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A race of colorful anthropomorphic canines who belong to matriarchal packs.

Physical Description[edit]

Canilorians are a race of colorful, Human-sized, anthropomorphic canines. They have thick manes of long fur growing on the top and back of their heads, and they can be any color of the rainbow. They can have markings in black or white. Their muzzles are short, and their dog-like ears are quite large for their heads.


Canilorians trace their ancestry from the Plane of Color - Coloria. Coloria had been taken over long ago by a race of colorful draconic humanoids, not unlike dragonborn. Thus the canilorians were driven from their homeworld. Traveling in search of a new home, the canilorians eventually took up residence in the shaded forests of the Material Plane.

As the canilorians have been on the Material Plane for many generations now, they have become accustomed to their new home, but they still retain aspects that they had in Coloria. These aspects include their brightly colored fur and equally colorful eyes.


Canilorian society is matriarchal, and they tend to stick in packs that usually have roughly thirty members at any given time. These packs are ruled by the eldest Dam in the pack. Dams are those individuals who are capable of carrying Pups during pregnancy and has no tie to gender.

There are five categories of canilorian within their society: Sires, Dams, Todds, Vixens, and Pups. Sires are those who impregnate Dams. Dams are those who have become pregnant. Todds are those incapable of reproduction. Vixens are Dams who have not yet carried a litter of Pups. Pups are the young.

The categories of canilorian society are seen as completely separate from gender and pronouns.

Canilorian Names[edit]

Canilorians each have a single given name and the name of their pack. The given name changes with their societal category. Vixen names tend to end in 'x'. Dam names tend to end in 'y'. Sire names tend to end in 'c'. Todd names tend to end in 'o'. Pup names tend to end in 'l'. Pack names always in in 'is'.

Vixen: Jax, Poox

Dam: Shay, Jay

Sire: Alec, Luc

Todd: Bano, Deno

Pup: Dal, Real

Pack: Zavis, Frasis, Crassis

Canilorian Traits[edit]

A colorful race of anthropomorphic canines
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength score increases by 2.
Age. Canilorians age at around the same rate as Humans. They fully mature at age 16 and can live a little longer than a century.
Alignment. Canilorians tend to beg ood in alignment.
Size. Canilorians vary widely in height and build, from barely 5-1/2 feet to well over 6-1/2 feet tall. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. Accustomed to the shade of the forests Canilorians now call home, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Colorian Ancestry. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed.
Canine Senses. You have advantage in Wisdom (Perception) checks using your sense of smell.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Canilorian.
Subrace. Choose either the bellator or sybline sybrace.


Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 1.
Warrior Training. You have proficiency in light armor, shields, and simple weapons.


Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Color Magic. You know the the dancing lights cantrip.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 10″ +2d10 120 lb. × (2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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