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Gnaliih athg ch'ph'nilgh'ri. Epftaghu ee, lloig fm'latgh. N'ghayar ngn'ghftyar. Hafh'drn'fhalma goka nanilgh'ri. F'fm'latgh c'bthnk ng'ch'ebumna. Cep alloprax. Vulgtlagln nanilgh'ri, ygof'nn. Nilyaa ehye. Mnahn'uh'e stell'bsna syha'h mg kadishtu n'ghft. Ah hai, ygof'nn. Ilyaa k'yarnak ee.
—Isteph Nwnyth, telling his children of their people's origins

Oddities among mortalkin, the alloprax stand as a race infused with the touch of the far-realm. Believed by some to be descendants of elves present at the opening of the vast gate, the touch of their ancestor's folly lingers wherever they walk. Whether this belief is true or not ultimately matters little. From the day they are born unto the day they die, they are seen forever as aberrant horrors by all but the least discerning eyes, unnatural creatures fit only for oblivion.

Aberrant Affliction[edit]

Alloprax are believed to be derived from elven stock, and in spite of the taint of their blood still hold some resemblance to their elven ancestors. However, beyond this common frame, the touch of the far realm makes its presence known. Alloprax often exhibit unnatural coloration, be it a subtle tinge that leaves the casual observer with a feeling of the unnatural or something far more dramatic. Greys, violets, and reds are the most frequent hues seen among the alloprax, touching upon their skin, hair, eyes, or elsewhere. Unusual musculature, oddly structured or long limbs, vestigial tentacles, even curious markings are not uncommon traits among the alloprax. In spite of their apparently elven frames, alloprax are remarkably durable. While they may be more resilient against blows that might kill an elf, they remarkably lack the agility for which elves are known. Stranger still is the toothy grin of an alloprax. Their teeth are sharp and often come in rows and are pointed inward towards a point, arranged more akin to that of a lamprey than that of a humanoid.

Self-Seeking and God Spurning[edit]

Alloprax predominantly dwell in the depths, residing in a place known as the Mawdark Spiral. Those that reside outside of this domain find themselves adrift, being truly accepted no place but among their kind. Even their distant relatives in the elves scorn their presence, being only tolerated by only the most accepting of elves. Even amongst the drow, this relationship is not much different. Further drawing umbrage from other races, most alloprax have little use for the gods. While most mortal races are drawn to deity worship, alloprax inherently drift from it, favoring to hold reverence for abstract concepts or far-realm entities. To some this marks them as a race of philosophers, to others this brands them as misotheists. It helps little that most alloprax find just as much use for morality. That isn't to say all alloprax are evil, or even that they deny good or evil's existence, only that they typically believe neither good nor evil apply to them. Despite this, alloprax are usually called seers of sorts, due to an ability they have to glean information about the future from their dreams. Whether this is from some deity is unknown, but the alloprax often pay a gift to use this taxing power.

Alloprax Names[edit]

In spite of the time that has passed, alloprax hold some semblance of the naming conventions of their elven ancestors. What separates alloprax in this, however, is their tendency towards more unusual names. Those that have been born and raised in alloprax settlements tend to use names derived more from deep speech than elven. In spite of their apparent appearance possessing elven traits, and their claimed ancestry, Elven is a tongue rarely spoken by alloprax.

Male Adult Names: Brtink, Isteph, Gnalih, Jhael, Loig, Nafil, Orren, Vulgtahn

Female Adult Names: Amli, Fhalma, Nagha, Silaha, Solae, Yhah.

Alloprax Traits[edit]

Oddities among mortalkin, the alloprax stand as a race infused with the touch of the far-realm.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2, and your Wisdom score increases by 1.
Age. Alloprax reach physical maturity at about the same age as humans. An Alloprax can live to be 750 years old.
Alignment. Alloprax generally believe morality does not apply to them, but as thinking creatures alignment does. This attitude held by them often results in them tending towards evil alignments. Like their distant elven ancestors, they too hold a slight bent towards chaos.
Size. Alloprax hold roughly the same size and build as elves. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Darkvision. Be it due to your elven ancestry or the far realms touch upon you, you have superior vision in the dark and dim conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Oddity. Your creature type is both humanoid and aberration.
Unsettling Countenance. Your odd body puts others at unease and can strike fear. You are proficient in the Intimidation skill.
Fey Ancestry. Blood of the elves runs still in you yet. You have advantage on saving throws against being charmed, and magic can't put you to sleep.
Crippling Fear. Your features make you unappealing and fearful to all but others just as ugly and unappealing. You have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks against creatures that are not aberrations. You also have advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks against creatures that are not aberrations.
Legacy of the Gate. The art of both beguiling others and pulling the wool over their eyes is something you grow to know inherently, having stepped away from the more theocratic practices. You know the friends cantrip. Once you reach 3rd level, you can cast the unseen servant spell once, without needing any material components, regaining use upon completion of a long rest. When you reach 5th level, you can cast the blur spell once, without needing any material components, regaining use upon completion of a long rest. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for these spells.
Midnight Communion. When you complete a long rest, you may choose to divine a fortune from your dreams as per the augury spell. However, as this is a taxing ordeal, you gain a level of exhaustion.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Deep Speech.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 6'' +2d10 95 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Alloprax and Classes[edit]

Barbarian. While the Mawdark Spiral is a home to a race born from knowledge and its price, barbarians are not unknown among their number. Most alloprax barbarians take totem warrior as their path, but taking on aberrant creatures as their chosen totem. Beholder is equivalent to eagle, grell is equivalent to wolf, and otyugh is equivalent to bear.

Bard. Musicians of strange cords and teachers of ancient history, the bard is a valued member of alloprax society. Alloprax bards predominantly attend the college of lore.

Cleric. Ranging from disinterested in traditional faith, to standing opposed to the gods for leaving them to their fate, clerics are understandably rare among the alloprax. When an alloprax swears themselves to an entity, seldom is it a deity. The roles clerics traditionally fill in society are filled by individuals of other disciplines. That isn't to say that a cleric in the Mawdark spiral would automatically face persecution, but they would be deemed strange by alloprax standards.

Druid. Deemed unnatural by all that encounter them, it isn't any wonder why druids are virtually unknown among the alloprax.

Fighter. Steeped in ancient arcane lore, honed in the Underdark across generations, the alloprax fighter stands as the most common form of martial combatant among their kin. Eldritch knights, while they are not the only form of fighter of the alloprax, easily outnumber all other forms.

Monk. While many traditions moved with the alloprax in their decent to the depths, monastic traditions were not among them. As such monks are rare. That being said, there are some that have learned the ways of ki. Most of these individuals follow the Way of the Four Elements, or at the very least something that faintly resembles it. Elements manifested by means of an alloprax's ki often take on aberrant forms. Water taking on a gelatinous quality, cold seeming to bring a subtle darkness in its wake, fire manifesting in unnatural colors, and so on.

Paladin. With their blatant disregard for the very concept of morality, at least in its application to them, one would think paladins are unknown among them. Nevertheless, alloprax paladins do exist. While twisted by the far realm's touch, paladins with an oath of the ancients were among those driven to the depths. Today paladins of any sort among the alloprax are a rarity, but there are those that while they see themselves outside morality, are able to take such an oath and follow it. Tragically, because of their detached perspective, alloprax paladins are more prone to violating their oaths or at least pushing the boundaries of what is permitted under them than most races.

Ranger. Where there lies a dangerous landscape, there too lies those that learn to traverse it. Alloprax rangers often scout the caves surrounding their settlements, hunting prey and further mapping out the depths. Alloprax rangers typically take the form of Hunters.

Rogue. Where there are people, there are those ready to take from them. Alloprax rogues dwell in both ally way and tunnel alike. While Thieves and Assassins exist among them, Arcane Tricksters naturally rise up from a culture that deals so frequently in magic.

Sorcerer. Touched by the far realm, it isn't any wonder that sorcerers are relatively common place among alloprax society. Between the near total absence from dragon blood and their ties to the far realm, alloprax sorcerers are almost universally rooted in wild magic.

Warlock. While alloprax find little use for the gods, that does not mean the alloprax do not ever swear themselves to entities. Taking the form of warlocks, near universally holding a Great Old One patron, these beings delve further into the realm their forbearers unleashed upon the world. Pact of the Chain alloprax are a minority among alloprax, more often favoring blade or tome pacts. The role of a warlock in alloprax society is remarkably similar to that of a cleric or druid in other societies.

Wizard. Wizardry contributed to the rise of the alloprax, and it is a tradition that has survived the test of time. Typically entrenched in Conjuration, Divination, and Transmutation, alloprax wizards are a staple of their society.

Alloprax and Backgrounds[edit]

Acolyte. While god worship is exceedingly rare among the alloprax, there are those among them that revere patrons. As such, alloprax acolyte do exist. Often showing reverenced towards some far-realm entity, or some other great old one patron, these individuals would typically be seen as cultists in most societies. Alloprax acolytes more often than not are members of the warlock class.

Charlatan. In every society, there are those that manipulate people, and the alloprax are no exception. More often rogues than not, a majority of alloprax charlatans get by on a silver tongue, a swift hand, and any magic they have at their disposal.

Criminal. Where there is society, there are those that turn to breaking its rules. Typically taking the form of thugs and thieves, spanning a wide verity of classes, they prey upon other members of their society. While the alloprax do not value the individual, and morality is a concept they believe themselves above, crime is something to be dealt with.

Spies, on the other hand, are a staple of alloprax society. In a people that often delves into magic and each may scheme for their own ends, those that can discretely acquire information from others are held in esteem. These skills serve them well, both among their own people and among others.

Entertainer. Seldom a day goes by when strange cords and the telling of tales are not heard among the alloprax. Keepers of history, alloprax entertainers do their best to ensure their people remember where they came from and keep them entertained. Bards are by far the most common alloprax entertainers, but not all follow that path.

Conversely, gladiators are almost entirely unknown among alloprax society. Outside of their society, an alloprax slave may prove themselves in the arena, but such individuals are unknown in the spiral.

Folk Hero. Alloprax seldom hold individuals in esteem, and as such folk heroes are virtually unknown among them. Where one may rise to notoriety among others, their own kin do not place the same value in them.

Guild Artisan. Talented craftsmen are worth their weight to their people and the towns they dwell in, and this is no less true among the alloprax. Thriving guilds are not uncommon among the alloprax, creating a menagerie of curiosities ranging from patterns inspired by alien geometries, to objects most races could hardly guess their purpose, to creating strange delicacies made from the ingredients available in the depths. These individuals train in classes as diverse as the businesses they run. Guild merchants among the alloprax are no different.

Hermit. Among alloprax settlements, hermits tend to go unnoticed. More often at the fringes of society, or being raised among other cultures, alloprax hermits often come to contemplate their own place in their world, given the far realm's touch. Alloprax hermits ultimately can belong to any class.

Noble. With little emphasis upon individuals within their society, one would think nobility would also stand as a rarity, but this is not so. Lineages among the alloprax more touched by the far realm, older families that may have been noble back when they were still elves, alloprax nobility hold some form of sway over others of their kin. These individuals are seen often as born representatives of the far realm. Alloprax nobles typically are sorcerers or warlocks, but there have been nobles of all paths.

Outlander. Outcasts of society, alloprax outlanders roam the tunnels of the Underdark. Those that have not fallen to the horrors of the depths make for some of the best guides and survivalists, whether or not their sanity remains intact. More often than not, alloprax outlanders are rangers and barbarians, though some get by with sorcery.

Sage. In alloprax society, sages are regarded as a central pillar. Knowledge may have gotten them into their current state, but knowledge is a worth pursuit in its own right. From scholars of the planes, to philosophers that dwell upon and exemplify concepts, alloprax sages are among the more common form of alloprax. Wizards and warlocks make up a majority, though rogues, fighters, and even the occasional paladin exists.

Sailor. Distant from surface seas, and given the size and structure of water in the depths, sailors and pirates alike are uncommon among the alloprax. Where raised in other societies, they may find themselves gifted at seafaring, dwelling in the depths has removed most opportunities to venture onto suitable bodies of water in their youth.

Soldier. Every society needs their protectors, and alloprax are no exception. Traditionally fighters given some arcane knowledge, alloprax soldiers frequently stand as guards in their settlements. While standard warfare is uncommon in the depths, alloprax do not shy away from armed conflict if deemed necessary.

Urchin. Unfortunately, as with all peoples, the alloprax have those unfortunate to have grown up without a home. Alloprax urchins are often disregarded by their society as a whole, even if regarded perhaps above other races. More often than not rogues, they are quick to do whatever it takes to continue their existence, whether or not it makes sense to those around them.

Alloprax Development[edit]

Though they are humanoid in shape and interact with most magics as if they were still humanoids, alloprax have taken on an increasingly aberrant nature and as such also interact with magics as aberrations. One way this reflects themselves is their development.

Infancy. Although they come into existence by the same means as most humanoid races, alloprax are born with only a faint resemblance to humanoid life. Born resembling tentacled and boney lamprey with only subtle traits towards the humanoid form, an alloprax's birth is obvious even to the most naive of individuals. While among their own people, this is considered a normal state, among others they often must be kept secret. Before three years of age, a humanoid's face finishes taking shape and tentacles along the sides of their bodies have grown long enough and strong enough to allow them to more easily move about on their own. Even in this early state, their minds drift towards the far-realm as they sleep, inflicting them with nightmares.

Childhood. Moving more towards the humanoid frame, an alloprax child has developed limbs upon which they can move about on. Taking root from tentacles combining with one another, the skeletal structure for an alloprax's limbs form throughout their childhood years. While early on they continue to slither and crawl about, when their limbs become strong enough to support their weight they are quick to learn how to move upon them. Problems made by external stimuli to this development often are reflected in adulthood, contributing to their strange movements that further serve to demonstrate their unusual natures. Throughout this time they also take on a more humanoid appearance, even taking on the beginnings of jaws though still they remain a far cry from elven-kind. At this stage, an alloprax's dreams make little sense when they can remember them. On great occasion they draw some degree of information from them, but this is rare.

Adolescence. Able to move about similar to humanoids, and their bodies having taken on a predominantly humanoid form, the last thing to take shape for an alloprax is their jaws. Their mouth, not entirely dissimilar to that of a lamprey with a tongue at first, gradually folds and forms a joint to achieve a shape similar to those held by most humanoids. While it never truly takes the proper structure, given the arrangement of their teeth, it does eventually reach a point in which it is hard to tell the difference between an alloprax and an elf at a glance, provided their mouths remain closed. Consequently, it is only in their adolescence in which they become able to fully speak common, as many of the sounds are difficult to form properly. Coincidently, it is in this time they learn enough that they can make can make some vestige of sense of the nightmares that plague them, even if this information is followed with a headache.

Adulthood. Having grown to maturity, an adult alloprax possesses all the traits as described. Frequently, it is another 80 years before they declare themselves adults within their society and take on their adult name. Beyond this point, little changes physically in an alloprax. With age, their colors may dull, and exposure to the far realm's energies through their meddling can result in various traits developed over the years. This can begin to occur before reaching two hundred years of age or several hundred years later.

Alloprax Socialization[edit]

As a race-long afflicted with the far realm's touch, and has dwelled apart from their closest relatives for eons, alloprax are understandably strange when it comes to social interactions with both their kind and other races.

Speech. Alloprax speak predominantly Deep Speech, only becoming capable of communicating in Common (or Undercommon) as they approach adulthood. While few speak elven inherently, they have long adapted its alphabet to their purposes along with clinging to some of the speech patterns. Beyond this, alloprax are prone to certain ways of phrasing things. Focused more on concepts and abstractions than they are on individuals, they are less prone to using direct language. For instance; When telling their youth about the history of their people, they more often refer to Firestorm Peak in terms of 'In the place it began', or 'where place met no place' than they call it by name. Terms of good and evil are similarly expressed as 'those that help' and 'those that harm'. Disciplines are often referred to in terms of the concepts they embody through it. Paladins are described as 'paragons of those that help', druids are often 'exemplars of that which grows', sorcerers are 'embodiments of that which is given', and so on.

Compounding this, alloprax never phrase things in terms of past/present/future. While present is a tense they use, past and future share the same tense, referring to things that happen at a different point at time. People who live are alive, but people who aren't alive exist at another point.

Interracial Interactions. Alloprax, when dealing with other races, are prone to dismissive language. While they do not place value on individuals, they place more in their own people than they do others. A race or individual not touched by the far realm is not deemed to hold any true importance, as opposed to their own faint significance. While most races are referred to in similar terms as they label an individual's profession, the elven races are held in a slightly differing light. While they speak of their ancestors as 'fathers', and the elder elves that were not affected as they were as 'mothers', the other elves gain names in a similar light. 'sisters that dwell in that which grows', 'sisters that dwell in that which reaches', and 'sisters that dwell without light' are how they typically refer to the wood elves, high elves, and drow respectively. This is not necessarily with respect, but they cannot and do not deny their ancestry.

The Mawdark Spiral[edit]

The city known as the Mawdark Spiral, at least what it translates as, stands at the heart of the alloprax realm. By far being the oldest, largest, and most populous city of the alloprax, elements of it are often reflected in other alloprax settlements.

As its name implies, the Mawdark Spiral is a massive spiraling city, miles across and tiered. One long continuous road runs through the entirety of this city, with structures existing at points to allow for movement between layers. Each of these layers are 60 feet in height and about as thick. Buildings are both built along the inner edges as well as carved from the stone along the outer edges.

The roof of the 20-square mile imprint of the city shifts and melts, constantly raining thick liquid upon the city. The city's structure allows for this constant fall to be channeled, rivers of these fluids running down channels towards the city's center to a pit closed by what appears to be circularly arranged teeth, flowing between the seams. Tall towers waver and extend from the ledges into the roof of the area, lined with structures that appear like teeth off which the thick fluid that falls flows.

Tunnels carved at various points along the outer wall of the spiral extend out a short distance before each coming to a flat stone with a fluorescent growth upon it, the largest of these at the outer end of the long road of the city. From the outside of the city, there appears to be nothing there. A ring of sparsely placed patches possessing this same growth within about a few miles of one another exists deep in the Underdark. Aberrations are more common in the areas around these patches than in most places within the depths.

Organization: Nan'ghft Chtenff[edit]

While most alloprax stand as beings that embrace their aberrant nature and reject all pretense of morality in regards to themselves, there are those among their society counter to this. Members of the Nan'ghft Chtenff, these alloprax wish to reunite with elven-kind and rid themselves of the Far Realm's touch. Viewed as anywhere from odd to being truly despicable and disposable members of there society, most members of this organization are secretive about their nature and membership. Their continued presence in the Mawdark Spiral is largely to research the Far Realm in hopes of severing its ties from reality or at least mitigating its influence. Alloprax found far beyond the reaches of the Mawdark Spiral and other alloprax settlements frequently hold some connection to the Nan'ghft Chtenff. This takes the form of either having been sent on various quests to further their mission, ranging from recovering knowledge and artifacts to seeking those who would aid them or being those who received safe passage from the Underdark through the assistance of the Nan'ghft Chtenff. These individuals are more likely to believe morality applies to them, and tend towards good alignments.

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