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Above the village was a simple collection of huts and barns, a farming community. As Bastram walked through the tunnels below he saw so much more, cozy homes, crafting shops, recreation areas, food halls, finally he was guided through to the grandest library he had ever seen. A thin figure waved below flowing robes, “You are not welcome in my library, but I suppose I must tolerate your presence, browse as you wish and take care that nothing goes missing. Bastram snorted, “pleasant fellow, isn’t he?” The slender tsukiusagi woman guiding him chuckled, then immediately became solemn again, “these books are important, our knowledge is precious.” Bastram nodded, “I’d better not take too long then.”

The tsukiusagi are a people of beauty, grace and intelligence. They are considered to be clever and wise but isolationist. The tsukiusagi stay within their own remote communities and avoid contact with other races. Within their communities they practice quiet meditation, community work and magical learning.

The tsukiusagi are one of the few races that are at all established within Orizon that are known to not have originated in this world. Like the kor, the tsukiusagi arrived through one of the world portals during the breaking and managed to build something for themselves, however tenuous. This means that, outside of their communities, there are very few of them to be seen. The tsukiusagi arrived in Aemali, and that is where they live in their greatest numbers.

Design Note: This race is similar to Magic the Gathering's Moonfolk race of Kamigawa, but it has a few key differences in order to better fit the Orizon setting (including two subclasses and Orizon based descriptions). Please refrain from reporting this page due to these similarities

Lithe and Velveteen[edit]

The people of the tsukiusagi are slim and lithe, their features are delicate and precise. Their skin is pale and covered in a soft layer of clear fuzz that gives them a velvety texture. Their hair comes in various shades of white, with light tints of other hair colors, but they do not grow any facial hair. The tsukiusagi have long ears that come from below their hair line which they usually drape or wrap over their heads.

The tsukiusagi are fond of decorating themselves, they wear elaborate clothing, tattoo or paint their skin, and dye their hair. Most tsukiusagi grow their hair long and pile it into elaborate hair styles.

Planned Lives[edit]

The elders of the tsukiusagi hold a great deal of power in their culture, some of the more powerful elders have exploited magic to live longer than they should be able. These elders see their responsibility to be curbing the naturally energetic, passionate, and fertile tsukiusagi to ensure their society’s autonomy, secrecy, and the protection of their people.

The tsukiusagi elders plan out the lives of their community, arrange marriages, and careers, and even exploit their magic to prevent pregnancy. Young members of their community are put to apprenticeships based on their talents. Some are put into crafts, some become warriors to defend their people, others are trained to join the elders and learn magic, and a very rare few are trained as explorers to travel and bring back new things for their community. Most are expected to become simple farmers, growing food for their community.

Hunted and Hidden[edit]

Among the monstrous races, such as orcs and goblins, tsukiusagi are a delicacy, their skin prized for the tattoos and texture, and their feet are believed to be lucky charms. The tsukiusagi had become a hunted race, their culture kept their numbers small and eventually they retreated, hiding themselves away.

Now the majority of tsukiusagi live in hidden, mostly self-sustaining, enclaves, their locations are kept secret among those few who can come and go. Some few do still explore, reaching out into the world with the approval of the elders, or running away from their elder’s restrictions.

The tsukiusagi have retreated to two different hiding places. Most have returned to their heritage and dug burrows underground. These appear to be ordinary villages on the surface, but below ground are large communities, well lit and comfortable, with numerous bolt holes for emergencies.

Other tsukiusagi have retreated further with their magic. They constructed palaces on the skylands and obscured them with clouds. The communities in these palaces are smaller, and magic fills most of their needs, Few people leave the sky palaces, and even fewer visit.

The tsukiusagi are most commonly found within the continent of Aemali, especially on the four islands of Sukaima, but there are enclaves and monasteries that have spread elsewhere in the world.

Magical Moonfolk[edit]

The moon is an large part of tsukiusagi culture, both for its association with the concealment of night and its association with magic. Many tsukiusagi worship Celeste and the moon features into their legends. It’s often called “the last refuge.”

Magic is also a large part of tsukiusagi culture, their elders are powerful mages and all tsukiusagi are expected to have a basic understanding of magic and spellcasting. Magical materials and texts are some of the most valued resources to the elders and the tsukiusagi hermitages usually contain impressive libraries.

Tsukiusagi Names[edit]

Tsukiusagi present their names with their family name presented before their own name

Male: lshihara, Maeda, Ola, Yoshinaka, Meloku, Eitoku, Takano, Kubota, Yuusuke

Female: Uyo, Chiyo, Tamiyo, Ashikaga, Haruno, Aram, Nabiki, Mae, Sano

Tsukiusagi Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2
Age. Tsukiusagi age at about the same rate as humans, but can live up to 160 years old
Alignment. Tsukiusagi society values rigid adherence to society and to the will of their elders so they are usually lawful, as a species. They are more naturally chaotic and cannot embrace this, especially when young
Size. Tsukiusagi stand from six to over seven feet tall and have slender figures. Your size is medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 20 ft.
Moon Rabbit Magic. You learn one of the following cantrips: dancing lights, prestidigitation, or minor illusion. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Fleet of Foot. You may use your bonus action to take the dash, disengage or hide action. You can use this ability a maximum number of times per day equal to your Dexterity modifier, with a minimum of one.
Magical Preparedness. You receive a +1 bonus to all saving throws against magical effects.
Subrace. Tsukiusagi have two subraces Stone Tsukiusagi and Wind Tsukiusagi
Languages. You can speak, read, and write common and tsukiusagi. You can also read two other languages of your choice.

Wind Tsukiusagi[edit]

When they first appeared on earth, many adventuring Tsukiusagi the began to roam that skylands. Overtime, they cultivated a deep connection with the air. Wind Tsukiusagi tend to have pale white skin and lighter hair. A soft white fuzz covers their entire bodies.

Ability score increase. increase your Dexterity by one.

Speed. The winds guide you and lighten your steps. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.

Spirit of the wind. you may use the gust cantrip once a day, without expending a spell slot. This ability can be used again after you finish a long rest.

Stone Tsukiusagi[edit]

Many Tsukiusagi retreated back to their roots underground, living in tunnels deep inside of floating islands. Overtime, they developed a strong connection with the earth. Stone Tsukiusagi tend to have light grey skin and lighter hair. A rough grey fuzz covers their entire bodies.

Ability score increase. increase your Strength by one.

Stone Strength. you count as one size larger on strength checks that require you to lift, push, pull, or drag.

Stone Stealth. you have the advantage on stealth (dexterity) checks while underground or in rocky terrain.

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