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Shadows (Umbra sidus)[edit]

“At the base level a Shadow is formed from a light source. In human/human-like entities, this light source tends to be stars, Humans, or even artificial light sources. A Shadow requires a certain proximity to its light source if it is not a star. A healthy Shadow derives nutrients from it’s light source, some additional nutrients may be derived from food. If proximity to its light source is not met the shadow will generally be unruly, mildly unstable, and have an increase in appetite. When the light source dies out, the Shadow is required to find another. A Shadow has a brief opportunity when reinstating a light source before it becomes feral. As with most subspecies of Shadows, a Human-bodied Shadow is inherently cannibalistic without a light source. Giving in to such instincts can stave off entering the feral state and inversely ignoring such instincts quickens the process. Feral Shadows lose form and structure over time, with varying degrees of symptoms such as insatiable appetite, destructive behavior, loss of cognition, and high susceptibility to infection or disease.”
- “A brief Summary of non-human entities” (Chapter 4, Section 8) by Dr. Winchester

Physical Description[edit]

Shadows initially take up appearance in the form of ‘cast shadows’, this is at the digression of their light source. The initial light source is typically a star but are changed once the star dies. The cast shadow forms are often humanoid, but many have taken the form of animals. This ‘cast shadow’ is the base form of the shadow that is relatively indistinguishable from the entity it was cast from. While it is possible to retain a shadow-like appearance different from its cast shadow form, it is considered abnormal to do so in daily life, but a suitable form for protection as it enhances intangibility and movement.

The base from of a Shadow can be altered in any manner compliant with the species it is cast from. For example, a Human Shadow may alter their appearance in any way that a human would (plastic surgery hair color and cut, etc.).

Shadows are, however, capable of taking on any age and appearance it has experienced. All appearances most be registered to the Lucidian council. If a Shadow is convicted of using shapeshifting for fraud or they cannot control their appearance or by personal choice, they can be locked into one form using Lucidian technology.

Many Shadows leak out from their cast shadow, typically in the form of a mist like structure or an aura. These leaking shadows are often subconscious and will protect the cast form instinctively. Having control over these leaking shadows requires several years of active training, but with mastery one can use them as weapons or in lieu of extra limbs.

Shadows contain a ‘core’ removal or disruption of the core will destabilize the cast shadow. Core’s are not typically vulnerable but can become infected.


[Shadows are creatures initially bound to planet alias “M8-225” one of Earth’s 3 moons in dimension BH between dimensional sectors Rintz and Vacuous. While some Shadows bound in the BH dimension still exist, newer occurrences are only within dimension FS/O post merge.]

The Shadows initially lived in isolation from both Lucid and Earth. As Shadows began forming on Earth communication was made between relevant parties and Shadows lived amongst Humans in secrecy for about as long as Humans had claimed rule over Earth. Contact between Shadows, Lucidians, and other Non-Human entities were established by the family designation Orionis.

During the collapse of the dimension BH, the distortion consumed many stars and light sources that Shadows were born from in a short amount of time. The loss of light sources and the lack of time to attain new ones left many Shadows to become feral leaving many to die out.


Shadows adapt to the society of their cast shadow form. Humanoid Shadows are not particularly different from Humans and are well blended into Human society. Non-humanoid shadows tend to maintain their distance opting to integrate into non-human societies. Due to their longevity many Shadows take up jobs within councils or research, seeing as there are benefits to their long-term experiences. Shadows individually will not become feral so long as the Lucidians are monitoring their health and thus very rarely are Shadows a cause of concern for the masses.

Shadows can mate within the species of their cast shadow form. Shadows typically skip a generation, and thus children of Shadows are rarely Shadows themselves but can give birth to Shadows. Born Shadows are observed to be twins upon birth but in actuality, one of the children is a shadow cast from the other child.

Outside of the BH/FS/O dimensions, Shadows can be perceived as demons or other demonic entities and will typically hide being a Shadow from such populations.


Shadows will initially lean towards their cast shadow form in personality. Shadows start out on the naïve side and are easily manipulated within their first years of life regardless of the age of their cast shadow form. But with experience and growth they may change similarly to any other being of their cast shadow species.


Shadows will often take up the names of their cast shadow form, since Shadows are often perceived as a ‘sibling’ to the one their form is based on. Since contact with Lucidians, Shadows are granted a name based on their star designation, which most Shadows use as their given name if they are not close to those they are cast from. Shadows that are born will only have their designated name.

Example: Designation ζ Orionis, Designation α Virginis, Designation β Corvus

Shadows (Umbra sidus) Traits[edit]

Shadows born from stars, taking up form of those they cast from.

Ability Score increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and your Intelligence score increases by 1.

Age. Shadows are immortal beings that do not die of old age.

Alignment. Shadows don’t tend towards any particular alignment.

Size. Shadows are cast upon both small and medium sized forms.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Darkvision. You can see in dim light as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light. The distance is determined by your cast shadow form.

Cast Shadow form. You take up physical characteristics and physical traits of the race your cast shadow form is from. You can not use magic or skills of that race.

Darkvision. You can see in dim light as if it were bright light and in darkness as if it were dim light. The distance is determined by your cast shadow form.

Partial Intangibility. You can actively become intangible to evade damage. While intangible you are both incapable of attacking or being attacked. You must maintain focus to hold an intangible state and are susceptible to getting stuck within walls or objects.

Leaking Shadows. Shadows leaking from your cast shadow form are capable of defending you passively. They will not protect others. They cannot protect you in a weakened state.

Languages. You have an innate language that can be used to converse with other shadows. You also speak and write in the language of your cast shadow form.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 0″ + 135 lb. × () lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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