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Physical Description[edit]


LeShay were tall and thin and looked like albino elves. However, instead of the red eyes common to true albinos, leShay had deep black eyes; even the whites of their eyes were black. They had pointed ears, but they were not quite so pointed as an elf's.

LeShay were immortal; they could only die if killed.

LeShay had a vast array of magical powers inherent to themselves. Most notable among such powers were their ability to charm other creatures by simply looking at them and the strange power of forming weapons out of nothing by power of though alone. These "leShay weapons" were formed from the essence of each individual leShay as if they were extensions of his or her own body. LeShay could also change form, teleport, turn invisible, and breathe underwater with their magics, among other things.

The minds of leShay are particularly geared towards the learning of language; that is, all leShay are essentially polyglots. They can understand nearly any language with only moments of hearing it spoken.

Despite these powers—on par with the oldest of dragons—leShay tended to avoid initiating combat. They were superb fighters, but they preferred to act on the defensive.


A leShay typically is very concerned with proper behavior, manners, and mores and cares strongly about matters of respect.

LeShay Names[edit]

LeShay names are typically a highly formal series of titles and ancestry. However when conversing with other races they tend to use a name from those races.

Male: Any

Female: Any

LeShay Traits[edit]

An immortal, albino, elf-like fey creature of extraordinary magical power. Some scholars believe that the leShay were one of the creator races.
Ability Score Increase. +2 Wis, +2 Con
Age. Immortal
Alignment. LeShay have little care for
Size. Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light.
Fey (Extraplanar). As fey, leShay are immune to effects that specifically target humanoids, such as the charm person spell. As natives of the Outer Plane of Faerie, leShay have the extraplanar subtype while they are on any other plane besides Faerie. This makes them vulnerable to certain effects that might force them back to their home plane.
Fey Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Immortality. LeShay never die from age, disease, or toxins; they perish only if killed. They are immune to diseases and poisons.
Gaze. A leShay can crush an opponent’s will just by looking onto his or her eyes. This is similar to a gaze attack, except that the leShay must use a standard action, and those merely looking at him are not affected. Anyone the leShay targets must succeed on a Wisdom save or fall instantly under the leShay’s influence as though by a charm person spell. The save DC is equal to the Spell DC of the LeShay. The ability has a range of 30 feet. LeShay are immune to their own gaze.
LeShay Weapons. Each leShay carries up to two personal melee weapons that she manifests from his own life essence. The weapons must be chosen at 1st level and can't be changed ever after. When not in combat, the weapons simply do not exist, but leShay can “draw” their weapons from nowhere as a free action once per round. LeShay weapons can be enchanted; the leShay must be present for all the time required for the creation. The moment a leShay relinquishes his grip on a leShay weapon or if it is broken, it dissipates, but the leShay can redraw it with a free action. A LeShay is always proficient with these weapons.
Languages. Common, Sylvan. A LeShay has great facility at languages.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Table: LeShay Random Height and Weight
Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
6′ 1″ +3d6 100 lb. × (2d4) lb.

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