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Physical Description[edit]

Titans resembled huge, muscular humans, and were typically some of the most intelligent of giants. They have hair and skin colors that are the same as human's skin tones and hair colors, but their eyes are generally solid gem or metal colors, the most common of these being quicksilver, gold and bronze.


The titan race began with an individual by the name of Lanaxis, one of the mortal children of Annam All-Father and Othea. Around −31,500 DR, a titan thane named Omo was engaged in combat with Zhoukoudien, leader of the Batrachi. Omo ended up slaying him and inciting war between their people. The titans would come to dominate the batrachi in this war and, according to Abeiran scholars, it would lead the latter to perform a powerful summoning ritual that culminated in the Tearfall. When Annam founded the kingdom of Ostoria he ceded control of the plains to Lanaxis, who would found the dynasty of the titans, east of the Great Rift in the land of Eastern Shaar. The titans and storm giants would create some of Ostoria's greatest cities, featuring mechanical conveyances and galleries that would house artistic tributes to all giantkind. The eventual disappearance of titans on Abeir-Toril was a matter of speculation. According to one myth popularized by the book, History of the Last March of the Giants, the titans grew so arrogant that they challenged the gods. They in turn cursed their monarch with fascination and his subjects with absolute devotion to him. They then sent a star crashing down to the planet and through their nation, causing widespread catastrophes and leaving a huge valley that became the Sea of Fallen Stars. Being cursed with curiosity, the then-king of the titans chased after the star and his dutiful subjects followed suit. They chased it all the way to the Great Sea and then dove in after it, never to be seen again. Another myth claimed that after Lanaxis had poisoned his mother Othea and was cursed by her, his progeny fled to the plane of Arborea.


The Titans were a proud and accomplished race, the predecessors and superiors to the giants that the world knows today. in the time before the reign of the dragons, the titans ruled over the material plane, much like humanity today, with thriving societies, full of culture. Following the fall of Ostoria however, titans were primarily found on planes other than the Prime Material, such as Arborea and Warrior's Rest, never to make contact with the multiverse again... Until you.

Titan Names[edit]

Titan names used a dialect that evolved into the giant tongue, thus are very similar. Typical titan names are as follows:

Male: Arobor, Aegir, Alcyoneus, Argus, Athos, Auxvor, Balor, Baugi, Bergelmir, Bölthorn, Bress, Brontes, Corvir, Corriq, Cronus, Echion, Elatha, Enceladus, Eochaid, Epimetheus, Fachan, Fornjót, Geirröd, Geryon, Gillithar, Gymir, Hrungnir, Hymir, Jhalthius, Loxnil, Lussar, Kobor, Klytius, Lamithin, Menoetius, Orog, Ophion, Polyphemus, Oniev, Prometheus, Ravano, Storabor Steropes, Tethro, Ymir

Female: Angrboda, Ada, Amesinir, Banii, Boraniya, Buarainech, Canitha, Cethlenn, Chimalmat, Cordiel, Dione, Eithine, Ériu, Ethniu, Fónla, Gaia, Gjála, Greip, Gridir, Gullveig, Hrodr, Járnsaxa, Laufey Lussir, Miellas, Mnemosyne, Olvir, Phoebe, Rhea, Rindr, Skadi, Tethys, Theia, Themis, Vesimir

Titan Traits[edit]

A close relative of the giants, They harness nature's innate resilience and are the strongest of the giants.
Ability Score Increase. Your strength and constitution scores increases by 1.
Age. Titans are exceptionally long-lived compared to humans and notably more than other giants but far from immortal. These giants reach maturity at around 80 years old and have been recorded to live just over an millennia.
Alignment. Titans are naturally good, but due to the prudence they are dealt, they may become indifferent or even spiteful (neutral or evil).
Size. A Titan's height usually ranges from about 8 ft. to 16 ft. tall, and usually weigh around a few tons. Your size is Large.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 35.
darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Huge Frame. Your huge size and powerful muscles allow you to push further beyond what most creatures your size are capable of. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift, your jump height and distance is doubled, and you may carry creatures smaller than you as long as you are not encumbered by them. However, you require four times as much food and water per day as a normal creature your size, gaining a point of exhaustion if not well fed at the end of each day. Additionally, you have disadvantage on dexterity saves and checks, as well as a -10 penalty to Stealth and Sleight of Hand checks.
Titanic Might. You have advantage on strength and constitution checks and saves. Additionally, your hit point maximum increases an additional 1 point per level.
Unwieldy Form. All armor and clothing you buy costs twice as much on average due to the increased size of garments required. Additionally, such apparel will rarely be in stock and often need to be custom made.
Indomitable Presence. You are immune to the Frightened condition.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and Giant

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