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Physical Description[edit]

When they are Piscium, you look like a relatively large fish, with a red shimmering face that arcs in a rainbow over your back to your purple tail. When you are Stans Grillus, you look like a human sized grasshopper, standing up. When you are Falco, you look like a large white kestrel. And when you are Serpens Rana, you look like a large, a bit girthy, snake with a frog face.


The Pisinguislor were born of a genetic experiment on a fish, a snake, a kestrel, a frog,a grasshopper, and a bit of Fey magic. The Creator, as they refer to it(gender not known) had done many experiments with Planar Energy and the Weave, and the Pisinguislor were the pinnacle of their achievements. A kind being, the Creator created multiple tribes across the land in areas perfectly tailored to their needs. From there, they grew to what they are today. The only disturbance in the peace was when a mighty army of warriors from a neighboring kingdom set up a military base in the homeland of a small tribe while they were on a hunting trip, and came back to find the land completely ruined. They traveled for days to find a new home, finally finding another tribe and joining them.


The Pisinguislor live in tribes all across the globe. They revere the Creator, but have no gods. Each tribe has a Grand Elder, who leads the Council of Elders whenever decisions are necessary. They also choose a warrior to protect them and lead them in battle. Besides that, they all live in small grass/bamboo/wood/straw houses at riverbanks and lakeshores. They all speak Latin, a language the Creator supposedly taught them.

Pisinguislor Names[edit]

The Pisinguislor names are all derived from Latin. If you so desire, you may name your Pisinguislor any Latin name or word you want.

Male: Laneus, Volantes

Female: Natare, Ambulatis

Pisinguislor Traits[edit]

One being, capable of changing its form to four different species.
Ability Score Increase. Your Wisdom score increases by 2 and your Dexterity score increases by 1.
Age. You reach maturity after about 20 years, and age until 25, then live in peak performance for 500 years, then die somewhere in the last 100 years of your life.
Alignment. Most Pisinguislor are Lawful Good.
Size. You are Medium.
Speed. Your speed varies based on what form you are in.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Fluid Body. Your base form is a Standing Grasshopper, the Stans Grillus. As an action, once per long rest, you may choose one of the Subraces to change into. The Piscium is a rainbow fish, the Falco is a white Kestrel, and the Serpens Rana is a frog-snake hybrid. All of them are detailed below.
Creature of Nature. Due to you being a animal, your type is Beast. You are not affected by spells like Hold Person, that only target humanoids. You are, however, susceptible to spells and effects that only affect Beasts.
Languages. You can speak, read, and write Common and one other language of your choice.


Speed. Your walking speed is 0ft. You gain a swimming speed of 35ft.
Water-breather. You can breathe indefinitely underwater in this form. However, if you ever leave water, you must make a Constitution Saving Throw. If you fail, you go unconscious. After 3 rounds or minutes, if you are still not in water, you die. If you succeed, nothing happens, but you must make the saving throw each turn of combat, or every 30 seconds if you are outside of combat. If you return to water, you regain consciousness(if applies) and can stop making saving throws.
Shimmer. Your scales are reflective, and as such, people who are attacking you do so with a disadvantage while in this form.
Last Option for Mount. If ever your non-water-breathing party must cross water, and you are their only option, you may carry up to 2 people on your back. For each hour you swim mounted, you gain a level of exhaustion per rider.

Stans Grillus[edit]

Speed. Your walking speed is equal to 30ft.
Glider. You can subtract 100ft from any fall in terms of falling damage with your Grasshopper wings. You may move 1 foot horizontally for each 2 feet fallen.
Antenna. When you are in this form, you have Blindsight up to 30ft.


Speed. Your walking speed is 25ft.
Wings. You gain a flying speed of 30ft.
Bird's Eye View. While in this form you have an advantage on all Wisdom Perception checks you make in the air.

Serpens Rana[edit]

Speed. Your slither(walking) speed in this form is 30ft.
Jumping Tail. You do not have to slither(run) to jump. In addition, your jump speed is doubled.
Snake Bite. You have sharp fangs. You can make a melee attack with your fangs that you are proficient in with Dexterity for the attack roll and damage. On a hit, it deals 1d6 piercing damage.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

Due to the genetic experimentation that birthed them, Pisinguislors are all the exact same weight and height.

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