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"Nero, go! You're just dead weight." — Dante
"That bastard called me dead weight!" — Nero

Physical Description[edit]

Half-Devils appear as mostly human; very few have any features that tell them apart from your fellow man if they don't use their devil forms; an ability known as Devil Trigger to them. Being similar in build and age for the first couple of decades, making them appear nearly undying beings as they do tend to recover from impalings with great finesse. The few Half-Devils out there seem to have similar hair of either jet black or silver white, though it may be just a rare case of those genes being passed on by their human parents from generation to generation.


Throughout history, ever since demons and devils entered the mortal planes, there have been those to fight back against their attempt to conquer it. Humans who pick up strong weapons created to slay them, and traitorous devils who either pitied, sought to rule over or even fell in love with humans. Whatever feelings they had, eventually lead to courtship between them, leading to the Half-Devils we know today; strong, agile, and smug beings who share a similar goal to their parents or grandparents.


As they aren't usually different from humans: Half-Devils take to social places like any other human race, rarely being picked out by any non-demon or -devil blooded creatures. Though most hunt devils and demons alike, few find a quiet life more accomplishing than a loud bloody one.

Half-Demon Names[edit]

Half-Demons most often tend towards human name times based in biblical lore, but occasionally Abyssal and Infernal names are used.

Male Examples: Vergil, Dante, Nero, Isaac

Female Examples: Mary, Jezebel, Trish (a rare case of a devil taking a human name)

Half-Demon Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increased by 1 and Constitution by 1
Age. Half-demons can live for about 3 thousand years and reach maturity at the same age as humans. Half-demons typically only show signs of aging in their final 10 years.
Alignment. Due to their unnatural origin and unusual demeanor, half-demons tend to be chaotic.
Size. Half-demons are the same size as humans. your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Devil Gauge. Starting at 2nd Level, you gain a Devil Gauge pool equal to 2 + half your level of points rounded up. You need to finish a long rest to restore your Devil Trigger pool. You can also restore 1 point by hitting a creature with an attack with advantage or if an enemy attack with disadvantage misses.
Devil Trigger. As a bonus action, you can spend 1 Devil Gauge point per round to take the form of your devilish bloodline to give you strength, giving you a +2 to AC and attack rolls. You can stop spending points as a free action, but you can only activate this trait once per combat.
Super Natural Endurance. As a bonus action, you may spend 2 Devil Gauge points you gain Temporary Hit Points equal to 1d4 + Level.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Abyssal, Draconic, Celestial, and Infernal.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 0'' +2d10 140 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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