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Physical Description[edit]

The Mana Snake appers to be a little bigger than a normal snake, but their scales have a rainbow color, and they are filled by ancient runes throughout their bodies. They can also summon from their magical skin demon like wings, which gives them fast movement through the air. Their golden fangs give a deadly venom that adapts to almost anything.

Mana Snake Progenitor.jpg


This race was created by the fusion of normal snakes with an magical area, when they transformed in this way they gained sentience and started creating their own culture. After they started living in their land, they started to learn new magical ways to infuse runes in their skin, giving them new power and knowledge. After a while, other close tribes of other races started to hunt the mana snakes, looking for their magical properties to create new weapons, because of this the remaining mana snakes decided to hide underground to escape the hatred of the land above.

Mana Snake Traits[edit]

Magical snakes that absorb the magical energy around them.
Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence score increases by 2, your Constitution score increases by 1
Age. Their magic nature allows for them to live for at least 100 years, and they may live even more if they are constantly surrounded by magic.
Alignment. Because of them living aways togheter and protecting their families, they tend to go towards the lawful aligment. But outside they generally dont harm others if they dont attack first, so they tend to go to the neutral aligment.
Size. Mana Snake are usually barely 1 feet and weigh around 8 pounds, and your size is Small.
Speed. Your walking speed is 30 and due to your wings you gain flying speed equal to your walking speed.
Spell Fusion. Due to your conection with magic deep from it's core, you can fuse spells lower than 5th level spells as a bonus action, throwing the fused spell as an attack action. At 5th level you can now fuse 7th level spells and bellow. You can do this an amount of times equal to your Constitution and Intelligence modifier.
Arcane Scales. You can make magical runes in your scale, they serve as a way to enhance your spells. While you have the runes equipped, your spells will add 1d4 from the damage type of your Mana Snake type. The number of runes than you can make depends of your Constitution Modifier, this lasts until your next short or long rest.
Mana Skin. When you are reduced to less than half your hit points, your magic origins begin to show by runes shining from your body for 30 seconds (5 turns). While in this state for every spell you launch at someone, half the damage will be recovered to your hit points.
Mana Converter. At 3rd level when you touch or eat a magical item, you can regain one of your spell slots. You can do this equal to your Constitution modifier.
Golden Fangs. With your shining fangs you can bite a creature dealing 1d6 Piercing Damage, the creature must make a Constitution Saving Throw to not take 2d6 + Constitution Poison Damage.
Condensed Mana blood. At 3rd level for every 10 hit points you lose, you can add a +1 in one of your spells damage.
Mana Repeater. At 5th level you can re-use one of your spells at the cost of the spell level in Hit Points.
Mana Pool. At 5th level Your species are natural magic creatures, so now for every spell slot you have you will gain 1 temporary hit point.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Celestial, Common and one other language of your choice.

Mana Snake Type[edit]

When the mana snakes started living underground, they separated to spread across the land, which created different types of mana snakes depending on their enviroments.

Fire Snakes[edit]

Vocalno Inhabitant. You have been living inside volcanos during your entire life, which gave you fire resistance.
Fire Jaws. When you succefully bite someone, they take 1d4 Fire Damage per turn.
Fire Presence. Anyone that stands 5ft within you, takes 1d6 Fire damage.

Frost Snakes[edit]

Tundra Inhabitant. You have been living inside Tundras during your entire life, which gave you frost resistance.
Frost Jaws. When you succefully bite someone, they take 1d4 Cold Damage per turn.
Frost Presence. Anyone that stands 5ft within you, takes 1d6 Cold damage.

Aquatic Snakes[edit]

Sea Inhabitant. You have been living inside deep sea during your entire life, which gave you permanent waterbreathing and swimming speed equal to your movement speed.
water Jaws. When you succefully bite someone, they must make a Constitution saving throw to not get water injected in their veins, on a failure they get full of water in their body making them have disadvantage on attack rolls and their movement speed is halved, on a sucess they suffer none of the effects. For each time you inject someone with water they lose 1d6 Hit Points, if you have injected 5 times on the same creature the creature must make one extra Constitution Saving throw to not be knocked dowm, and for each success on this save the dc increases by 1.
Water Splash. Due to you living underwater you have gained a unique ability, the ability to throw water from your own body, dealing 1d8 Cold Damage. You can use this as many as your Constitution modifier.

Mountainous Snakes[edit]

Peak Inhabitant. You have been living inside deep Mountains during your entire life, which gave you force resistance.
Force Of The Wind. Due to you living in high mountains your entire live, your learned how to eject wind from your jaws in 10ft of you, dealing xd6 Force damage(With X being your proficiency bonus).
Cicloner Presence. Anyone that stands 5ft within you takes 1d6 force damage, and once per turn and twice per battle, you reduce 1d10 of the incoming damage towards you.

Dream Snakes[edit]

Dreams Inhabitant. You have been living inside deep dream of creatures during your entire life, which gave you psychic resistance and the abilities to enter the dreams of other creatures.
Dream Eater. When an creature is sleeping, you can invade their dreams to deal one of the following effects:

●Sweet Dreams: You make the creature dream wonderfully, healing them by xd6(With x being your proficiency bonus).

●Nightmare: You make the creature have terrible nightmares in their sleep, dealing 3d6 Psychic damage per turn the creature is sleeping.
Sleeping Presence. Anyone that stands 5ft within you, must make a Wisdom Saving Throw, on a sucess nothing happens, but in a failure they start sleeping for 1d3 turns.

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