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Did you honestly think you were fighting a normal human? I have the force of an angel within me, and I will use that power to wipe you from existence. Die, demon!
—Reangel fighting with a demon

Physical Description[edit]

A reangel does not look look different, physically, from other members of their race. Humans will still look normal, dragonborns will have their scales and height, elves will continue being tall and elegant, etc. However, when a reangel activates their powers, they take a more angelic form. They become luminescent, with glowing white eyes, and a thin aura surrounding their body. This aura has a golden hue to it, and provides a warm comfort to those near them. They also grow translucent, feathered wings that they can use to fly.


A reangel is created when an angel transfers its power into an unborn mortal (The mortal in question must be a humanoid, and cannot be anything else, such as an aberration or celestial, for example). This process infuses the angel's mind, body, and soul into the mortal, who must still be within the womb during the process. A reangel is more powerful than the angel it was created from, having access to their full power at about a quarter of maturity, and double the power at full maturity. While the angel's soul fuels the reangel's powers, and their body allows them to transform, the mind is melded with the reangel's mind. This causes the angel to lose all traces of individuality and sense of self. However, some of its memories will linger, allowing the reangel to feel a sense of déjà vu and adapt to certain situations. The reangel does not realize that these are residual memories. Rather, they feel as if they've received a moment of clarity and thought of the solutions naturally. A reangel cannot transfer its power over, and does not birth a reangel upon having a child.


Reangels do not form societies with each other. Rather, since they still exhibit most traits as other members of their own race, they tend to live in the societies of said races. For the most part, a reangel will take a special role in their society, typically guarding the village or taking up arms against their enemies. Some take up a life of solitude and isolation, preferring to hunt down threats to mortals by themselves, leaving relatively normal lives behind.

Reangel Names[edit]

A reangel typically follows the naming conventions of their race. They do not exhibit weird or over-the-top names, unless their parents decided to. However, the name of the angel will still live on in the renagel's memory, though they will have no knowledge of how they know this piece of information.

Mortal Names: Diana, Lucien, Roland, Grognok, Marco

Angelic Names: Malaken, Ulmara, Veltyri, Nostrala, Ezekiel

Reangel Traits[edit]

Reangel traits come from the residual power of the celestial that lies within.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution score increases by 2 and your Charisma score increases by 1. You can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.
Age. The reangel ages at the same rate as other members of its race, but lives twice as long.
Alignment. While reangels do not have to abide by any alignment, most end up in lawful and good alignments.
Size. A reangel retains the same height and size as other members of its race.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet. While in your Radiant Being form, you have a fly speed of 40 feet.
Persistent Ancestry. While the power of an angel flows through you, it does not completely override your previous race. Choose one race to act as your previous race. You gain access to one of their racial traits.
Radiant Being. As a bonus action, you can call forth your celestial powers. You gain a set of feathered wings, and you do an extra 1d6 radiant damage when you attack or are attacked with a melee attack. This damage become 1d8 at 5th level, 1d10 at 11th level, and 1d12 at 17th level. This lasts for 1 minute, but will end early if you go unconscious or dismiss it as a bonus action. Once it is dismissed, you cannot use this trait again until you finish a long rest.
Superhuman Endurance. You do not need to rest. Instead, you can enter a semi-conscious trance for 4 hours, which is considered a long rest.
Awakening. There are two ways for a reangel to access their powers. Either they survived a near death situation, or they unlocked their powers upon reaching maturity. Choose one from the options below. You can also, at the discretion of the DM, start the campaign without having awakened.
Near Death Experience. Your powers were activated to protect you from dying, and you’ve had them ever since. You gain proficiency with Constitution saving throws, or double proficiency if already proficient. You also add double your Constitution modifier when gaining more HP or when rolling Hit Dice.
Maturity. Your powers were activated upon reaching your race’s maturity age. You gain proficiency with Charisma saving throws, or double proficiency if already proficient. You are also healed by radiant damage, equal to the amount of damage dealt.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common, Celestial, and one language known from your race. You only have access to Celestial after your awakening.

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