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Bipedal slimes originating from The Far, Far, Range.

Physical Description[edit]

Slimes are humanoid masses of slime that are created by a slime absorbing a corpse and taking its past memories and becoming what the corpse once was. They stand at the corpses height and weigh the corpses weight (obviously). The slime is similar to a Gelatinous Cube in that it is acidic. A slime will tend to try and absorb their victims and melt them.


Nobody really knows where slimes came from beyond the fact that they tend to live in caves or sewer systems. Jubilex, demon lord of slimes, has been known to impart some intelligence temporarily to slimes under his influence; whether this can create slimes is unknown, however. Given their nature and appearances, though, it almost seems as if they are from another version of this world.


Slimes tend to keep to themselves in their homes, however, there are a select few that choose to leave their homes and join groups of adventurers as they travel the world. That being said, most if not all slimes are very curious creatures. In addition, slimes are very arrogant and think of anyone who isn't like them as an inferior creature. Because they live in solitude and often in conditions other races would find untenable, slime adventurers often become rough-and-tumble fighters, honorless rogues, or taciturn rangers.

Slime Names[edit]

Male: Males like to stick to 7 word or longer names like Ozogoko.

Female: Females like to stick to 5 word long names or shorter like Lecky.

Nicknames: Nicknames are usually not used often for this race, (that doesn't mean you can't have a nickname) but when they are, slimes like to keep it short and sweet. Like for Ozogoko, a nickname could be Ozo or Oz and so on and so forth.

Slime Traits[edit]

Bipedal slimes from The Far, Far, Range.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. Slimes will live no longer than 300.
Alignment. Slimes can be any alignment, but will tend towards chaos rather than law.
Size. Your size is Medium. You are large when you are a largo or gordo.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Absorb. As long as you maintain a grab, the creature you are grabbing takes 1d6 + your Constitution modifier acid damage at the end of its turn.
Acidic. You are resistant to acid damage.
Fluid Form. You can move through a space as narrow as 1 inch without squeezing.
Languages. You can speak, read and write, Common and one other language of your choice that was learned from your time growing up under or around a certain race. You can also speak to anything classified as ooze.


Slimes are born with different colors and abilities in the world. And you get to choose one of them. And yes, these are based off of slime rancher slimes. I will name at the end what slime these are based off of.

Pink: It is just solid color. There are no extra special abilities or anything like that.

Phosphor: You emit the light of your color for 20 ft in dim light and 30 in darkness. You can have it be turned on and off. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. The inside of you glows.

Honey: All attacks you make reduces a creatures speed by 5 ft. But yours is also reduced. Your speed is 25 ft now. You get a honeycomb on your head.

Rock: Your head is covered in rocks. +1 to Strength and +1 to AC. This is based off of the rock slime.

Rad: When in combat mode, you have a barrier that does different damage depending on what type you want. You unlock poison damage at level 1, radiant damage at level 5, fire damage at level 8, and lightning damage at level 13. Anything within a 5 ft radius of you, (even allies) takes 1d4 damage on level 1, 2d4 damage on level 4, 3d4 damage on level 5, 4d4 level 7, 5d4 level 8, 6d4 level 10, 7d4 level 15, 8d4 level 17, 9d4 level 18, 10d4 level 19, and finally, 11d4 level 20. The stat boost of the gordo transformation DOES NOT APPLY to the barrier damage.

Hunter: You can disappear completely, but you have to take a turn to do so and, if anyone hits you in that turn, you cannot complete the disappearance. If anything is within 10 ft of you, can see through invisibility, or hits you for 1 damage or more, somehow, you are revealed. If something takes a deception check and succeeds, they can be seen by your eyes standing out from your invisible body. At level 15, no creature can use deception checks to see you anymore and have to be within 5 feet of you instead.. You have a visage. You are proficient in stealth.

Quantum: You can make clones of yourself and you can teleport to them. If a clone takes any damage whatsoever, it will disappear and you appear where it once was. If two or more clones "die" in the same turn, you get to choose which one you go to. You do not take any damage from the clone being hit. You can make 1 clone at level 1, 2 clones at level 5, 3 clones at level 8, 4 clones at level 11, 5 clones at level 15, and 6 clones at level 20. All clones share initiative with you. If a creature succeeds a deception check, you can tell your clones are clones by your clones being more see through than you are (If that makes sense). You can only summon your clones within 20 ft of you at level 1, 30 feet away from you at level 10, and 40 feet away from you at level 20. Your characters solid form fades the lower your body is, leaving you sort of hovering.

Dervish: You can make a tornado that swirls around and it can suck enemies in or push enemies away. They must succeed a strength check if they wish to break free of/stop the tornado. At level 1-5 it is 5 feet large. At level 6-10 it is 10 feet large. Levels 11-15 it is 15 feet large. And finally, at levels 16-20 it is 20 feet large. You can summon a tornado within 30 feet of you at levels 1-10 and you can summon the tornado 60 ft from you at levels 11-20. If something is within 10 feet of a tornado it gets sucked in or pushed away. You have a ring around your head. You are proficient in performance.

Puddle: You have a swimming speed of 35 ft. However, since you originated on water and are not used to land, your walking speed is 25 ft. You do not require air.

Tangle: This just gives you a little boost for your character. You just start off with thorn whip. And you get a flower on your head. You are proficient in nature.

Saber: You get a +1 to Strength, but because of your more animal-like nature, you have a -1 to Intelligence. And because you originate from a fast, strong animal, your speed is 35 ft. You get two 8-inch long canines. You are proficient in history.

Tabby: Literally color slime variant. But you get ears and a tail. And you are proficient in deception and perception.

Boom: You get to blow yourself up, Dealing (your level)d6. Deals nothing to you! You just can't use your next turn because of being a little exhausted from making an explosion. It only counts if anything is within 15 ft of you. This can damage allies.

Crystal: It is the rock type, but you just have crystals on your head instead. See "rock", above, for more.

Fire: You deal 2d6 fire damage to anything that touches you. All of your melee/ranged weapons deal an extra 1d6 fire damage.

Mosaic: You are dazzling with glassy shine. You look very "blingly". Because glass is surrounding your body, you have +1 to your AC.

Type changing: You may change your type at any level, but to do the transformation you must go through 2 long rests without fighting. If you do fight in between the 2 long rests, you become a black abominated sludge known as The Tarr. If you become The Tarr you are Chaotic Evil and must be killed to go to normal. You can also change your type as a largo or gordo or special.

Largo/Gordo/Special Transformation[edit]

You may choose a second type of slime and become the large size at level 15. If you wish to keep your single type you may do so and become a gordo. You still become large. When you are a gordo any stat boosts are now x2. For example, If i was a rock gordo I would instead get a +2 to Strength and AC instead. If you become a largo or gordo, you can't fit through 1-inch spaces without squeezing anymore, only 8-inch. If you want to stay medium and become a special slime, you can become one instead of transforming into a largo or gordo. They will be listed here next.

Quicksilver: You are just liquid metal with a massive V crest on your head and your speed is 40 ft. You are proficient in athletics

Glitch: You can teleport on command, but you cannot choose. You teleport somewhere random within a 30 ft radius of you. The DM/GM will probably decide on where you go, but with some DM/GMs, it might be chosen another way. You look very, very glitchy.

Gold: Every time you level up, add (your level)0 gold to your gold supply. Lets say you just transformed. You would get 150 gold coins after you leveled up. You are very shiny. You have a disadvantage on things proficient with sleight of hand. At level 20, this is the only special slime to become a gordo.

Lucky: You're a cat with a coin on your head. People might try to rip off the coin on your head. If your coin is ripped off, you can't do anything. It looks like you are dead. After 24 hours, your coin teleports to your head and you act like it never happened. You are proficient in persuasion and sleight of hand. You have a disadvantage on things proficient with sleight of hand.

Twinkle: You are the color of a pale rainbow. You can sing the most amazing song anyone on that planet has ever heard. You are proficient in persuasion because your voice can easily persuade people.

Party Gordos[edit]

If you are a gordo and it is the week of someone's birthday, in your inventory, you will get a pair of shades and a party hat. The shades' lenses are shaped for the birthday persons favorite shape. And the party hat has their character's name.

Secret Styles[edit]

At level 20, you can become the secret style of your slime. This is completely for looks. Not anything else. Go here: to see your secret style. If you are a twinkle slime, since there is no secret style for twinkle slime, I will make it up. You are not a pale rainbow anymore, but you are a normal rainbow.

Side notes[edit]

Credits to the creator of Slimelings. I copied and pasted some of the stuff from that page.

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