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Physical Description[edit]

If Magmin are fire elementals put into physical form than Skyborn are air elementals who have evolved a physical form. Skyborn resemble elves physically, but are born with pure white hair and flawless almost albino-level white skin. The eyes are usually some shade of the sky such as sky blue or a stormy grey. Skyborn generally have longer hair which seems to flow in the wind even in areas where there is no wind at all.


Skyborn are the results of multiple air elementals fusing together into one singular being. They generally form together and become a baby Skyborn who has no shared memory with the elementals composing the babies body.


Skyborn have little to no real established societies and tend to just go wherever they want. Being an exceedingly rare breed of elemental, even a majority of the most renowned planar scholars will have never heard of a Skyborn. Generally Skyborn are just treated as elves in society due to sharing a similiar resemblance.

Skyborn Names[edit]

Skyborn usually take on names of their adoptive parents or wind/air-based names after finding out about their powers

Skyborn Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. +2 Dexterity, +1 Charisma
Age. Skyborn can live for any number of thousands of years due to being almost entirely composed of wind. Physical maturity usually occurs around 100 years old however.
Alignment. Skyborn are nearly always neutral in all affairs and just go with whatever they feel like at the moment. Sometimes this can push them towards good or evil however.
Size. 5-7ft and 50-150 lbs. Your size is Medium
Speed. 40ft walk speed, 30ft hover and fly speed
60ft tremorsense, 30ft blindsight. As a bonus action, a Skyborn may push a light air wall out from his body. While others may only sense or feel a single light breeze, what the Skyborn is actually doing is creating light winds to use as a sensory device.
Elemental Being. Because Skyborn are physical creations of wind elementals, they have no real need for food, water, or sleep and can also be treated as an elemental for spell effect purposes.
Wind Shield. The wind from the elementals comprising a Skyborn's body provide a natural armour. Unarmored AC=13 + Dexterity + proficiency bonus and can be used even with a shield
Air Control. Skyborn can innately cast several spells without using a spell slot. These include gust of wind, wind walk only on themselves, and Wind Wall. They can also teleport up to 15ft through the air.
Stormy/Breezey Body. After a rest, Skyborn choose a body type. Stormy Body grants the Powerful Build and Grappler feats while also gaining a 1d4 lightning damage melee attack to use as a bonus action. However, the Stormy body loses 10 speed. Breezey Bodies gain the Charger and Mobile feats and gain advantage on initiative.
Languages. Common and Auran and one other language

Random Height and Weight[edit]

′ ″ + lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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