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Hog Folk[edit]

Thrukk was an orc hardened and battered with the tides of war. He felt memories of his people wash over him as he entered the bar, glaring and baring his sharp teeth at any creature who dared stare at him. The crowd instantly recognized him as a veteran and made a path for him to enter. He stepped up to the bar. Just as he was about to demand a drink, a newcomer entered the bar. The crowd turned. A lone, round figure stood in the doorway, snorting. He was hooded, so Thrukk could not analyze his strengths and weaknesses. The newcomer took off his hood. There stood in the doorway a creature who Thrukk had never seen in his entire life. Two beady eyes stared at him, set in a round, hard face with a large snout protruding from it. Huge tusks jutted out of either side of the creature's snout, ready to gore and gash at the creature's will. Thrukk noticed that the newcomer was very, very fat, yet he had no problem making his way to the very same counter in which Thrukk sat in. Thrukk bared his teeth, hoping to intimidate the boar-like visitor. Then, as the newcomer came closer, a flood of memories washed over him as he saw the huge warhammer that hung at the stranger's belt. This stranger, Thrukk remembered, had been the cause of his leader's death, a mysterious warrior who took Thrukk's own clan chief's life in a melee fight. He remembered the look of fury on the piggy stranger's face as he smashed his vast warhammer into his chief's skull.
—A Hog Folk encounter

Some say that Hog Folk are the offsprings of orcs and dwarves. Hog folk were considered some of the lowliest of creatures, even nearly as low as goblins. Whether born in an urban or suburban civilization, they were always put to work as slaves. Many were put to work as miners and smiths; their are extremely proficient in both skills. Hog folk are born slaves, workers, or servants, and that is why some rebels stand against their cruel history and aspire to become warriors, paladins, and other important people in a society, rather than to live the stereotypical life and become a worker. From the moment they are put to work as slaves, Hog folk have been mentally scarred. Hog folk hate all other races because they can remember a time in their entire race's history when they were enslaved by every type of race. When acting in a society with a more important role, hog folk are rude and untrusting to strangers. Some harbor the insatiable rage within them against the races who enslaved them while others tend to hold their emotions inside and be very quiet, mainly working as slaves or workers. Hog folk are forever treated with fear and disrespect.

Thick Build[edit]

Hog folk are extremely fat, yet most are unusually strong for their over-sized frame. Most free hog-folk take pride in their fatness, and, when living with or around other hog folks, often compare who's belly is fatter and who is stronger than the other. Even as a slave, hog folk are naturally fat and round, also even when they are starving. They have beady, deep eyes, ranging from a thick red to a jet black. Their body is covered in hair, and their skin can range from a hazel brown to a light orange. They are hard of sight, but they have an extraordinary sense of smell. Male hog folk have large tusks protruding from either side of their snout, and they use this for ramming and goring into things. Both male and females have large hooves for feet, letting them gain more stability when charging and walking. Hog folk have small, round ears on each side of their head, which often perks up when the hog is surprised or frightened. In terms os size, hog folk are normally smaller than most humans but their height varies, and some have reached a height well over 7 feet tall.

Mysterious Origins[edit]

The history of hog folk is still a mystery. Some believe that a god punished an orc or a dwarf and it became a half-hog half-orc, becoming a hog-folk. Some say that a group of dark druids known as the Scarred Ones took a live boar and a human sacrifice and melded the two together, creating an abomination of half-hog and half-man. However, it is true that hog-folk did seem to inherit some features from both races. They inherited a well of fury so deep and so dark that it could be matched to that of an orc warrior. They have some of the finest skills in making weapons, preferably weapons with Dwarven style and also some of their own weapons. They also seem to have the personalities of both; maybe some have more dominant orc personalities than dwarf ones; but still, they have a combination of both nonetheless. People who observe the hog folk notice these behaviors, and often come to the conclusion that they were a mix of a dwarf, a hog, and an orc. Still, the history of where the hog folk originally came from is unknown, which often causes most people to stay clear of them, considering them mysterious and almost alien.

Culture and Tradition[edit]

Never in the history of the hog folks have a whole group large enough to be considered a tribe live free of torture and slavery. But, slowly, over time, hog folk have begun to create a culture and traditions relating to their current role in society. One thing that they all have learned is that magic is strictly forbidden among the hog folks. Hog folk are usually only friendly to another of his/her race, but if one is a magic user, they are instantly expelled from the hog folk culture and tradition. Hog folk see magic this way because, in the past, they were enslaved in mundane worlds where magic did not exist and, when it did, it was considered unholy, unnatural, and completely horrible and off-limits. Hog folk tended back then to personally dislike the idea of magic; they took this rule into their culture and it was much to their liking. Another tradition of theirs is that whoever was the strongest, most vengeful, and fattest male/female was considered the leader of the remaining hog-folk living in the society. The most important rule in hog folk tradition, though, is never to trust another creature of a different race, no matter the social status, riches, or proficiency in fighting. Hog folks try to carry on their traditions as much as they can, even in slavery and a less habitable situation.

Hog Folk Names[edit]

Hog folk do not think highly of their names. Instead, they are used to being called nicknames or slave numbers. This acceptance has made them see no importance in names except for the use of distinguishing oneself. But, they have produced guttural, ancestral names that came from their broader lungs.

Male: Broog, Tharh, Hort, Grunk, Krigg, Dekhash, Mortimus, Haarg, Sruuthg, Forg, Nhesh, Greer, Runtmore

Female: Shesh, Grunk, Shorg, Feshg, Droob, Sowka, Sowdah, Shidh, Niirg, Hildmore, Shaank, Krish

Common Nicknames: Strong-one, Fat-belly, Porky, Strong-Tusk, Rage-Face, Snort, Fatsnout, Fatty, Thicky, Shorty, Longtusk, Pig, Boar-man /Boar-woman

Hog Folk Traits[edit]

A race of humanoid hogs scarred with their repeating history of being enslaved.
Ability Score Increase. Your Strength and Constitution scores each increase by 2, and your Intelligence score decreases by 1.
Age. Hog folk tend to lead short lives, maturing at age 12 and usually living to be around 75 years old.
Alignment. Hog folk, with varying attitudes, tend to prefer a free alignment. They are usually chaotic, but some who used to be slaves are a lawful alignment.
Size. Hog folk height can vary greatly, from being a bit shorter than the average human to be well over 6 feet tall.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 25 feet.
Fat Tissue. Your hit point maximum increases by 1, and it increases by 1 every time you gain a level. In addition, you count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity and the weight you can push, drag, or lift.
Charger Blow. When you move 25 feet in a straight line towards a target and make a melee attack you can deal additional damage equal to your Strength modifier.
Hog's Senses. Your eyesight isn't the best, however, because of your hog features, you have a superb sense of smell, and you have advantage in any Wisdom (Perception) check involving smell.
Languages. You can speak in Common, and speak, read, and write in Hoggian, a language similar to a mix of Dwarven and Orcish that uses the Dwarvish script.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 5″ +3d12 275 lb. × (2) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Piggy Personality[edit]

When creating a Hog Folk character, you can use the following table of traits to help flesh out your character. Use this table in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I can out-burp, fart, or belch anyone who dares challenge me.
2 I don't trust anyone. No one deserves to be trusted
3 I am very rarely happy. I often reply with rude remarks or defensive comments.
4 I like wrestling with people, even if they are twice my size.
5 I eat so much people don't have enough to feed me.
6 I often take note of who has wronged me and I hold grudges against them.
7 I am naturally sloppy except when I do something I am naturally proficient at.
8 I love it when rich people feel what its like to live poorly. It makes me feel better.

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