkas live in large family, dotting the underdarks other populations instead of a more condensed society or grouped neighborhood. Oftentimes the lack of housing okkas can aquire in the underdark can lead to larger percentages of homelessness than other species, but this doesn’t usually last long as they’re likely to get caught and enslaved. The general population has never reached a "Stable" population, it is currently unknown how the okka avoid extinction.


Okka hold try their hardest to hold on to their dying traditions. Most okka are materialists believing that life is hard, Gods arn't real and the word "god" is just a title given to those who are superior to all others. Okka are generally untrusting to all races other then their kin.

Outside the underdark[edit]

Okka are found in areas with dense forests (Or in similar locations that the sun's rays are absent/minimal). Okka take inside jobs such as shop keeps, merchants and other indoor jobs. It's very rare to find a okka outside the underdark but not impossible. Okka are normally put on "fake smiles" when approached by other races and act friendly. When conversing with other of its kind the okka speaks truthfully and speaks with whats on her mind, in their own tongue of course. Okka are normally hunted when they escape the underdark to be resold as slaves.

Inside the underdark[edit]

Inside the underdark okka are found in the "Middle Dark". The occupation of okka are "slaves", Okka that ain't slaves are normally heavily indebted. Okka are scarce in the underdark, taking up jobs that the Okka's masters or other forces put them up too. Because of the genetic structure of the okka they also found them self in lots of experiments both alchemical and magical. Okka are also are not seens much in the streets, this is because the fact majority of Okka are forced to dawn cloaks for clothing, often the okkas masters will not buy them clothing of their own. The cloaks normally brand a company logo or emblem of the family they are enslaved too. It isn't uncommon for a Okka to attempt to escape their "Unsavory life" to the surface world, most okka die or are recaptured. Okka that escape the underdark never return to the underdark in fear of the captivity.

Okka Names[edit]

Okka names are normally given to them by their parents but are replaced by the species that the Okkas parents work for. If a Okka gives their real name to another creature this is normally a sign of great trust but if the creature to inform others creatures of the Okka’s name, this is considered a great insult. This was never originally apart of their culture but over the years it slowly was integrated in.

Male: Arza, Len’th, Yusz,

Female: Ress, Hathu, Lilu,

Okka Traits[edit]

Okka are naturally charming and use their charm to influence the outcome of conversations or avoid battle.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution decreases by 4, Charisma increases by 2,
Age. Okkas can live up to 750 years, often outlasting even elfs. Most Okkas die around the age of 30 due to their “Expendability”, Okkas mature at the age of 19.
Alignment. Most all Okkas are neutral, external forces may change this.
Size. Okkas are medium, but on the small end of that spectrum.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. Accustomed to life underground, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray
Sunlight Sensitivity. Okkas spend a very long time underground and rarely (sometimes even never) come to the surface. Due to this fact, they have yet to adjust to the bright light the sun provides. While in sunlight the Okka has disadvantage on attack rolls, as well as on wisdom (Perception) checks. (Over exposure will cause non-lethal damage, GMs choice on the amount.)
Radiant appearance. You gain proficiency in one Charisma based skill of your choice. Gain a point in performance as well, some just cant look away.
Magic Sensitivities. Okka have a natural resistance to any type of ice magic though possess a Vulnerability to any type of fire magic.
Fitted Armor. Armor must be custom made to fit the Okka's appearance. Cost for armor is twice as much.
Languages. you speak Common, Undercommon, Okish.

Slave Lineage[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Strength or Dexterity is increased by 1
Okka Resistance. Do to your lineage being tasked with gathering hazardous materials, over the generations it has adapted a resistance to poisons.
Survival Instincts. You become proficient in Survival.

Test Subject Lineage[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence is increased by 1
Regenerative Properties. Living life to serve scholars and others whom wish to seek the insights of science, your lineage was used for medical testing. Every hour you regenerate one HP. This will not regenerate limbs.
Acid Spit. You can spit acid from your mouth dealing 1d6 damage. (This dosnt not blind nor take any additional effects like the "Acid Spit" Spell)

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