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"Nero, go! You're just dead weight." — Dante
"That bastard called me dead weight!" — Nero

Physical Description[edit]

You are a half demon similar to that of Dante and Virgil. Your mother or father is a demon and is ultimately up to you. As you are only half demon you look human but have the same ability's as hell's most powerful demons as such you have the strength to fight toe to toe with the strongest demons, you can heal, enter forms such as the devil trigger and the sin devil trigger.

A half-demon, Devil May Cry 5.



You are the social outcast of all demons as you are half demon but your job is to hunt and kill other demons.

Half-Demon Names[edit]

Half-Demons most often tend towards human names, but occasionally Abyssal and Infernal names are used.

Half-Demon Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increased by 2 and Constitution by 1
Age. Half-demons can live for about 2 thousand years and reach maturity at the same age as humans. Half-demons typically only show signs of aging in their final 10 years.
Alignment. Due to their unnatural origin and unusual demeanor, half-demons tend to be chaotic.
Size. Half-demons are the same size as humans. your size is medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35 feet.
Dark Vision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of Gray.
Devil Trigger. At level 5 you are able to use the devil trigger as a bonus action for 1 minute. While it is active, you transform into your demon form increasing your Strength and Constitution by 1. at the beginning of your turn you heal 1d6 hit points, increasing to 2d8 at 10th level, and 3d10 at 15th level. You may use this once, regaining use at the end of a long rest. you also gain a flight speed equal to you walking speed
Sin Devil Trigger. At level 15 as an action and bonus action, or as a bonus action while in Devil Trigger, you can enter Sin Devil Trigger for 1 minute. While it is active, you transform into your true demon form, increasing your Strength and Constitution by 1 an additional time. While in this form, you heal half as much from Devil Trigger. You may use this once, regaining use at the end of a long rest. you have a hover speed equal to your walking speed and a flight speed 2 times your hover speed, you cant walk in this form.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Abyssal and infernal.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 8″ +2d10 140 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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