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Though rarely seen outside of the nigh inhospitable polar tundras they call home, the omnivorous creatures known as the tripodicians, as they have been dubbed by other intelligent, typically desire to be left to their own devices for the sake of keeping territories to themselves. They usually come into contact with other races or even join adventuring parties when forced out of their home through outside means or when exploring.

Physical Description[edit]

A tripodician. Source

Aside from the three legs, their bizarre appearance and a complete lack of any kind of hearing mechanism, one of the most peculiar aspect of the tripodicians are their physiology. Studies of live specimens and dissections of dead specimens have revealed that these creatures completely lack anything resembling bones, and instead support themselves with a complex series of bladders placed throughout their body, which can be emptied and filled with fluid to suit their needs. It is assumed that this fluid is magical, as studies have shown that tripodicians with this fluid in their bodies can survive extreme cold for long periods of time.


Like halflings, the history of the tripodicians is largely unremarkable. Also much like halflings, records and evidence indicates that the tripodicians, as a race, appeared fairly recently, and do not have a unified culture to call their own.


Despite their bizarre appearance, tripodicians are benign beings that prefer to be isolated with their tribes. They are tribal creatures, much like the orcs, but lack the characteristic brutality of orcs. Tripodician technology is still in its early stages. They have mastered fire in order to keep warm during nights so cold that even they can't handle it for long, and they have also developed crude stone tools for both hunting and carving. They have also developed spears and other similar hunting tools in order to increase their odds in a hunt, as well as to help them bring down larger prey. Their tribes are nomadic, moving every half-a-dozen months or so in order to find new hunting grounds once the ones they were originally at are temporarily depleted. Surprisingly, they have managed to domesticate a highly dwarf species of remorhaz, and much like dogs, smaller and larger breeds of these 'mini remorhazes' have been seen. Communication between tripodicians typically involves the use of scents to display emotions and hand gestures as a form of sign language, allowing complex ideas to be shared amongst individuals. This helps tribe members to communicate and stay organized as some gather flora, others hunt fauna, and the rest perform their own tasks. Their religion is polytheistic and revolves around deities that represent rocks and streams, a god of the stars, a goddess of the moon, and spiritual inhabitants of the ground itself.

Tripodician Names[edit]

Because of their unique language and difficulty understanding other languages, sagon names are typically in their own language, which will hereby be referred to as TL.

Tripodician Traits[edit]

Tripodal creatures without bones that dwell in the tundras of the world.
Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. Tripodicians become mature at eight years old. Upon reaching maturity, they typically live for about 50 years before dying of natural causes.
Alignment. Tripodicians are typically neutral creatures, but those that side with good or evil are not unheard of.
Size. Tripodicians usually stand around 3 feet tall and typically weigh 120 pounds. Your size is Small.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Alien Physiology. Your creature type is monstrosity.
Born of the Cold. You are resistant to cold damage.
Bizarre Shape. You are unable to use normal armor unless it has been specially tailored for you. Armor made specifically for you takes 1.5 times as long to make than regular armor and costs 1.5 times more than the normal price.
Many Arms. When holding a heavy weapon with all three arms, you ignore the heavy property of that weapon.
Naturally Deaf. Due to your lack of any kind of hearing mechanism, you autofail Wisdom (Perception) checks involving hearing.
Boneless. Due to your lack of bones, you are vulnerable to thunder damage. However, you can also fit through spaces as small as six inches without squeezing.
Languages. You can speak TL, read and write Common and one other language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

3′ 2″ +1d4 120 lb. × (1d3) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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