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Physical Description[edit]

By default, the Bub-chi are small anthropomorphic creatures from the planet Chigon. Universally, they all possess long ears with big dark eyes with white pupils and no sclera. Their ears are very flexible and are able to be controlled and manipulate and lift objects much like an additional pair of limbs, which the Bub-chi may freely utilize unless their ears grew out short for any reason.

Bub-chi otherwise typically have an anatomy similar to most humanoids, but often with 2 big toes and 4 fingers rather than the normal five digits, their body is covered with silky fur of various sizes, and while they do have (a barely visible) nose under their fur, they have been known to start breathing through their skin instead when unable to breathe normally. Bub-chi blood tends to have an oily texture and be rainbow-colored, and their bones are made from very strong crystal, alongside their hearts which are typically a large pink crystal.

Due to the wide variety of possible traits and the lack of restraints of colors, bub-chi may look vastly different from one another aside from those common traits. In fact, some are prone to mutations to their body that may range from tails, wings, horns, and major alterations to the body that may cause parts of their body to form into near indestructible but flexible crystal, plants, or even molten but harmless lava.

All bub-chi are born with their own bubble that appears the moment they are born and will never disappear, only death able to do them part. This bubble is forged of magic from the bub-chi and concentrated air, and the bub-chi may alter it's size as they wish, anywhere to small enough to conceal on their person to large enough to easily be up to three times their own body's size. Most bub-chi universally use it to carry objects much like an additional backpack. However, a bub-chi may also use them based on needs and their line of work, such as to act as a contained atmosphere to breathe in or shield themselves from the elements or as a means of flight or even something to simply sit on. All bub-chi are able to control the bubble and what it does and where it goes through psionic means, though by default, it will always stay by their side, even teleporting at the expense of what the bubble was carrying to reunite with its owner.


A fair amount of the bub-chi lore is unknown, told only through indirect worship and tales told to children through one's youth. And some are even believed to be false...

However, in Chigon, it is said that at the beginning when the planet was nothing more than a lifeless sphere in the universe, only three gods existed; Balatir the god of Air, Uptia, the Goddess of Water, and Benzel the god of Earth. Having grown powerful, they found themselves alone on the planet. So using the power they wielded, they created new life, each of the gods taking to certain areas to create their ideal landscapes and environments. However, they felt they were unable to care for their own creations on their own...

Thus they created the Bub-chi, a deity born species created with the purpose of raising and safekeeping this world.

Initially, the bub-chi accepted their role as caretakers of Chigon. However, they slowly came to realize that nature was able to care for itself without any input from their supposed caretakers. This fact initially proved hard to believe, but they eventually took this as a sign to live on their own as well. And by this cue, they began to build up civilization for themselves. Villages were founded, farms and widespread fishing became commonplace, harvesting of the land for resources became more than just a means of simple survival, and the bub-chi began to develop technology, knowledge, and economical value and power.

However, blind to the discovered fact of nature being able to care for itself, the Bub-chi's own gods grew disappointed and abandoned them largely in favor of creating their own minions in their own image. Slowly, bub-chi who served under them found themselves left with no ability to even communicate with their own deities.

Many of the bub-chi believe they understand their reasoning, and some even feared that there would be no way back. However, this grew quickly into acceptance, and the bub-chi pressed on, continuing to amass knowledge and technology.

And yet, despite the loss of interest from the gods themselves, the bub-chi still views them as their gods, and thus many still worship them to this day.

...Yet, some have grown to long to spread not just throughout their homeland, but also to many other worlds... including planes not native to them...


In any verse outside of Chigon's home dimension, bub-chi are total strangers to the world. No deity, celestial, fiend, or otherwise has any knowledge on them. Their own deities cannot be reached anywhere near as easily in this world, and the only other bub-chi in existence are those who found themselves transported here, usually by accident.

However, it has been observed that many bub-chi have a high acclaim for those who have been "blessed" with certain traits, even those that are common to a race such as wings, tails, and horns; traits that can all be found on a bub-chi uncommonly, and in Chigon were observed as silent recognition by the gods for deeds of good that the bub-chi has done in the past if not will accomplish in the near future. Inversely, some bub-chi see certain other traits as a "curse", such as body parts made of crystal or another non-flesh material, plants and foliage growing out of the body, vampirism, and otherwise any traits easily deemed as monstrosities and all traits that can also rarely appear on a bub-chi. While many of the more open and adventurous overlook such things and know better than to judge someone, bub-chi or not, based on a tail or a crystal arm, a significant amount of more reserved bub-chi continue to hold on to such beliefs, even as truth be told their own true gods do not believe in blessings and curses manifesting as such things and acknowledge that they are simply mutations that a bub-chi may experience.

It is also worth noting that bub-chi in their homeworld not only had a different style of magic but also saw it as taboo in the earlier eras. As a result, bub-chi may initially struggle with magic found outside of Chigon, and if they found themselves in these worlds from such an early point in their time, they may even frown so much upon magic that they grow violent and attempt to silence the spellcaster or magic source responsible. Bub-chi from newer eras however have shed this stigma and now embrace magic when able to, but due to the risk of bub-chi from different points in time converging on the same single point in time, it is entirely possible to find one bub-chi who adores anyone who knows even a little in magic one minute, and the next encounter sees another bub-chi out for a wizard's blood simply for the fact that they wield magic.

Bub-chi Names[edit]

Due to being a gender-neutral race, whether a name is feminine or masculine is only a matter of preference. However, Bub-chi have been known to take up many names, ranging from the simple to the most complicated with little restraint. Because of this, a bub-chi's name tends to lack stereotype and can be from any type of source.

Bub-chi Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your con score increases by 2 and your wis score increases by 1.
Age. Bub-chi physically mature at age 16. They do not have a maximum lifespan and are immune to the frailty of or death by old age.
Alignment. Most Bub-chi are of neutral good alignment. However evil bub-chi are not unheard of.
Size. Due to changes in size caused by the shift in dimensions and planes, they are roughly 3-4 feet tall unlike before. Their size is small.
Speed. Bub-chi have a walking speed of 30 feet. The bub-chi's bubble also has 30 feet flying speed, but cannot move 30 feet away from its owner. If the owner moves, the bubble may also move in the same direction without using any of its own movement, or if the owner wishes, they may tether it to a location, so long as it remains within 30 feet of its owner.
Bub-chi's Bubble. All bub-chi are born with a bubble that they can control on their own will. This bubble is nearly indestructible and is able to occupy the same space as it's owner, but is unable to block any type of attack, even if it's owner is inside it. Thus they take damage while inside it as normal. If the bubble somehow is moved out of range of its owner, either by force or being tethered and abandoned, the bubble cannot be controlled until it's back in range, and it will attempt on its own accord to take the most direct route back to its owner, or if that is not possible or it comes into contact with anti-magic of any type, it will drop everything it is carrying and teleport to an unoccupied space near its owner. If the bub-chi dies, the bubble is destroyed and drops anything it is carrying. If a dead bub-chi is resurrected, it's bubble will also return. If either the bub-chi or it's bubble is struck by any anti-magic, the bubble drops to the ground and becomes unresponsive until the anti-magic is eliminated from both the bubble and bub-chi.

The Bubble is able to do a wide array of actions using it's owner's Action, depending on what feats are picked out by the bub-chi. Without those feats, however, the bubble is simply limited to carrying light objects up to 5 lbs.
Crystal Skeleton. Thanks to a skeleton made of very durable crystal, bub-chi are immune to dismemberment from non-magical sources and have an advantage on Constitution saving throws relating to physical damage.
Bub-Chi Sonar. Due to an almost supernatural hearing ability and the ability to utilize sonar, Bub-chi may use a bonus action to gain 30 feet blindsense until the end of their next turn, unless Deafened. They also have proficiency in the Perception skill.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Chio, the bub-chi's native language, and common.

Common Bub-chi[edit]

Bonus Racial Feat. At level 1, a bub-chi may pick out a racial feat exclusive to them, as long as they meet any requirements for the feat.


Waterbreathing. Me-Chi are capable of breathing underwater and do not suffer disadvantage for underwater activities, barring non-magical ranged attacks.
Swim Speed. Me-Chi have a 30 foot swim speed in addition to their walking speed


Darkvision. Ca-Chi have natural Darkvision of 30 feet
Minor Shapeshifting. Ca-Chi can morph their hands into claws that do 1d4+STR slashing damage
Digging and Climbing Speed. Ca-Chi have a Burrowing and Climbing speed of 15 feet
Ca-Chi Sonar. Ca-Chi have improved sonar abilities compared to other bub-chi. Their Blindsense can go through obstacles (including underground) unless blocked by at least 5 feet of stone or any metal obstacle. The range of Blindsense is also increased to 45 feet and once per day as a full action, they may search for any valuables in range of their Sonar. When doing this, perform a perception check. Matching a high enough DC reveals all valuable items in an area, as well as any creatures attempting to hide whos stealth check is beaten by your own perception check. In valid areas, this also may reveal valuable gems and ore underground. This can be reused after finishing a long rest.


Mountaintop Dweller. Ye-Chi are considered native to high elevations, even beyond 20000 feet above sea level. Additionally, they ignore any non-magical difficult terrain while in high elevations.
Cold Resistance. Ye-Chi gain resistance to cold damage
Fur Armor. When not wearing armor and not affected by Unarmored Defense, a Ye-chi's AC is 13+DEX

Racial Feats[edit]

Bubble Grapple. You gain the ability to carry much heavier objects with the bubble. You may use the bubble to grapple a target up to 30 feet away using your Wisdom modifier rather than Strength. And when using the bubble to grapple, if it succeeds, you may attempt another grapple check to fully take them into the bubble and restrain them. Additionally, the bubble becomes able to carry upwards to 20 times your current character level in lbs on its own. It cannot perform any other tasks besides movement while it is carrying anything, however.
Air Rider. This feat has one charge. While the bubble is not in use, you can use your action to ride on the bubble and gain a 30 foot flying speed for 1 hour. You have an advantage on checks to stay on the bubble, and you hover while on the bubble, even when prone. Once the time has been expended, it is recovered after a short or long rest.
Air Bubble. If the bubble is empty, you can use your action to envelop yourself or a willing target within 30 feet in the bubble. This can be either the entire body or only the head. The bubble has storage of air that will prevent suffocation for 1 hour, including while underwater and in poisonous air. The air replenishes itself when in clean air.
Improved Sonar. The Bub-chi's sonar capabilities are increased thanks to experience, to the point it is now second nature. Your sonar can now pierce obstacles upwards to 3 feet of dirt, stone, wood, and other materials, barring any metal obstacles which are capable of fully blocking it's line of sight no matter how thin. If combined with Ca-Chi Sonar, the ability to go through obstacles is elevated to the point that only metal walls and obstructions can block Blindsense. You also no longer must use your bonus action to gain Blindsense as it is now considered passive. You still lose it if you are Deafened, however, and it cannot go through walls and obstacles if used passively rather then with your bonus action.


When you create a bub-chi character, you may optionally select a curse. You can only pick one, and all curses carry a downside alongside their perks. Also, note that a bub-chi with any type of curse becomes shunted by most bub-chi NPCs and gain disadvantage on all charisma checks involving them.

Crystal Curse. A body part becomes enveloped in a flexible but strong crystal that is very difficult to even damage but compromises the senses of that limb. Your AC increases to an amount of your choice, up to a maximum of +3. For each 1 AC, you also gain a -1 penalty to your Wisdom (Perception) checks, passive perception, and DEX saving throws.
Sprout Curse. A plant grows out of the bub-chi or replaces a body part. You decide the nature of this incident. While cursed this way, whenever you perform a short rest while exposed to sunlight, you may roll two dice for every hit die expended. However, if you short rest in an area that lacks sunlight, you must use 2 hitdie for every die rolled.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

4′ 0″ +1d10 100 lb. × (x2d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

When creating a <race name> character, you can use the following table of traits, ideals, bonds and flaws to help flesh out your character. Use these tables in addition to or in place of your background's characteristics.

d8 Personality Trait
d6 Ideal
d6 Bond
d6 Flaw
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